People love L.L.Bean winter boots

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For the past several years L.L.Bean’s Original Bean Boot has consistently sold out.

We spoke with Business Insider reporters to find out why they are so obsessed with the boot that’s been around since 1911.


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People love L.L.Bean winter boots
People love L.L.Bean winter boots
  1. These things are as f'ing ugly as sin. Cute? Seriously? Are you on medication???

  2. Like the woods???? You gotta have em! Straight up!

  3. Are they good for people that have bunions?

  4. You got a lot of nerve to change the policy after all these years you going to lose all your business cuz it don't matter if they bought the boots everybody can't afford brand new boots sir but that's not what I really want to say that's my Christian but it shouldn't matter if they found a boost on the side of the road if they bought them at a garage sale or the Goodwill young man everybody not rich and and fortunate to pay for the high price boost over high-priced anyway you should be proud of me that money off of us they give everybody in the world a free pair but y'all don't think of that sound kind of like Michael Jordan and they die for his shoes but you want to change the policy cuz you that thirsty that you said if we abused it you should honor your policy it don't matter where they retrieved the boots from Goodwill garage sales found them passed down just honored and be a person and keep your policy as his be cuz you going to lose a lot of business

  5. I have 6 pair of Bean signature boots. They are by far the best boots ever.

  6. Boycott L. L. Bean…if they don't like it tell to take it up with Spineless Susan Collins.

  7. Thank you God for my bb.bean

  8. 0:25 i’m so disappointed you threw them out

  9. Monsoon rain in California???😂😂 dude hasn’t been to south east Asia

  10. can you where them in canada winters like – 20 or -15 – 10

  11. Not for AZ and TX summer.

  12. Like It was totally awesome like amazing ! Do younger people have no "vocabulary"

  13. Can I wear these in the summer

  14. These boots were designed for hunting in wet, marshy areas, not for city folks. They are not insulated and your feet will freeze in really cold climates. These folks have no idea that they are not designed for the type of use they will experience. For really cold, wet, snowy weather, Sorrell pac boots are superior. Additionally Bean boots with the rubber lowers will cause your feet to perspire and then they will get cold. Not meant for wearing all day like casual city folk. I speak from my five acres of evergreen forest in the Pacific Northwest.

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