Overshirts & Shackets for Men: Timeless or Trend?

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Find out if the overshirt is a mainstay in men’s fashion and what is its place in classic menswear:

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→ Houndstooth Bourette Tie in Brown & Beige:
→ Peccary Lined Gloves in Gray:
→ Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie in Dark Green, Mid Gray, Off White Stripe:
→ Olive Green Pocket Square Art Deco Egyptian Scarab Pattern:
→ Shadow Socks Dark Brown & Beige:

→ History of the Suit:
→ Levi’s: Is It Worth It?:
→ How To Dress Like Steve Mcqueen:
→ 8 Denim Jacket Looks:
→ Easy Layering, Anytime:

→ Script: Jack Collins
→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Lukas Mooney

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00:00 Overshirts & Shackets Introduction

In recent years, there has been a surge in popularity for the overshirt and it’s touted as being one of the biggest trends in menswear. Yes, we’re all about classic style and not fast fashion, but even the classic two-piece suit is an evolution of something that started earlier on in history!

02:33 Early History of the Overshirt

If you’re a regular reader, you know that we love finding out the origins of the clothes that we wear today and what exactly is it about them that makes them classic. We’ve looked at many different items of menswear, such as suits, shoes, and even gloves, to explore their long and storied history as to how they’ve evolved over time.

03:22 Paul Newman & Modern Overshirt History

05:07 Quality Overshirts: 1. Sturdy Fabric
06:21 2. Comfortable Fit
07:04 3. Useful Pockets

08:36 Do overshirts belong in your wardrobe?

There’s no denying that an overshirt is on the more casual end of the menswear spectrum, which is why I’m here instead of Raphael or Preston. But, that doesn’t mean to say you can only wear casual clothes as some other style sites might have you think.

09:22 Outfit ideas: Casual Looks
10:17 More Formal Looks

11:23 Ideal Seasons for Overshirts

Although an overshirt is an ideal transitional layering piece, you can wear one year-round, even in the depths of winter or at the height of summer. It all depends on how you choose to layer it by adding items from your wardrobe in seasonal fabrics, such as breezy linens and seersucker in the heat and cozy wools and flannels in the cold.

12:09 Verdict: Timeless or Trend?

Well, it’s certainly not a brand new item of clothing that was designed just a few years ago as we saw with its origins in late 19th-century workwear. So, it’s definitely stood the test of time.

The fact that when you look at one of those historical garments next to a more modern version today, you could go out and buy one. It really is remarkable how little the overall design has changed.

But, what really ticks the box for us is the multitude of styling options and the ease of which and how you can incorporate an overshirt into your wardrobe for both formal and even casual looks. Therefore, we say that, on balance, the overshirt is a timeless garment.

13:00 Outfit Rundown

Do you have an overshirt and how do you like to wear it? If you don’t own a shacket yet, have we convinced you to get one? Let’s chat in the comments!

Overshirts & Shackets for Men: Timeless or Trend?
Overshirts & Shackets for Men: Timeless or Trend?
  1. I highly recommend a wool overshirt from the British brand Peregrine. I got it in 3 different colours.
    They go for £200 but I found them in TKmaxx for £24. It was a steal of the century.
    They also make beautiful Aran sweaters. The quality is out of this world for the price you pay.

  2. I have a “safari jacket” which seems to be a kind of shirt-jacket with a tight waist (some even have belts; some have epaulettes). I have a jacket similar to one you show Paul Newman wearing, but I would call it a “barn coat.” Then there’s Bill Cunningham’s multipocketed coats, which I think he used to buy at uniform shops. It’s pretty much a doctor’s short lab/consultation coat, but Cunningham liked them for the pockets. I think there’s a lot more to this than shirt jackets. I do have a very nice Prana jacket that you might call a shacket. Being in North Carolina there are lots of days when some variant of the shirt jacket is perfect.

  3. well, I like suits, and some "gentlemen" clothing, but one pf the problems is that, I don't have money to buy such clothes (I don't have a real job since i'm just 17 still) and I think people might find it strange since I'm not a guy with a Gentlemen Personality, how do I cope with my emotions now?

  4. You completely missed the Pendleton that was very popular in late 60's.

  5. We should leave those to loggers and grunge musicians

  6. I've never heard of overshirts. 😂

  7. Another great video. I would live to know where to get the light beige, and the blue, shackets can be purchased.

  8. Great tips about the shacket. I do not dislike them, but I do think a blazer is more stylish, looks better, and has proven to be timeless.

    Whether the shacket will stay, or not, I do not know, but I already have blazers that I think do a better job of layering, than this garment.

  9. Is a Shacket different from a jac-shirt?

  10. I have a question, i saw a vintage overcoat of the Brand ''Charkham'', maybe you can tell me if this is a good brand and if its worth it. (with shipping 93 pounds)

  11. Is Kyle from Louisiana? I’m a Cajun and his name screams Cajun lol.

  12. Kyle WE NEED you to make more casual outfit inspiration for everyday wear. Not everybody here is 'business man'.
    İd love ideas for clothes for at home, shopping etc normal day to life. At work me.personally have a uniform so suits are illervant to me as it can be for others

    İ love your style .

  13. A lot of my friends bust my balls because I'm so into fashion. I just found this channel the other day (History of waistcoats). Glad to know I'm not alone in wanting to present myself as a distinguished gentleman and enjoy doing so.

  14. I do neither like nor own these- but great you did a video on it

  15. I’m not into this style and is up to you I don’t love it or hate it but in my opinion anything oversized is not good at all I don’t care if that’s what they are wearing today I’m not going back to unfitted clothes ever!!!

  16. Good for casual, not for formal wear. A sweater or a full blown jacket cannot be beaten.

  17. 🙂 That light overshirt looks very handsome. Reminds me of safari shirts in 20th century Camel commercials.

  18. I could say it's a Pendleton well when I was as little boy I can recall have lost many

  19. Many thanks for the in-depth subject. I never considered them, since I only saw the bad examples you showed as "don'ts" but I can see that it is possible to pull that off in a casual however elegant way, and stand out a bit.

  20. May I ask if this man at 10:24 has an insta or page ?

  21. Kyle rocks those overshirts well.

  22. Decades ago men in hot climates wore either a Philippino overshirt or wore a short-sleeved safari jacket called a shirt-jack. They only looked good on slender men.

  23. I either wear a flannel, plaid hunting shirt as shacket or just a Columbia fleece zip up shirt <no hood>

  24. Check out photos from the Vietnam war. The Marines had a shirt jacket thing going on, with the option of a t shirt under.

  25. Such a great vid, always appreciate this channels uploads. Everything is so well produced and explained🙌🙌🙌

  26. Idk y but for a second I thought a shacket was a crossover between a shoe and a jacket 😅 then thought nahh that doesn't go…🤔 it must be a shirt and a jacket 🙃😂

  27. This video missed the definition of "shacket" a bit. Shackets ARE designed to be worn over a layer of underwear or bare skin. They are de-layering pieces, designed to combine two layers into one as in the amalgamated name. Alternatively, one could think of it as a piece giving the option for either–wear it as a shirt over nothing, or as a jacket over another shirt–as it has each's features.
    Instead, this video only addresses overshirts.

  28. At 5,3” all jackets are my enemy 😂😂😂.

  29. Thumbs up for “Shoots” 😂

  30. Good for farm work to protect from the sun

  31. What do you think of Taylor Stitch's Reserve Shirt in Khaki Herringbone as a shacket?

  32. Bro the way you explain is so much better than these wannabe influencers who shout and yell, annoying af!!!!

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