My Most Worn Clothes ($-$$$)

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My Most Worn Clothes ($-$$$)
My Most Worn Clothes ($-$$$)
  1. Find your own leather jacket or backpack @

  2. ID of the blue crewneck? 🙂 Thanks in advance

  3. What size are the carpenter pants you were wearing?

  4. can i get an id on the blue crewneck?

  5. hey guys me and buddy also have a channel on fashion and we just uploaded our first video. let me know what you think of it and all feed back is greatly appreciated. <3 thanks for your time.

  6. Those pants are The North Face Venture pants. They are waterproof they do retail at 80

  7. Owen, sorry to ask , but do you regret taking those tattoos ian told u to get

  8. Wow owen I didn’t expect you to have a bape hoodie and yeezys as your most worn items, very suprising for me knowing your style.

  9. The knee opening is actually for knee pads believe it or not! Cathartt double fronts are for real my fave pants of all time.

  10. There’s fake tio ties on depop now😭

  11. my man! love the pieces you got here

  12. Americana Owen is best Owen no cap

  13. my guy dont call something a grail if you're just going to sell it in a couple weeks. you do that a lot

  14. Can you do I video on using photoshop and illustrator to design clothes

  15. Would love to see a video on how to care for your different items or a vid on all the different places you buy pieces!

  16. Shoptagr is awful I missed 3 deals on Schott Jackets because it was too slow to alert me…. is there anything better out there?

  17. TNF pants hit the shoe clean my guy!!

  18. bruh u showed ur first item FOUR MINUTES into the video like cmon

  19. Bro just got the offwhite 5s. Grail🖤

  20. Those north face pants are lightweight ski pants they have a flare to fit ski boots and the vents are for temp control

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