L.L.BEAN Riverton Pants [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]

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L.L.BEAN Riverton Pants [ The Boot Guy Reviews ] Fabric & Care

60% cotton, 40% nylon.
Machine wash and dry.
Additional Features

Rugged cotton-blend canvas dries faster than pure cotton for improved comfort.
Durably constructed with reinforced contrast-colored seams; extra layer of fabric at inner hem.
Articulated knees let you move freely.
Seven pockets stow belongings securely.
Part of our Traverse collection.
Imported. MUSIC FOR THIS VIDEO IS FROM : Walk In The Park Full by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

L.L.BEAN Riverton Pants [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]
L.L.BEAN Riverton Pants [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]
  1. Great review as always. I appreciate you doing more than just boots.

  2. my right ear loved it …………….

  3. velcro pants they don't worth anything

  4. you have an amazing channel, I've learned more about boots in the last month than the previous 20 plus years of wearing them. Keep up the incredible work, although I think it could become expensive seeing all the amazing product out there. One question, why no reviews on Blundstone footwear ? I personally enjoy them and am interested in purchasing the safety version. Once again, thank you for your fantastic work

  5. I found an ll bean canvas shirt at a thrift store for 5 bucks with the tag from the store still on it 😀

  6. Where can I buy one of those pants

  7. Duluth pants are the Bomb , try em…

  8. Sorry, Is posible a kuhl rydr pants Review?

  9. Great review. I am looking into buying these pants. What color are those? They look like the dark driftwood or field olive.

  10. They're "scuff guards" not "kick plates". Just sayin

  11. Went to a bare minimal wallet couple of months ago and love it. I liked the old leather but will never go back to that big ol thing.

  12. Quality pockets are so under rated

    Many have no context of deficient vs quality

    So too many pants have 18 pockets with literally sheer pocket material that rips, tears prints allows items to grind in skin etc

  13. OMG I just went to "the Pants guy" youtube channel to see if he reviewed boots.. DONT DO IT! Weird stuff over there… lol

  14. Hot damn that was quite the review. Full technical details. Grade A man. Really appreciate how well you articulate your points and then show them with multiple pairs of footwear. 👌

  15. I love these pants, I like these so much, I bought the lined one and the primaloft lined ones. I wear these almost exclusively. Good durable fabric even after many washes they still retain that stiff thick feel to the material.

  16. I actually like these videos , works pants are overlooked . most people get a jacket and boots and wal mart jeans that rip in a few months. 
    ( that used to be me ) 🙂

  17. NOW this guy knows how to review pants. EVERYBODY should copy him. I only wish he showed more walking to and fro from the camera. Don't change anything else.

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