LLBean Clothes Am I Being Too Picky??

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Today I want your opinion. Are I being to picky about my LL Bean Shirts I got for Mike?

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LLBean Clothes Am I Being Too Picky??
LLBean Clothes Am I Being Too Picky??
  1. Return it. Your expectations aren't too high. That's bad workmanship.

  2. Yes return them for what you can. I don't think your expectations are too high! I purchased a Lands End Squall jacket for my husband and the second year the zipper broke. I returned it, but they would only give me store credit for the original amount two years ago, not enough for today's pricing to replace the squall jacket. As you said, clothes are not made like they used to be regardless of the brand. There is NOTHING wrong with purchasing clothes from garage sales and thrift stores. Sometimes you can find brand new items with tags on and you cannot beat the pricing of garage sales

  3. LL Bean will replace them for you. I took back a pair of slippers that I bought there and had for only 3 years and the stitching came loose. They replaced them with no problem, no questions asked. But I bought then with a gift card someone gave me. I would never pay the prices they charge for their merchandise with my hard earned money.

  4. Well, if you wash it about every 10 days and he's had it for 4 years that means it's been washed approximately 146 times. It looks really good for having been washed that many times. The color looks good and it's not pulled or snagged. Considering the location of the problem, it looks like that sleeve band wasn't attached properly. I'd say it's your call. If you think you've gotten your monies worth out of it, then repair it and keep it. If not, return it.

  5. I love LL Bean, I buy all of our boots and backpacks from them. I have a shirt that I wore(and washed) 1-2x a week for 2 winters from them that still looks brand new. They may replace it, lifetime guarantee means for as long as you own it…

  6. return it. A polo shirt should last longer than that. Even if it's worn every 10 day and washed it shouldn't do that..My son has a t shirt that he's had 15 yrs and still wears it and it looks just fine..Brand name clothes aren't always made better. If you find them at thrift stores and they still look good why not buy them and save the money. At least you know they won't shrink anymore..

  7. I love L.L. Bean you can bring it back they stand by there product 100%. It doesn't matter how long you've owned it.

  8. Way to high expectations.

  9. LL Bean has gone down hill since Sears bought it.

  10. I was told forever is three years now. Back in the past things lasted a long time. I buy older washer and dryers cause they are easier to fix and last longer. the older ones last 20-30 years and the newer ones 3-4 years

  11. quality is a dying breed now. People do not have pride in their work an the use of plastic parts has ended quality products

  12. Return it I wish we had good thrift stores here but they want way too much for items that are used.

  13. Nothing is made to last anymore. continue shopping at yard sales and thiftshop if that's what you want to do. If you shop anywhere else you are giving to much power over your life and money to others.

  14. The holes are not in a high stress area so you spent to much for it.

  15. It's worth a try! I think you should try it so we all know whether they will honor the guarantee even after the four years!   Good luck and hope you let us all know!

  16. Yes you are being picky, do not return it. So that means he has worn it about 200 time. I don't see the problem.

  17. yes I think you are expecting too much with 8 – 10 years, but I see nothing wrong with buying from a thrift store or garage sale, Anyone who doesn't like a bargain has more money than sense

  18. It would depend on how often you wear the shirt. I bought an outfit for my ail son. He wore it constantly, she didn't buy him any clothes,others. She gave it to me when my son was born. It was totally ready for the rig bag. It would have been used probably a year or a year and a half. .

  19. LLB will take back any item no matter how long you have had it
    and no matter what the condition. Take it back. I would not give a second
    thought to people saying you should or shouldn't buy your family's clothing at
    a thrift store, garage sale, or whatever. Get the best bargain you can wherever
    you can . If it is in good shape, it fits, and you like it who cares where it
    came from. You are saving money and that should be respected and admired.

  20. I have this problem with jeans. They always wear off on the inside of my legs after some time and I think they really should last longer.

  21. 4 years is a very long time .no don't return the shirt.

  22. You're right. They should have lasted longer.

  23. I returned a jacket from them I bought in 1995!! They sent me a gift card worth $22, as they didn't make that style anymore. I have also returned and exchanged my hiking boots that got a rip in them. I printed out a postage free label from their site. Bean is good that way.

  24. contact them, and see if you can get a refund, or partial refund.

  25. Sorry, but I think you are too picky. I like to buy Ralph Lauren tees for myself as I think they last longer. They are heavier, better quality fabric and I can get a couple of years out of them. We recently moved and the closest thing to me is Khols, and I am lucky if I can get a year out of their tees. Also, it looks like your shirt had stress tears from maybe being a bit too tight under the arm.

  26. LLBean will replace it no matter how old it is. Just send it to their return center. The policy is changing in a year or so.

  27. Sorry sweetie I do not think you can return it after four years , I think you are expecting too much, unfortunately very few things are made well enough to last for more than a few years not only is the craftsmanship not there , the materials are shoddy when compared to things made 20 years ago much less further back. I very seldom buy high end brands as I can buy a t-shirt at walmart or the thrift store that I pay 3 to 10 dollars for and they last just as long as the expensive brands. Even when I make my own garments they may or may not last depending on the quality of the fabric.

  28. I believe buying clothes at thrift stores and garage sales are great , however I do think that washers and dryers nowadays are alot harder on clothes than our grandparents days of hand washing things. if a $30 shirt lasts 8 years I hardly think you should complain. If someone buys a living on a dime book and used it for 8 years would you want to replace it for free if a page riped or the cover becomes tattered? I doubt it, and I would not blame you, things wear out. This being said I love your videos. Sometimes they run a little longer than I have time to watch but I love the tips and encouragement! I am a viewer originally from Greeley but have lived in Colorado Springs since 1994.

  29. I don't think you're being picky at all. You spent the money for quality & the items didn't meet those expectations. I would definitely contact customer service and see what they say. We used to buy our school backpacks from them, and they used to always stand behind their products if something started falling apart. There's been a huge decline in the quality of clothing recently. It seems as though once a company makes a name for itself, the quality begins to decline. I have three little girls, so my goal is to buy as many high quality pieces as possible for my oldest, so that I can use them as hand me downs for my younger girls. I feel like shopping at the thrift stores helps me to afford more expensive/quality pieces that I might not have been able to buy at the regular price. Also, if my kids end up wrecking their clothes while playing or doing arts & crafts, I don't get upset about it, because chances are I spent less than $6 for the item.

    P.S. A lot of people are saying that it's four years, so you shouldn't say anything, and maybe if it was a different company, I would say the same thing, but LL Bean specifically markets their clothes and products as lasting for a long time. That's why most people shop with them.

  30. Do they have that long of a warranty?

  31. If it were LL Bean they would replace it no questions asked. Not sure about Eddie Bauer. I've never had clothing last that long tho.

  32. i can't get past, "People criticize me for purchasing clothes from garage sales and thrift shops. They say we should get our clothes from high-end name brand places …'

    Just my opinion, mind you, but those people can take a long walk on a short pier. America is a free country and you can do whatever you want as long as it's legal and benefits your family. People who insist on purchasing name brand and high end products AND condemn people like you who don't believe in wasting resources are elitist snobs who think people who save money are trashy people. i beg to differ.

    The benefits of thrift stores and garage sales are; (1) items are being used longer and wasted less, (2) money is saved by the purchaser, made by the seller, and jobs are created in which taxes are paid — win/win/win/win, (3) fewer of these items go to the landfills; they are repurposed and reused, and my favorite reason, (4) it's your money and you can do what you damn well want to.

    Sorry, had to vent. Thank you for your time.

  33. I feel that a shirt should be able to stand up for about at least 2 years but I do think 8 years is too long, I think your expectations are too high to be honest.

  34. I absolutely agree with you. I but most of our clothes at thrift stores or I get them on sale. I really cannot stand paying high prices for clothes. I do try to buy quality clothes no matter where I buy them, but I rarely pay full price. I love finding good quality clothes at the thrift store or a yard sale.

  35. because llbean has the 100% customer satisfaction clause and the tear seems to be a quality issue not a worn issue, return it, the company would want to know.

  36. Contact them! Even if they say no replacement, it would be great to know. I only have a few expensive things that i bought on clearance at Ann taylor loft 15 years ago that look great,but i don't put them in the dryer. However i also have some things 20+ years old i bought on clearance at kmart (also no dryer) and they look brand new. I just had to toss a skirt i got there 22 years ago because the fabric got too thin. I paid under $5 for the skirt. I also wear the same things (small wardrobe) a lot so they get used. Even things I do dry last a long time!

  37. If you can find the same shirt at a thrift store, I thinks it is wonderful. I do see an improvement on some of the better brands. My husband had a pair of L.L. Bean pants for 17 years and he finally threw them away because he got tired of them. So there is also that to take into consideration,he did pay full price on them.

  38. If its warranted, I'd definitely contact the company. I love name quality brands — which is what I look for at my favorite thrift stores.

  39. some people believe that designer or name brand luxury expensive items have to be far superior to cheap items .not true.my husband bought expensive new gym shoes.got caught in a mild rainstorm.shoes literally fell apart.he paid over three hundred dollars for a pair of jordans.only to have them completely ruined by a two minute rain shower. if you just cannot live without high end items.try consignment shops.some thrift stores.

  40. 30 dollars is a median price for a shirt. Most retailers expect you to have the clothing for 1-3 years maximum. 8-10 years is an unrealistic expectation for any shirt, it doesn't matter if you pay $3,$30, or $300..I would try to find things on sale or look for name brand at thrift stores if you don't want to spend the mall prices

  41. Definitely return it, but you are paying 30 dollars for a shirt with an unconditional lifetime warranty. So whether it lasts 2 years or 4 years, if you think it’s wearing out too fast, just send it back for a brand new one.

  42. What do you think of LL Bean changing their return policy? Visit our site for more tips and tricks. https://www.livingonadime.com/store/dining-on-a-dime-cookbook/

  43. llbean used to be good quality

  44. Personally I don't think $30 is that much for a shirt that lasted you 4 years.

  45. In my opinion I love ll bean never had probablems iv had a ll bean hoddie for 20 years in a barn and stuff in the barn gets washed every now and then pretty roughly like I've had many clothes rip but ll bean has been our go to for clothes

  46. Not being too picky at all. Your video is damaging to the company or should be. Ppl that accept such poor quality are the reason we have such poor quality so routinely today. That & having so much made overseas & poor inspection practices. Prices need to be lowered by American producers who have products made by Americans. Such high profits need to be less important. Quality must be the thing.

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