7 Essential Sweaters EVERY Man Must Own (2020 Buying Guide)

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In today’s video, I give you the different men’s sweater types every man should own in his wardrobe.
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Video Summary:
0:25 – Guernsey Sweater
1:16 – Aran Sweater
2:18 – ****
3:20 – Woolly Pully
3:44 – Crew Neck Sweater, V-Neck Sweater & Turtleneck Sweater
9:35 – ****
10:12 – Half-Button Sweater & Half-Zip Sweater
11:27 – Sweater Vest
11:39 – Cardigan Sweater

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7 Essential Sweaters EVERY Man Must Own (2020 Buying Guide)
7 Essential Sweaters EVERY Man Must Own (2020 Buying Guide)
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  1. WATCH NEXT: 10 Rules To Layering Clothes Like A BOSS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbqql4-riIg&list=PLbAUemeg-KycqmSOnl4MDxtmMmmSOWVhX
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    https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/mens-sweater-types-infographic/ – Click here to view the 5 Most Attractive Sweaters For Men Infographic

  2. See also: Bomber sweater, shawl collar sweater, full-zip sweater,

  3. i hated turtle necks until I tried wearing them

  4. Which colour of sweater would suit me?

  5. Real Men Real Kashmir 😎

  6. Where do you recommend buying cashmere turtlenecks I’ve bought 2 but it was a wool blend and I find a bit itchy.

  7. Can we wear round neck sweater with shirt?

  8. Wonderful tips sir Thank you so much.

  9. should collars be inside or outside of a sweater neck?

  10. In Scandinavia we have a sweater with buttons on one side of the neck towards the shoulder. It is also an old fishermen tradition. A way to create a snug fitting crewneck before elastic fabrics was invented. They look awesome.!

  11. The V neck and collared shirt combo may be the most interchangeable outfit ever. Love it!

  12. 6:54 holds up a "light tan" sweater, but I see a grey sweater

    Me: …did my eyes break?? Ō.Ō

  13. You so knowledgeable thank you, I learned a lot today about the history of the sweaters.

  14. Turtle and crew necks are nice. But it's that "choking" feeling you have to get over.

  15. Very helpful and informative thank you!

  16. I love my sweaters! I like the V neck and half zipper sweaters the best.

  17. Reply
    James Is My Friend May 30, 2021 at 1:45 pm

    EVERY man MUST own SEVEN sweaters!?
    We're not all packed with cash mate.

    … otherwise good video.

  18. This entire channel is a mess.

  19. Thank you for this video

  20. So uh…. Where would one buy a sweater? lol

  21. I had my wife buy me a sweater last year, but I’m a bit too heavy for the way it hangs on me. Time for some crunches!

  22. My favourite would be the crew in Shetland or Cashmere followed by Cashmere in a V, but I would love a fitted submariner of which Paul James knitwear have a fine example.
    Keep meaning to get one.

  23. What's the difference between an Aran sweater and a Fisherman's sweater?

  24. Reply
    Driving in The DCBA Area October 11, 2021 at 12:31 am

    Thank you for the turtleneck line! If you can get over the slightly tight feeling around the neck at first they are really great sweaters to have

  25. It makes sense the crew neck was for functional purposes- I cant standdd the look. V neck looks so much better; creates contract against your 'round' head.

  26. There is something about a turtleneck with a 3 piece suit; I don't know why but it just looks classy!

  27. "Gear"? Gimme a break.

  28. In dont want a sweater that make my girlfriend itch all over when wrap herself around me.A gentleman has to be considerate you know Antonio !?? I want something on me that she can also enjoy.I'm in my black bathrobe right now and there's a Nazi Army helmet on my head,dont really know why.I really should put on a sweater….;))))

  29. Reply
    Drew Morales THE LION November 24, 2021 at 2:38 pm

    I greatly appreciate turtle necks but I struggle with fixing the neck piece which is the reason to why I don’t wear it enough. Yes I can watch videos on it but none I’ve found, helps me to go into the details of it.

  30. Firstly you need to enhance your fashion trend.
    P.s= please don't take my opinion on the other way

  31. I seriously love the way I look in a tailored turtleneck… especially black.
    But they're trying to strangle me. I can't do it.

  32. Trey and men: I need help. I'm looking for a specific type of sweater. It's a pull over or such sweater with a rounded neck line but the fabric is, how do I say, it's a hand made or sewn shag like sweater. The fabric is made to be like shag or soft thread like fabric. What is this sweater called?

  33. i hate cardigans, they belong on grandmas.

  34. So that's what its called.. Polo Knit sweater.
    Thanks a ton. I've been searching for its name for quite a looong…time- always got jumpers, pullovers, cardigans etc etc..in the suggestions.
    Now I knowπŸ’“

  35. I want to by a sweater,send me a link please

  36. turtlenecks are my favourite of all clothing,just ask steve mcqueen or daniel craig lol

  37. 5:56 – if you're going to talk about length relative to the waist, you should probably have the cameraman actually zoom out to demonstrate this.

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