L. L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoe in 4k UHD

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My L. L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoe dates from the early 80s and are still going strong. In this video I show the shoes (boots) before and after a cleanup using saddle soap and a treatment of Pecard Original Leather Dressing:

Now called Men’s Bean Boots by L.L.Bean

Made in Maine, one pair at a time

Waterproof protection of rubber combined with the comfort of leather
Unique foot form offers stability and comfort
Full-grain leather sheds rain and snow
Whoever says “they don’t build things like they used to,” doesn’t own these boots. Today, our signature boots are still sewn right here in Maine – one pair at a time – by expert craftspeople whose technical skills and passion for their work is evident in every pair of boots they make.

Warm, dry feet haven’t gone out of style in a hundred years, so we haven’t needed to change L.L.’s innovative design. Just as when he created them in 1912, our boots combine the waterproof protection of rubber-bottom boots with the supple comfort of full-grain leather. A uniquely shaped foot form offers comfort and stability, and a steel shank adds support. Our original rubber chain-tread bottom provides traction and durability while keeping your feet dry. Many boots on the market might look similar to L.L.Bean Boots, but they lack the attention to detail and premium-quality materials that have allowed ours to stand the test of time. Made in Maine, USA.

Note: I usually wear a size 11D but in these I wear 10N and they fit perfect even with the insole. The original insole that I show in this video was optional back in the day but is no longer available. Now days I would order the ECCO leather insoles:
Order your boots at:

L. L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoe in 4k UHD
L. L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoe in 4k UHD
  1. thank u am going to buy one

  2. Hello good afternoon
    If i wear this all day in the rain would the upper leather and the between rubber leaking ?I just order one recently

  3. Handsome classic American-made boots. I love my LLB Maine Hunting Boots.

  4. Those bad boys were beat to death. But you did a decent job bringing some life back to them.

  5. They are made in USA, BUT not with the attention to detail. I have sent a pair back 3 times and still get the same inferior stitching where the leather meets the rubber. The customer service person told me this is acceptable and I say it is not.

  6. I believe from what I have read that they are now using a cheaper leather. The majority of their clothing is now synthetic.

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