10 Thing to Avoid – (Expert’s Guide to Used Boots)

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How To Buy Used Thrifted Boots – Buying used boots can be an intimidating endeavor and a dangerous addiction if you have a thrifting problem like I do. A lot of time you will see big named brands like Red wing, Thorogood, blundstone, LL Bean, Whites, Danner, and Timberland BUT how do you know if what you are buying is going to be worth the money? I made this video to give you a guide on how to thrift used boots without wasting your money by looking at 5 particular parts of a boot.

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Karma
2:08 Why Buy Used
3:20 P1 Outsole
6:23 P2 Construction
9:50 P3 Stitching
10:30 P4 Leather
14:37 P5 Fit/Feel/Look
16:20 Blundstone Warning
17:50 Recap

10 Thing to Avoid – (Expert’s Guide to Used Boots)
10 Thing to Avoid – (Expert’s Guide to Used Boots)
  1. The only used boots I'd look for would maybe be packs like vintage Herman Survivors. Even those would need to be found at a bargain because the rubber could be degrading.

  2. Got bored listening him rabbit on about saving money…I didn't watch the full video 😂🤣

  3. I found some cool Whites boots at a thrift store in Spokane, WA
    I can clean wash and Condition the external part but how would I make sure to sterilize and wash the inner part? I wanna make sure I can get rid of any bacteria, dirt, mold, fungus even from the inside.

  4. If you buy used boots, won't the previous owner's foot print is already set in (the sole and/or cork) and it will not be comfy wearing them?

  5. Buongiorno bellissime analisi dei boots
    Dovresti testare dei wesco boss 18"

  6. Oh that cat is awesome … I was watching Toaster all the way through :)))))

  7. Hey, I just binge watched a bunch of your videos and they are fun and informative. You must do a Merrell Moab hiker. They are the world's favorite hiker and lots of people swear by them.

  8. My leather test…sniff scratch spit! Ok moisture lol

  9. Bought some conditioner through your link. Hope that helps out! Thanks for all the awesome info.

  10. Awesome find with those Vietnam jungle boots

  11. Toaster makes your channel!

  12. I paid over $100 for a new pair of Dansko clogs and then they unfortunately went into storage and I didn't get them back for a long time.the first time I wore them a huge chunk fell off the sole.I was so upset. Now I understand why. I usually take excellent care of my shoes and wear each pair well over 10 years so investing in well made shoes once in a while never bothered me.I never expected that to happen with expensive leather shoes.

  13. I work in a very wet and oily environment. I hate Vibram soles personally. They are not slip resistant enough and too hard for my frankenfeet. I know it's good but just not working for me.
    The crazy thing is, DeWalt has Continental soles. Those, for some ungodly reason, don't slip at work. Maybe I should just cobble a custom boot for me.

  14. "Sorry if this video is 20 minutes long."

    checks video length
    "19:59…nice 😎"

  15. Good all leather boots are Grail level but that's what keeps me looking. 🧐

  16. The dude throwing his boots at the dumpster had me rolling.

  17. I’d figure that fit would be number 1

  18. What kind of cat is she? She looks like a mix of tonkinese and sphinx…

  19. Love your sleepy Cat !! LOL

  20. Came for the boots stayed for the cat

  21. Toaster the cat looks like it uses the least amount of energy as possible. It can’t even keep its eyes open for more than 5 seconds lol

  22. I got some used shoes once and I think they formed to the other persons foot and it messed me up it started making my feet and legs or back hurt. I just threw them away and never bought used again…

  23. Offtopic
    I always lough at "outsoles", which always sounds like "a.sh.l.s" 🙂

  24. If you're unsure if it's real leather or not, burn it, the fake stuff will melt. Same with wool, wool won't burn and any synthetic wool substitute will melt. If it melts it wasn't worth saving anyways.

  25. Your cat needs a sweater. Hes cold.

  26. Since I was thirteen years old I'm 58 now I remember going to a regular mom and pop shoe store and getting a pair of boots with the vibram soul best boots I've ever owned they were a brown leather hiking boot with red laces I think red wings . its time for something similar now after all these years .

  27. You can't always go by the label, Skechers' has shoe/boots that are fake leather and lie on the label.

  28. I own a few pairs of footwear from the 1920s (derby shoes, derby boots, button boots and military boots) and they always absorb so much oil when I condition them, one pair usually needs to drink 250-400 ml of oil before it’s saturated and supple. Although once you condition the leather feels “young” again. The point being, always condition old leather and stitching (even before you put the shoes on) until it’s fully saturated and then let it rest for a day or two, in order for it to really soak up all that conditioner.

  29. It’s pretty clear you love your cat, but does it need to be in your videos?, it takes away from what your talking about, it’s not “cute” it’s annoying.

  30. I'm going to watch more of your videos purely to see your cat.

  31. Cool to see your got some good old Tasmanian Blundstones in there 👍

  32. My current pair of Blundstones are about 7 years old and they are pretty much daily drivers.
    I'd say they still have another 2 or 3 years left in them.

  33. we need information about cleaning these used boots

  34. Thx for working comment for the algo

  35. You feel you have to justify used boots that cost $300 to $600 new? You have too much money.

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