Review & Look | L.L. Bean Men's "Bean's Wool Peacoat"

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Item #: TA500027 (Regular)
Item #: TA500350 (Tall)

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Review & Look | L.L. Bean Men's "Bean's Wool Peacoat"
Review & Look | L.L. Bean Men's "Bean's Wool Peacoat"
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  1. Looks good! I just bought a peacoat at J. Crew really liked the look and feel of it. It too was on sale and It also has Thinsulate. Time will tell how it works out over the winter.

  2. Hello, im 6’1” 230lbs, would you recommend a Large Tall or Large? Thanks

  3. Thanks for the review! Im your size in general, same weight just an inch shorter but my problem with the regular large was that its very tight on the shoulders. Too tight, so I bought the x-large and am waiting to see how it fits. The Large fit me perfect in the stomach, so i hope that the size up doesnt make the coat feel huge. Did you try out the regular? I was hoping that maybe the tall was going to be a smidge wider in the shoulder with the same size stomach.

  4. I heard LL Bean's previous peacoat was made by Sterlingwear.

  5. Hi there – the extra button is to go into the buttonhole on right side of coat midway up – the inside layer – that keeps the inside part (right side of coat) from bunching up when buttoned. hence the "double breasted" style. it will lay nicer if you do the inside button first, then layer over the left side on top and button the 3 outside buttons. 😉

  6. Looks sharp dude, good deal!

  7. Boycott L. L., Bean – if they do not like it tell them to take it up with Spineless Susan Collins.

  8. Can you button the collar up?

  9. 1:44 6' 2, 140 lbs?

  10. Thanks for the review. Finding a large size model of these coats has been difficult. Most of the vintage items are much smaller. Did you ever taylor it to further fit you liking?

  11. "made in vietnam" No thanks.

  12. It's a nice fitting casual looking jacket. 4 Fairweather.

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