Ship $1,650+ in Sales on Poshmark With Me & See What Sold Fast!! PART ONE

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Shipping Materials:
DYMO 4XL Printer:
DYMO Label Refills:
Packing Paper: – this paper is SIMILAR to what I use – same quality but just a bit larger. I order Duck Brand packing paper from Walmart.
Thank You Stickers:
Scotch Tape Dispenser:
Scotch Tape Refills:
Packing Tape:
Plastic poly bags: – I occasionally use these for extra protection during shipping transit

My Reselling Essentials:
Fabric Shaver/Lint Brush:
Needle Threaders (used to fix pulls):
Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover:
Lint Roller:
Cream velvet hangers:
Black velvet hangers:
Dr. Marten’s Wonder Balsam:
Leather wipes (for cleaning shoes):
Plastic shoe inserts (better presentation for photos):
Mannequin (SIMILAR to mine):
Sterilite 3-Drawer storage (I use for pants storage):
Command hooks (what I use for taking photos):

Equipment I Use:
Steamer (SIMILAR to mine, had for 4+ years):
Lighting Kit: – I’ve had this light kit for 4+ years and still use!
Replacement Bulbs for Light Kit:
My New camera (+creator essentials):
Camera for informal vlogging/model photos (audio isn’t great):
Ring Light:
Plug-in Air purifier: (had for 4+ years and still love)
Air purifier bags (I use in closets):

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Free USPS Boxes & Envelopes I Use:
[[ → shop → shipping supplies → free shipping supplies]]
Small bundles (example: two sweaters): Priority Mail Box – 1092
Medium-large bundles (example: pair of shoes + two tops): Priority Mail Box – 1095
Large bundles (example: 4 sweaters and a pair of boots): Priority Mail Box – 7
Shipping envelopes: Priority Mail Tyvek Envelope – EP14
Shipping label strip (to add to plain brown boxes to show the package is priority mail): Priority Mail – Label 106

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-My mom’s poshmark closet: -Poshmark:

-My men’s poshmark closet: -Poshmark:

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Ship $1,650+ in Sales on Poshmark With Me & See What Sold Fast!! PART ONE
Ship $1,650+ in Sales on Poshmark With Me & See What Sold Fast!! PART ONE
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  1. I would love to try poshmark sells! is it hard getting started? what made you start this business?

  2. My wishlist: Room to hang up my inventory instead of plastic bagged inventory in bins on racks, outlet stores closer than 90 minutes away, and fewer zero sales days. 🤓Your videos are great motivators to keep me going.

  3. Free holes, giggles. I noticed you quit with that big tape roll, gave up, ripped it out of the holder to tape the gorgeous coat, or at least that's what I imagined happened. LoL 😂

  4. Oh Girl- your not LIVING until you try the “Silent Tape” from ULINE…😂😂😂

  5. I leave Flyp up on my desktop and it follows the schedule. When I only did the laptop I had that issue.

  6. Reply
    Sharen Gustafson May 1, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    I get so excited and cheer when I see you have a new video. My husband always asks “What? Does McKenzie have a new one out?!” Lol

  7. Love your new tape dispenser! Do you have a link for it? Nice that it has the big tape part.

  8. Reply
    Hennessey's Crew May 1, 2022 at 9:37 pm

    I signed up for FLYP on your suggestion. The offer setting is def wonky for me, so I’m just using it for automated sharing.

  9. That’s amazing you have five locations. We have two in San Diego. One in SD proper and one in Escondido. Crazy considering what a large area it is.

  10. So the sales where April it would help you add dates with the days 😉

  11. I love the videos, do you ship once you sell and item or do let them know a specific day.. that you let the buyer know you are sending the item. Thank you for the. Video alot of inspiration..🥰

  12. Love watching your videos! I'm in East Texas – can't wait to go to your thrift stores when I visit my daughter in Houston! Could you do a tutorial video on how you date clothing by the tags or at least mention it in one of your other videos? Thanks!

  13. Jigsaw is a UK brand. That's why it's so obscure here. It's a high end store on every high street there and in Ireland. : )

  14. Would you consider ebay in the future?

  15. Did you ever go to school or study fashion? It amazes me all of the stuff you know about materials and how to describe all of your pieces, you keep me extremely interested and you have been so helpful

  16. I'm just starting on Poshmark and I keep hearing about the algorithm. Can anyone tell me how to understand what this means? Thanks so much

  17. I enjoy your channel I sometimes just put it on the background

  18. I love Sienna sky blouses for work! The style works well for professional clothes and it's in my budget. 12-19 bucks on posh.

  19. I noticed that you said. That you were going to use the crosslist feature. are you thinking in selling in another platform? btw I love your videos. You rock!! You inspired me to start my closet. I have learned so much form you. Thank you!!

  20. I’ve noticed the same issue with flyp.

  21. Catching up on my videos being sick on couch 🤧. Your videos are so soothing. Where did you get the MEGA TAPE
    DISPENSER?? Its tough this time of year for sales..Then you add all the Change is going on in United States inflation and the world wars etc. Then Poshmark decides to reinvent themselves. It makes it tough!! I appreciate your positiveness, and drive. We had two other businesses so I had to put my Poshmark on hold while we catch those up to speed. Keep up being you… you’re fantastic. 💕

  22. Teachers wear any thing denim

  23. I have learned so much from you. I almost gave up on re selling but after watching your videos I decided to push forward thanks to you! ❤

  24. What a great business you have‼️👏

  25. How do you print labels for shipping?

  26. Do you have a link for the paper you use to wrap your items? I use bulk tissue paper off Amazon but I love how big yours is and would rather use yours! Thank you!!

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