How To Remove Security Ink Tag On Clothes With A Lighter EASY!

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Don’t have time to go back to the store to remove the ink security tag? Dont have time to freeze the tag in the freezer? Don’t want to waste your time doing complicated work to remove the tag? All you need is a lighter and some plyers ( or butter knife ) Watch this short video on HOW TO REMOVE THE SECURITY INK TAG

How To Remove Security Ink Tag On Clothes With A Lighter EASY!
How To Remove Security Ink Tag On Clothes With A Lighter EASY!
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  1. I bought a champion hoody and the guy didn’t take the tag off so now I’m here

  2. I can confirm this works on exploding packs in october 2021.

  3. Good trick really but luckily I wrapped one of the sides with a bag because the ink exploded into it(:

  4. Omg it works!!!

  5. Thanks

  6. The freaking cashier forgot to take mine out and I was about to dress up for halloween and this safe my life. Thank you!

  7. Wrap a plastic bag around the pin several times and then turn it sides ways and take a hammer and smash it off. No ink gets on your clothing item

  8. Can you use a torch?

  9. Is it bad if I just go back to the store and tell them that they just forgot to take it off for me ? Lol

  10. I ordered a shirt through the store and they didn't take that thing off! 😡
    Thank you very much!
    If I send it back, it won't get here in time.

  11. Got myself that Canada goose

  12. YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING!! I finally could take off the tag after so many months of my shirt being in the closet!! This is a game changer and it really does work!!

  13. I just got a hoodie for Christmas and I have to pop one of these mother fuckers off

  14. No need to set fire and produce toxic smoke. Use an old steak knife and heat knife point red hot. 1/2 inch down from tip, push red hot knife perpendicular with the tip until progress completely around the tip, heating the knife point several times. Pry off the tip and remove spring and metallic elements. Pull the plastic components apart and discard.

  15. or usa a magnet

  16. 10/10 METHOD!!! Thank youuuu

  17. Reply
    Edwin De Los Angeles January 9, 2022 at 6:11 am

    thank you just borrowed some 501s 🙏

  18. Preciate this video!!

  19. Thank you you saved me a trip

  20. The idea of burning the tag sucks! Thanks to a much cleaner and quicker alternative. A fridge magnet will do by the way.

  21. For the people that want to know if this works it really does but like he said do it outside the black smoke smells nasty

  22. He could have just used a magnet

  23. I was afraid i went outside with boxers at 11pm just to fail and not have jeans for school tomorrow and i was so surprised and happy that it worked thank you so much for making this video

  24. Y'all I wouldn't really use it when u wanna steal smth it's gonna smell 🤧

  25. lol using this bc i have bad anxiety and dont want them to think i stole

  26. Reply
    Suzy Creamcheese Factory April 3, 2022 at 10:55 pm

    Worked but now my pants are on fire.

  27. Thank you my husband has had a set pair of shorts that's been hanging in the closet that heart wear because of the security left on by the cashier.

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    ✿Mkskitty ʕ •ᴥ•ʔノ♡ April 14, 2022 at 8:10 pm

    Thanks man! Super helpful video. Now my grandmas dress won’t be ruined by ink.

  29. IT WORKS!!! I literally just did this the sales lady forgot to take this off and I had to get it off before the bunny makes his rounds so this method worked so perfect . This was amazing. At first I did not think i was going to succeed.. My luck is always out the window but kept sweating and finally in less than 2 minutes I was relieved. Thank you and everyone have a HAPPY EASTER!!! 🐰🥕🐣

  30. Thanks so much this saved me a trip the the store

  31. Thank you! Just bought some work pants from 3 hours away and didn't want to take them back just to remove the tag.

  32. I accidentally did this in my room and there was a bunch of black bits floating around, is this deadly because I inhaled a lot of it

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