Preppy Style & Prep Clothes – How To Get The Look

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First of all, what is preppy style or prep style? Well, as the name suggests, it was derived from prep schools in about 1910-1912. Boys from affluent households developed that style, entered prep school, and was characterized by school uniforms that were paired with certain accessories such as madras patterns and linen, bolder colors. It always had a nautical vibe to it.

By the 1940s, it had gotten more mainstream and was adapted at universities, and it became also known as “Ivy Style.” Iconic brands that produce that clothing included J. Press, Brooks Brothers, and later also, Andover Shop. Other brands such as Ralph Lauren also picked up on the defining prep style elements and incorporated it into their wardrobe collections.

– A nautical anchor bracelet is something that many people assume is very preppy. Although historically, it’s not something that men actually wore.

– It has basically diamonds with overplaid and contrasting colors. That kind of bold mix of colors is exactly what prep students would wear. In terms of colors, you can really choose any combination under the sun.

– has a nice patina, is aged in brown or olive green; it is also very preppy even though it’s of English origin.

– They come either in Madras such as here, or in embroidered and woven belts that underline the casual character of a summer prep style.

– Traditionally, they come in a dark brown with a white deck sole that is perfect for being on a boat. You can also find them in Nantucket red, green, yellow, or blue.

-Comes in white or ideally, off-white, probably beige and if you want to, you can also add styles like the neckline that’s contrasting which you probably have seen in tennis sweaters.

– They come in a cotton twill fabric in khaki, beige, stone and navy. For summer, you can also go with baby blue, Nantucket red that’s a mix between salmon, red, and pink or maybe even a light green.

– an embroidered chino called go to hell pants. They’re so contrasting that makes suck a statement that you can’t really overlook them. It’s really a bold statement, but it’s nevertheless very preppy.

– Ideally, you should go for a penny loafer or a tassel loafer.

– is a preppy statement, and it’s just very characteristic of the region, definitely something you should invest in.

In terms of colors, Nantucket reds are really popular either in shorts or chinos, not so much in jackets, but it’s a unique blend of red, salmon and pink that is loud but nevertheless, classy and prep.

– Often combined with oxford cloth button down shirts.

– A soft button down collar, has a chest pocket and overall, barrel cuffs which work well with the overall casual, relaxed style of the preppy nature.

– Comes in all kinds of bold colors ranging from light blue to red, green and yellow.

– They come in olive, or gray, or brown tone and it’s very easy to carry along but insulates at the same time.

– Bolder stripes and even numbers and a contrast collar.

– Another fabric that is favorited by the preppy simply because it’s lightweight, summery and it’s very American.

– In either Madras or linens or bright and bold colors.

– invest in earthy tones and muted patterns simply because it’s a very classic look that is worn at Ivy League schools and it’s just an integral part of prep style.
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Preppy Style & Prep Clothes – How To Get The Look
Preppy Style & Prep Clothes – How To Get The Look
  1. I am a 1987 graduate of The Colorado College in Colorado Springs Colorado,…listed as a "Preppy" College in The Official Preppy Handbook. Great videos,…love this channel.

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  11. If one is being really honest everything to do with suiting and suits is of English origin, it may be that ‘prep’ style as a terminology comes from America but most of it was truly inspired by Ivy League which essentially just copied British upper class clothing and sportswear. Conclusion prep is essentially English

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  20. Having gone to prep schools for the majority of my school years, some of this is incredibly accurate, some of this isn’t. I think they key to the preppy style is looking like you put together your outfit by what doesn’t smell bad, even though it is a meticulous process.

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