L.L.BEAN CRESTA w/Gore-Tex [ 30TH Anniversary ] [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]

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LL BEAN CRESTA [ Men’s Gore-Tex Cresta Hikers, 30th Anniversary Leather/Fabric ]

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30th-anniversary edition of our bestselling backpacking boot, still expertly constructed of fine Italian leather for outstanding durability and performance.

Approx. weight: 3 lb. 8 oz. per pair.
Height: 5″.
Why We Love Them
From mountaintops to deep canyons, these premium European hikers have seen every continent and thousands of trails. But it all started in Montebelluna, a small Italian town near Venice. Galliano Bordin has been designing high-quality hiking boots here for over 30 years using only the finest Italian leather. And it is here that the Cresta Hikers were born. Thanks to Bordin’s passion for his craft, it’s no surprise the Crestas have been our most beloved hiking boots for so many years.

L.L.BEAN CRESTA w/Gore-Tex [ 30TH Anniversary ] [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]
L.L.BEAN CRESTA w/Gore-Tex [ 30TH Anniversary ] [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]
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  1. hi buddy you got to do this again but think what you just saying

  2. I would never wanna sole that would flex if I were looking for a pack boot. If I were going to be hiking long distances with a lot of camp gear.

  3. The best boot reviewer on YouTube. So good to see your videos improving over time.

  4. Hey boot guy, here is that creative cobbler that resoles boots like the cresta. http://davepagecobbler.com/

  5. Ever thought about reviewing a pair of Limmer boots?

  6. The shank or no shank matters on boots. so hope you add this in review.

  7. Great video

  8. Does anyone know if he’s reviewed any Georgia boot products? If not then I definitely think he should at the price and durability IMHO they’re not a half bad boot

  9. Reply
    Hecatonchires Olympus March 4, 2018 at 11:55 pm

    Would love you to review some boots by Alt-berg. They are a UK company and do walking/hiking/military/law enforcement boots.

  10. Hey bootguy have you reviewed the timberland Euro hikers, field boots, or 40 below super boots?

  11. Great boots that have been wonderful summer hikers!

  12. I just bought a pair of these 30th Anniversary Crestas at the outlet for 40% off. I had a pair 15 years ago and as soon as I put these bad boys on I remembered how well they fit off the rack. Cannot wait to break these in. Hey @thebootguy nicely done video. You covered just about it all.

  13. Years ago these boots were made in Italy and were way better than the new cheaper made Romania version

  14. I cant seem to find them for sale? Are they no longer available?

  15. What about the midsole? Is it polyurethane or eva or what?

  16. I think those are better than the Vasque Skywalk

  17. LL Bean has a lifetime guarantee. If one of the eyelets break, they'll replace the boot.

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