LL Bean Boots Vs. Sorel Cheyanne II Boot/Best Men's Rain/Duck Boot/Best Duck Boot Battle

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In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. conducts a battle of the two best duck boots, the LL Bean Boot, and The Sorel Cheyanne Boot. He talks about the similarities and differences between the two and declares a winner of the best men’s rain boot.

Sorel Cheyanne II Boot

LL Bean Boot

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LL Bean Boots Vs. Sorel Cheyanne II Boot/Best Men's Rain/Duck Boot/Best Duck Boot Battle
LL Bean Boots Vs. Sorel Cheyanne II Boot/Best Men's Rain/Duck Boot/Best Duck Boot Battle
  1. Is the Sorel good for rainy days in the summer time or which is better for summer rainy days

  2. Bean Boots no longer have lifetime returns….. one year!

  3. I believe LL changed their return policy because of abuse

  4. Just started watching your vids and subscribed about two weeks ago, you’re on point with it all from fashion to the tips. No matter how stylish one may be, we all can learn something new. Much love from Detroit OG.

  5. You sold me on the LL Bean boots only you didn't say what height to pull the trigger on 6in or 8in ?

  6. Get the original LL Bean Duck boot. 100 comments deep.

  7. The Sperry Duck Boots are also pretty good. They also come in a dark brown colorway if you want something darker than the bean boots. Also if you want a darker colorway but you want LL Bean, they are usually very limited

  8. Having owned a Sorel Cheyenne boot I wouldn't recommend it. The build quality is very poor and prone to leakage. They look great but don't hold up well if you plan on using them in the wilderness.

  9. bean boots are better but ive found that you can find sorels for much better price. So its a matter of how long youre gonna keep the boots. If you get new boots all the time sorels are better if you keep boots for 10 years bean boots are better cuz you can get them repaired unlike the sorels. fyi ive found sorels in multiple styles for around 60$ compared to bean boots that rarely go on sale in the classic colorway

  10. February 2018: LL Bean discontinues lifetime guarantee


  11. no more return policy for LL Bean HOOOOO thats not a good decision for them, you never want to kill a main thing your known for no matter how much it costs you…MAAAAANNNNY ppl buy LL Bean stuff for that reason. #BadMove

  12. No more lifetime replacement or repair policy. Now what is your choice?

  13. Boycott L. L., Bean !! If they do not like it, tell them to take it up with Spineless Susan Collins.

  14. I always found the soles of duck boots not great in winter particularly on icy surfaces. it seemed more like ice skates on that. ll bean has storm chaser boots that look similar but are insulated but the soles look more rugged and gritty for all surfaces. i'm not sure what the actual use of the duck boats is supposed to be. is it suppose to be more of a rain boot? they seem to have a ton of different styles/colors of the duck boots too like some that say waxed uppers etc.

  15. Bring back the Nike boots.

  16. One has a lifetime warranty the other doesn't. My Sorel Cheyenne's seal broke after 13 months. One month after the warranty expired, and I couldn't get a new pair. I will buy LL Bean because of the warranty and I can send them back to get resoled.

  17. I've been looking at some L.L. Beans — regardless of the return policy — and I was curious how you felt with Eddie Bauer boots? I've worn their jackets for years but never bought their boots.

    P.S. It's sad they did away with their return policy. At least Eddie Bauer has continued it.

  18. I was looking for a more "outdoor" look, but I still enjoyed this and it was helpful. Thanks 👍

  19. I prefer The G.H. Bass Duck Boot.

  20. I love the overall look of these boots but I just hate this strange little clumsy heel. What’s that? A high heel for men’s boots?

  21. Hi ll bean replace couple pair of my boots throughout the years

  22. So this review is based on looks like did this guy even wear them in the cold

  23. thx for the side by side. Your LLbeans have little wear for being 10 years old 😉 Watch out on the Cheyene. I've owned a pair for the past two years, wear them in all wet weather from spring through winter. Yesterday I noticed some cracks in the rubber between top of foot and toes!!! WTF?! Poor rubber quality I think and what's worse Sorel only offers a one year limited warranty. Not going to replace them. Before I got the Cheyene I had another similar Sorel model which failed within the first year, sole came apart. Not good. Now I'm considering the LLBean boots.

  24. Bean all the way. A little history. Sorel used to be great. It used to be Canadian and was Sorel Kauffman. Kauffman was a rubber company and hence started making rubber duck boots. The boots would last decades of casual use, because they were an industrial rubber company that got into boots.

    The owners of Sorel died and now they are cheap made in China boots. See online pics of the rubber degrading in a season or two.

    L.L. Bean never sacrificed quality and are just superior. Not to mention the great warranty factory repairs, reconditioning service,

    This would have been a competition 20-40 years ago. Today- no competition.

  25. Just wondering, how do you tie them? Do the bunny ears not look as fashionable?

  26. Have you done a review on bass duck boot

  27. Hi im looking to buy these ll bean been boot will they be warm in – 10 -15 or -20 or are gh bass duck boots better? pls reply

  28. Nevermind the return policy – after ten years, the leather on those Bean-boots looks pristine!!!

  29. put weights in this would be awesome.

  30. Imma save y’all the time of this video: bean boot all the way

    US made, original, and resole able

  31. I'm behind the curve. I just got my first pair of Sperry boats a few days ago & I love them. Guess I have more to check out now lol!

  32. I own both and I was curious about this evaluation, however, the presenter is so obnoxious I didn’t make it through two minutes. Sorry!

  33. Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.

  34. Just Subbed Brother! ✌🏽

  35. Very very Disturbing so-called presenter Mostly hype and yells out word's that are sometimes simply unclear and sputtered with some kinda strange accent, this is the first and thankfully last time I will ever click on this thumbnail.

  36. You should mention that Sorel boot is an immitation of the LL Bean boot

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