The Real Reason I Stopped Wearing Jeans

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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading the real reason why I stopped wearing jeans. Sugarcane dungarees.

The Real Reason I Stopped Wearing Jeans
The Real Reason I Stopped Wearing Jeans
  1. Nice information. Funny that the cut is like how mom-jeans are cut nowadays.

  2. Do you know if wrangler jeans are still made in USA

  3. $418 on Amazon anybody know where I can get these a lot cheaper ? Like %70 cheaper lol

  4. im going to have to stick with my Wrangler jeans for a little while longer while i save up for those Sugarcane dungarees

  5. $250 wowzers! Nice pants though

  6. Stopped wearing jeans, started wearing japanese jeans

  7. I noticed Wrangler Jeans reduced the denim and replaced with elastic stretchy material. Like paternity pants, in the summer warmer weather they don’t breath being all synthetic and bind and stick to your legs , they are really uncomfortable. After a few washes they fall apart.
    A denim loose relaxed fit boot cut jean is hard to find anymore.

  8. Daaaayum Wranglerstar playing the amekagi game

  9. Wranglerstar why don't you wear Wranglers?

  10. No more jeans , skirts only for CROSSDRESSER WRANGLERSTAR THE SHE MALE

  11. I respect your opinion but one thing to consider is the pants I wear for work are the wrangler Riggs work pants. They are only $30 or $40 and they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

  12. I am hyper sensitive to clothing material an seams and tags I am not breaking out, I mentally can handle the distraction and discomfort. I even shy away from nay lecvis cause of the hartsh fit. Yeah ADHD may promote it. but iI can appreciate theses only if the were worn in bay someone. I cant even styand putting on a pair the second day or when it is cild. I guess if I had lived ion the stone age I'd have gotten iused too stuff but its the 20's and I like fleece.

  13. I just bought some jeans from key apparel 15 oz cotton dungaree. Wonderful jeans for a great price

  14. Where did you get the vest?

  15. There is no singular pant it is a pair of pants. The singular pant is what your dog does when hot.

  16. Thank you. I've worn 501's since I was 16 (Began purchasing my own clothes). I'm 57 now, and I've obviously seen the difference, over time, in fit and quality of the 501's. I will definitely try your recommendation. Thank you for the video

  17. Well I don't wear skinny jeans but I wear slim fit jeans because well I'm skinny and big pants swallow me

  18. Imagine if Wrangler decided to start sponsoring him.

  19. Anybody have a link? I'm trying to find them, but you never know what you're gonna get on the internet.

  20. For all of you downing Cody, which one of you can spend this amount of time unconstantly creating new, quality videos?! A person has to make their money to live somehow!

  21. Feels good to hear another man talking about his love for details and quality. How people like us feel around good stuff as you described your work shop.

    We only live once.

  22. My parents knew the Haas family. We would visit them occasionally in their San Francisco apartment. This was in the mid- to late-60s and, of course, I lived in a pair of Levi jeans. Mr. Haas, who was president of Levi Strauss, once pulled me aside and asked why I was wearing 501s, when everyone else was wearing bell-bottoms or other hip exotica. I told him that girls seemed to prefer me in them, and that I could use all of the help that I could get. I think he laughed for the first time in many years. I still wear Levis, but the 505s because I'm too lazy to button up a fly…

  23. Woah 400 smackaroos (euros) for these jeans ?? Pass

  24. I just go to Tractor supply or boot barn and I’m happy with Wranglers. If they wear out, I buy new one’s. I’d rather spend $300 (two pair of jeans) on ammo.

  25. I have yet to get a full year out of my cinch jeans. This is good info!

  26. I missed 1970 levis. I thought it was me getting old too. Thanks for this!

  27. What's that vest you're wearing?

  28. $245 pair of pants. I can buy 5 pairs of jeans for that cost. And I still have a same pair of jeans I bought 8 years ago. Not worth imo.

  29. japanese when they like something they go all in or they don't go at all

  30. I wonder how cody would feel knowing these jeans are now priced between $250-400 each shipped in the US

  31. I peged you for
    Wranglers Star !

  32. Wrangler ten bucks black because it shows less dirt and oil !

  33. jeans were made properly till 1995 from that point they started going down hill. i got a lee jeans as a kid i must have been 13 it had a real leather patch and the fitting was near vintage lee. qualitywas very good although it was not selvedge they were made well. these days other than lee 101 the res is garbage. i have a pair of 1966 LVC cone mill made in usa. about 4 years ago i wore it a few times then stored it as it can no longer be purchased at that type of price. wharehouse make denim very well lot900 is a slim vintage style fit with a touch of modern style.

  34. I also have a modern 501 which looks nothing like the lvc 1966 501. the stitch is lesser qaulity, the fit, construction, buttons feel like pastic. and the shape is half vintage and half modern if that makes sense. the suger cane you have is thousand more times levis then a levis 501 today other than lvc range.

  35. Some brands that are a great quality and American-made are "Texas Jeans" and "Roundhouse Jeans". These are excellent choices for quality American-made denim jeans for blue-collar work. Check them out.

  36. these are selvedge. these are still denim, these are still jeans. i think its incredible that these are staying true to the levi 501 jeans and the fact that they are made with 50% sugarcane is awesome, but these are not incredibly special, levis makes selvedge like these now and so does uniqlo, a "fast fashion company", the usage of the old loom style is starting to go back into style. im glad that your are spreading the message of selvedge but selvedge is a well established method

  37. My first pair of Levi's was the 511. I wore them nearly everyday as a contractor for 15 months and they finally started to fall apart.

    I will however never buy a pair of Levi's again as I found out they're anti 2A (I am Canadian but those things are important to me)

  38. I stopped Wearing 501s years ago.

  39. Might look into. Always appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

    PRICE is all RELATIVE. Quality is too. I personally own several pairs of cowboy boots and $150 is typically what you'll pay for the most basic pair. Also a pair of Jordans are $100 plus all day long.

    Everyone pays the price they feel is worth the product and quality they want. If you're in construction you'll pay $100 plus for work boots and wear, if you're in tech you'll pay $100 for headphones or accessories, if you're into outdoors you'll pay $100 for jackets or gear, if you're into sports you'll pay $100 for equipment. So if you use an item all the time and really desire a certain level of quality you'll pay for it depending on what you're into. PRICE is all RELATIVE. EVERYONE "over pays" for something the rest of us wouldn't pay half for.

  40. On their website it’s like 350 dollars for a pair of these now

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