2017 L.L.Bean PBA League Quarterfinals – Atom Splitters vs. Styles, Lumberjacks vs. Muscle

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This 2017 L.L.Bean PBA League quarterfinals telecast features the Silver Lake Atom Splitters vs. Brooklyn Styles and Portland Lumberjacks vs. Motown Muscle.

From Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine. Originally aired on ESPN April 30, 2017.

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2017 L.L.Bean PBA League Quarterfinals – Atom Splitters vs. Styles, Lumberjacks vs. Muscle
2017 L.L.Bean PBA League Quarterfinals – Atom Splitters vs. Styles, Lumberjacks vs. Muscle
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  1. looks like there is a height limit on the Motown Muscle.

  2. I'm waiting for the 2017 L.L.Bean PBA League Semifinals video 😀

  3. MetallicA cover band?! Nice one.

  4. 怎麼這種垃圾抱球打法都入了PBA,保齡球界水準降低了!!

  5. Truly an awesome era for bowling. The legends are just as good as ever and the new generation is coming into their own chasing the legends they grew up idolizing. love the signage in the audience of the 88-90' Chris Barnes. When guys like Couch, PDW, Bohn, Barnes came up it was great bc they were facing the Roths, Holmans, Petraglias of the time. Just as were seeing the cycle continue. Great telecast.

  6. I would love to see Jesper use something other then a urethane bowling ball, like reactive resin or pearl or even plastic.

  7. What ball is Malott throwing as his strike ball here? 59:05

  8. What ball is Malott using for his strike ball?

  9. Reply
    The Great Pavarotti May 15, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    lol are nonwhite people allowed to play?

  10. R u serious? Big 'Wes'
    Malott destroys the tenth frame ….'What do got for me?' Class act!!!!

  11. 12:12 awkward fistbump

  12. Cant lie liz got some ass

  13. I never knew bowling was this hype until today

  14. Kyle Troup gave a great account of himself in the UK (Dick) Weber tournament. Unfortunately the USA team was not managed very well, and the EU won by a large margin…

  15. Svenson should bowl singles over Barnes TBH

  16. 56:08 to 56:10 fail high five

  17. Van Hesse looks like Mike Muchuga! (I am not sure if I have the correct spelling)

  18. Is Tim Mack gay he loves to touch a lot of ass? Not a joke wtf

  19. 11:41 “they know what it is cuz”

  20. Damn ciminellis left arm is ripped

  21. bring back the manufacturers cup

  22. Dude, the fro bro needs to chill out man! Save some of the pussy for the rest of us!

  23. 11:40 DJ. You're chubby and white. Talk Normal lol.

  24. Motown Cringele

  25. thing is… yes jesper destroys any lane he plays on… but hes playng on the gutter…. its not effecting anyone hahahah and hes a lefty

  26. Jesus… That turn around after the turkey by Wes, when the ball was half way down the lane was legit cold blooded.

  27. When Svensson whas only 15 years old he destroyed the Swedish record on 8 series 2 122

  28. Bruh the sound at 18:22 had me weak.

  29. Without 2 hands the twig would have ZERO revs

  30. What happened to dale ballard? WOW! Havent seen him in years. Lost weight!

  31. Wes left has hand to game 1

  32. it was an awesome finish in the Atom Splitters vs Brooklyn Styles match

  33. it was an amazing finish in the Portland Lumberjacks vs Motown Muscle match

  34. Need to do more of this team bowling

  35. 16:04 Are you kidding me? (7-10 split)
    22:46 Needs strike, 9, spare
    27:21 3-6-7-10 split conversion

  36. Reply
    Southern California Weather Force February 7, 2020 at 8:20 am

    Two handers cannot rev conventional

  37. Pretty neat how all members of Brooklyn were throwing the old Edge Solid. Reminds me of my college days when my boys and I were all rolling !Q Tours

  38. When a PBA pro leaves a stone 8, it kills Randy

  39. Reply
    John V o l t u r o March 21, 2022 at 7:44 pm

    Cover me by who do you think you are I am baby because it's blasted on the floor I've been trying to figure that out and then there's a commentators ever tell you

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