Waxed Jackets COMPARED!

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I LOVE waxed jackets. Here are a few great ones compared.
Iron & Resin:
Flint And Tinder:
Taylor Stitch:

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00:00 – Waxed jackets are awesome
01:18 – West Coast biker vibes
03:27 – Flannel-lined best-seller
04:58 – Lightweight, tailored
06:52 – A Unique look
08:29 – What’s your favorite waxed jacket?

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Waxed Jackets COMPARED!
Waxed Jackets COMPARED!
  1. Do you have a favorite waxed jacket? Let us know what it is! BUY HERE:
    Iron & Resin: https://alnk.to/bimB6mW
    Flint And Tinder: https://prf.hn/l/7abkmZX
    Taylor Stitch: https://go.magik.ly/ml/13es0/
    Gustin: https://www.weargustin.com/i/aef6f

  2. Belstaff and Barbour ftw

  3. I have the same Taylor Stitch jacket shown in the video and I found the sleeves way too short for me being 6’ 2. It’s almost like a t-shirt when I move my arms around, sadly. Would like to try the flint and tinder if the sleeves are longer on it.

  4. Like everyone else, Filson is my choice. My go to is the Levi x Filson collaboration trucker hunting jacket.

  5. Hey man what’s up with the purse?

  6. Dishonest review if you don't mention Filson. I don't want to be sold what your being paid to shill for.

  7. Very underrated channel, it's only a matter of time before you blow up imo. Great stuff.

  8. Schaeffers outfitters makes an amazing quilted wax jacket. Made in the USA.

  9. When buying a waxed jacket use the size label as a guide, all my Barbour thornproofs are 40" but some are a snugger fit despite all labelled 40".

  10. sorry a tall person doesn't have a longer torso than a shorter person. your body is proportionate to your limbs man. Get a grip.

  11. I think Folsom has a trucker style jacket to

  12. Greetings from the Blount (co.) Excellent review video 🤘

  13. Thanks bro, that was very informative, I didn't know some of these companies… I have a Barbour Corbrige jacket which I love, size M, and I am 6'1 like you, check it out….

  14. Any possibility of you reviewing the new danner x roark axeman jacket? It’s a colab they just did and made in the USA. Thanks!

  15. Nice review, I stumbled across your channel looking around for waxed jackets, immediately subscribed at the conclusion of the video. Keep up the great work!

  16. You wear a size 38 in Taylor stich and was curious about your measurements and if you can layer up in that. You don't seem small in video.

  17. Thanks for sharing Dave, very informative, to get a sense of fit, what size chest are you?

  18. Hey Dave!
    Bro awesome vids on the wax jackets, I also LOVE them! I just had a question about your rambler, is the black color in your “About that jacket” video the current “vintage black” on their site or was it a previous black color? Thanks!!!
    (I ordered the tan one last week and I’m stoked!)

    P.s I wonder how the Levi’s x Filson collab Oiled trucker compares to the quality and styling of The Rambler jacket?? Cheers

  19. I had to return the Flint & Tinder Trucker… so thin, flimsy and boxy. Bummer.

  20. Less talking more showing the jackets…. Or you can talk while showing the the jackets 🤷🏽‍♂️

  21. $275 for a jacket??????

  22. As a British guy never heard of these brands. However Barbour is the standard for all Cotton Wax as it's known around the globe for its quality and heritage. Filson is the American version and got history back in the States, but never seen it outside of America. If you like a jacket brand and does what it says it does, then all good!

  23. Been looking at Filson but it's too pricey for me so I was leaning towards a F&T. Seeing you're review makes me want to go ahead with that decision.

  24. I know this video is a little old, but have you any experience with 3sixteen's waxed stadium jacket? It's definitely a different styling take but worth checking out I think. People in the know rave about it but there's seemingly no video reviews on it

  25. Look for images of how they wear them in Europe, more traditional to wear a longer style.

  26. Hey wait a minute. Didn't you used to make fragrance reviews? I strangely remember you saying a certain creed scent reminded you of when your child was born or something like that.

  27. I have a 20 yrs old Woolrich wax coat with wool insulation.

  28. Hi, i want to ask you are these jackets washable at the washing machine ??

  29. Need to be out of your mind to use a waxed jacket… history 50 years ago. GoreTex rules.

  30. I heard some waxed jackets might feel slightly sticky and might have some distinct smell. Would that go away over time? Also, what happens if you never re-wax the jacket? Would it just look and feel like any other regular jacket?

  31. Those jackets are to light for the Rocky Mountains…..and too expensive ! 🤗

  32. I have the Flint and Tinder and love it.

  33. Schaefer, Brush jackets 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼,🤙🏼❤️🇺🇸🤠

  34. $250 for a China made Taylor Stitch? No thanks. American made $250+, China made should be under $100

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