L.L. Bean Pike & Rose Grand Opening/Store Tour

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Christmas shopping season is about to begin. Join me at the grand opening of the new L.L. Bean store at Pike & Rose!

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L.L. Bean Pike & Rose Grand Opening/Store Tour
L.L. Bean Pike & Rose Grand Opening/Store Tour
  1. +20 points for the Superman baseball cap. -10 points for a lack of Tarnation Bob. + 50 points for kayaks. -15 points for having never done real fishing. +15 points for Kurt Cobain Kool-Aid man.

    A great video. Thanks for taking the time to make it. I don't live in Bethesda but I'll be making the trip next time I'm passing close by.

  2. Most white people I've seen in Montgomery County in years.

  3. "Please share this with your friends…"
    I shared this with my friends before I was even halfway through the video!

  4. Robert lookin like a snack 😉

  5. Have you been to the MGM Grand in National Harbor? I didn't make it before I moved. That would be a sweet video for you to make.

  6. Hasn't Amazon put L.L Bean out of business yet? Only a matter of time.

  7. Love it !!!!! Kurt Cobain CLASSIC !!!!!!

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