I Bought Every Vivobarefoot Shoe So You Don't Have To

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Which one is the best barefoot shoes? If you’ve thought about buying Vivobarefoot (Xero, FeelGrounds) this video is for you! I bought every Men’s style of Vivobarefoot shoes in my size (US 11 & EU 44) and I’ll show you how each shoe looks & feels. Vivobarefoot Discount Code (SHERVIN10) for 10% Off:
Vivobarefoot Discount Code (10% Off): “SHERVIN10”
Xpand Laces (No Tie Shoelaces):

Vivobarefoot Promo Code (10% Off): “SHERVIN10”
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– Excludes Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland

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I Bought Every Vivobarefoot Shoe (Which is Best?)
I Bought Every Vivobarefoot Shoe. So You Don’t Have To.
I Wore Every Vivobarefoot Shoe (Which is Best?)

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0:00 Intro
00:37 My FIRST Vivobarefoots
00:01:15 CATEGORY: Trail Shoes
00:03:23 CATEGORY: Everyday Sneakers
00:06:41 ADDIS
00:07:51 CATEGORY: Dress Shoes
00:08:03 GOBI II
00:08:52 ABABA II
00:09:59 RA II
00:10:46 Tracker II FG
00:11:11 CATEGORY: Boots
00:11:14 TRACKER II FG
00:12:28 SCOTT III ECO
00:15:01 MAGNA FG
00:16:02 SCOTT III
00:17:39 Final Thoughts
00:18:02 Clown Shoes??

I Bought Every Vivobarefoot Shoe So You Don't Have To
I Bought Every Vivobarefoot Shoe So You Don't Have To
  1. Vivobarefoot Discount Code: "SHERVIN10" (10% Off) https://tidd.ly/3aCRQbP
    Xpand Laces (No Tie Shoelaces): https://amzn.to/3rS7fhx

  2. Hey, great showdown! Update on what you kept and how which pairs performed would be valuable. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about the 'clowny' look. They don't look like that at all… it's a matter of getting used to the look of the wider toe box, but few days on they'll look normal to you. And other people don't even see them the way you do cause only you have protective from straight up. .. May they all serve you well

  3. thank you shervin! amazing review!

  4. I would like to see a video where you wear the white ‘clown’ shoes out and about – perhaps with a hidden camera to see if you catch anyone checking them

  5. Dang. That's the first time I've seen mold on leather shoes.

  6. You needed to keep the Tracker FG’s also. I literally look forward to putting my feet in them at the beginning of the day & then hold off on taking them off at the end of the day. It’s like my feet are being lovingly hugged all day. Lol

  7. Dude, thank you so much! I am overwhelmed by the amount of shoes on their website so this was fantastic. I am a Xero Shoes guy for running and causal wear but their shoes do lack style so am really interested in Vivo’d Primus & Gobi range for work and causal wear. Thank you for pointing out the reason why they run out of stock regularly as that is a valid point. I like your style so ill definitely follow you. Cheers

  8. Thanks for the comprehensive spread. I am moving to Manhattan as a PhD student (I can afford only one shoe). I need to walk 3 miles a day, cycle when I get one. What would you suggest!? Assuming they need to have insulation and some casual feel. Thanks again for your video 🙂

  9. Great Video. How was the sizing between models? i bought Primus light in 43 and its a bit tight and Gobi and Tracker FG in 44 and they feel a bit loose. Not sure if i should size up or down…

  10. SMH. I work for vivobarefoot in Australia and have had to deal with the guys in America. They treat the shoes so poorly and the warehouse is not well kept. Those moldy shoes are most likely due to the boxes being left on the wet ground for too long when unloading (when new stock arrives and before it gets onto the shelves). Please let your customer service no about those Gobi shoes because the negligence of a few is letting the whole brand and the poor shipping companies look bad.

  11. Omg, very useful, thank you very much!
    Can you help me? 😭
    I would like to shop my first Vivobarefoot shoes but I have to do it online (no stores here) and have no enough money to order 2 sizes together.
    My foot is 27.5cm (I'm a man). I would like to take a Primus Trail model or a Tracker II FG and I would use them daily and to hike.
    Can you suggest the right size for me? 😭
    Sorry for this sad message (ahah!).

  12. Hi Shervin!
    Great content, thanks so much!

    Can you please compare the size of @ PRIMUS TRAIL II FG and @ PRIMUS TRAIL KNIT FG ? And possibly also Primus Lite III? I have Lite and Trail FG in the same size and Trail FG seems significantly smaller than Lite (length-wise), so I am cautious before ordering Trail Knit version.

  13. Nah, you have to unbrainwash yourself; they don’t look like clown shoes, they look normal.

  14. Am up to 8 pairs so far runners and dresses shoes, size 15 USA if you like some of the older type shoes you should try revivo

  15. I can’t decide wether to buy the Primus Lite III’s or the Trail FG 2’s, both in black. Like I want to have an everyday shoe that looks kind of subtle, and I want to both use it as a gym shoe and as a running shoe. The running will be on road, trail and track, and I plan to also use them in my everyday life. Any help or interjections would be gravely appreciated.

  16. hii shervin! you still checking this video? could answer something please? i really enjoyed the viedeo! and really enjoyed the ra II but you didnt show the flexibility of them ahah would you please tell me how they are in terms of flexibility ? thanks a lot man!! really great channell and style! sorry for my english!

  17. @1:14 Thats what I think about those people who think they look like clown shoes. "Normal" shoes are far too narrow for my feet and become uncomfortable. These are not their feet so they can treat their feet by binding them for all I care. If you do not know what foot binding is, I suggest that you look it up. It was done for beauty, so if others think they look like clown shoes, think about how wide toe beds will become the norm in the future.

  18. Thanks for this video! Super helpful.

  19. The Forest boots aren't for the snow, they aren't waterproofed. You're better off with the tracker II's

  20. This market is a huge scam if they expect to get anything over $50 for a pair of these things

  21. This video really helpfull thanks.

  22. been using gobi shoe for more than 2 years so yeah, I can reccommend they are very durable

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