L. L. Bean Boot Review

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Winter’s coming! But Fall is already here. For some of us, winter came a little too early. It’s time to put away the summer shoes and bring out the big boys that can withstand the frigid weather. This is the season for boots and I’ve been on the hunt for a pair that isn’t necessarily stylish but that can take a beating in this New England weather. In comes L. L. Bean and their trademark boots, New England’s very own. Probably the most functional boot I’ve ever owned.

8″ L. L. Bean Boot

L. L. Bean Boot Review
L. L. Bean Boot Review
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    ꧁ Orlando Cruz ꧂ March 16, 2019 at 3:05 am

    Wished I had watched this before my only purchase.

  2. You Sir should be paid a commission by LL Bean, your video review is excellent to say the least. So good in fact, I just ordered a pair. This is by far one the best quality product reviews I have seen, excellent job.

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    StarscreamvsMegatron August 13, 2019 at 3:04 am

    Great amazingly comprehensive review! Just ordered a pair of the 8 inch version and getting a pair for my girl as well. Can’t wait for my first rainy day here in PA!

  4. Love my bean boots! Recently been wearing the Dr. Marten 2976 crazy horse

  5. thanks for the history of the L L Bean Boots !!!

  6. For my money, it really gets no better than the bean boot in winter. It’s a mess here in Chicago in winter also, and I have both the low top “hunting shoe” as well as the insulated 8 inch duck boot. They are fantastic. A little pricey, but the quality and workmanship justifies the price point IMO.

  7. awesome review– I've been going back and forth on spending the $$$ on it, but working it out like you did with the cost like you did: I'm buying this year!

  8. I have a pair of the 8" boots and like them, however I had to send back the first pair I got due to a quality issue. They have a tremendous return policy which is a good thing because the quality of their products seems to be going in the wrong direction.

  9. At 2:30 do you know what kind of pants those are?

  10. Just wore mine today. My go to when the weather is wet and sloppy. They also sell some really nice jeans, chinos, shirts, and flannels. I use the LL Beam MasterCard for my business expenses to earn “Bean Bucks”. It gets me some nice stuff for either free or at a great discount. I pay off the balance each month so I am not advocating running up a credit card balance.

  11. That’s my LL Bean store! Hello CT neighbor!

  12. Is that the store from South Windsor, CT in the intro!!?? Don’t tell me they’re all tucked in the same corner everywhere lol

  13. Soooooooo I was cursed with “big as hell for no reason” feet and I’m at a size 15. Sadly L.L Bean stops at size 14 and I don’t know if they offer custom made sizes. To everyone who can cop a pair of these…stay blessed. I guess I’ll go order some damn sandals or some shit.

  14. Im sold

  15. こんにちは、細かい所まで見れてとっても良かったです!今購入しょうか迷っていて参考になりました。ありがとう!

  16. Wish they made a stylish boot with the similar functionality, many can't pull this off …:(

  17. Good review, great boot I have my boots for 8 years and where did you get the leather jacket?

  18. bean boots are the shit. literally as comfy as my Adidas running shoes.

  19. I came across your channel because I'm looking to buy a snow boot. I only buy quality so your review made a lot of sense. I just subscribed.

  20. Love my bean boots I have 2 pair 🥰

  21. What do you wear in NIKE?

  22. Just picked up some 6” hunters from evergreen walk 😆 highly recommended boot for the northern New England states.

  23. Excellent review.


  24. Fly shii 🔥 🧥 🥾 💯, grown man shxt

  25. This is a great review!

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    Abdullah Al-Shimri March 16, 2022 at 9:58 pm

    I just bought my first pair – the thinsulate version.

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