MAGIC VIKS VAPORUB| How To Get Rid of Mouse Rats, Permanently In a Natural Way | Mr. Maker

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MAGIC VIKS VAPORUB| How To Get Rid of Mouse Rats, Permanently In a Natural Way | Mr. Maker

MAGIC VIKS VAPORUB| How To Get Rid of Mouse Rats, Permanently In a Natural Way | Mr. Maker
MAGIC VIKS VAPORUB| How To Get Rid of Mouse Rats, Permanently In a Natural Way | Mr. Maker
  1. I made friends with the mouse in my house he roams freely I leave food and water under my bed he's so cute his name is cream. Baby cream he so smol

  2. Would the rats stay away from the Vaporrub smell?

  3. The rats in my house had covid so I tried this and they all cured now

  4. The music would do the trick to get rid of them

  5. Was the irritating Ghetto noise really necessary.

  6. The rats first debut trap single ' VAPORAT RAT'

  7. …some Fukking racket 😳

  8. If you want to get rid of mice…
    Just keep playing this music.

  9. Only problem I can see with this video.
    He never once actually showed the rats eating it.
    And the method vapor rub. I always thought rats will only be deterred from that area. And just find another area.

  10. Baking powder OR baking soda?? They're 2 completely different things. I call B S on the mixture AND ESPECIALLY the "music". Good gaawd!!

  11. Could this video go any slower 🙄

  12. Any kind of talking or instructions at all would’ve been better than the annoying music yes

  13. OMGooz that music sucks donkey dews it also ruined your video a bad rap.

  14. Surely the smell of Vicks would stop the rats from eating the mix?

  15. After months of unsuccessful baiting in my attic, the rodents persisted, and I felt like all I was doing was offering them a continuous smorgasbord. The rats were setting off the motion camera sensors a dozen or more times daily. 3 days ago, I decided to try ammonia. I have heard it won't last and they will get used to it, but so far, 3 days/nights of not triggering the sensors and no scurrying noises. Time will tell.

  16. I do not watch videos so that I can press 'mute'.

  17. What are you doing, baking them a cake? Heck, keep playing that music for them and that will run them off… it's running me off…

  18. I'm watching this video because I'm genuinely curious but I'm watching it on mute because of this carp music

  19. Even after providing us multiple solution to get rid of Rats…he is still facing rat problems at his home 😂

  20. After you put the mixture do I have to put the music so the mouse start ah ahahah and go away


  22. I turned the sound off, It is too much🤔

  23. Thanks for sharing this for getting rid of mice

  24. Same dead mouse in 6 different remedies. Just dies quicker in some than others.Great scam that at least gets you thinking.

  25. I get the baking powder because the rodents can't pass gas , however, the Vicks will repel them. They hate that mint like spray. But I guess it will work for the idiot ones.

  26. Bounce dryer sheets. Must be the ORANGE box. No mice or wasps in the garage. Love it

  27. I'd use disposable gloves! But prob won't need to try this bcz of the funniest 1st comment by
    @Tim Debaney : "I cured my rodents chest cold, but the music is giving me seizures." Was happy to see your ❤️ on it! Nice. It's sooo hilarious! Best wishes.
    (don't hv mice, btw)

  28. Almost a 5 minute video that could have easily been shortened to half that time or better yet just write down the ingredients and directions on a piece of paper and film that for 136 seconds….

  29. These comments 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. This is a dterrent imo. Mice hate whats in vicks.

  31. I think the music made him work slower

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