What's Selling During Poshmark's Identity Crisis + eBay Promoted Listings For the Win!

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Listen. Poshmark is going through some STUFF. She is trying to find herself. And as Poshmark continues to tweak its algorithm, sellers are left scrambling trying to figure out how to continue making sales over there. Thankfully, I sell on a TON of platforms other than Poshmark, so while this sales week was FAR from extraordinary, I did still manage to make some sales, ESPECIALLY on eBay thanks to eBay’s promoted listings. Let me know in the comments how your sales were, and if you enjoy reselling tips, make sure you subscribe for more eBay tips and Poshmark tips!

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What's Selling During Poshmark's Identity Crisis + eBay Promoted Listings For the Win!
What's Selling During Poshmark's Identity Crisis + eBay Promoted Listings For the Win!
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  1. I made my 1st sale of the year for Posh and Mercari. But I stopped reselling for a bit because I started homeschooling my kid's. But I've picked it back up again, because I'm honestly tired of looking at my inventory so I bundled up all my kids clothes and my women's and men's clothes and just placed them all together as bundles just to get rid of them faster. I'm sick of looking at them and them not selling. The prices I have aren't even that high either. So, I'm done with them. I am giving everything until the summer to be sold before I take them to donate them. I've had most of my inventory for 2 years.

  2. This whole month of March I made what I usually make in a week & a half. 4 Goodwills by me doubled their prices. Mall brand good condition jeans went up to $15 & CK, WHBM, Loft dresses are up to $29.99!!!!! Just went today & they had a Shein dress with pit stains & pilling for $9.99. I can’t pay those prices & I can’t shop 15 hours a week in the hopes of getting lucky & snagging 5 decent items. Maybe that means the bins will have those decent items no one bought 🤷‍♀️ So between Posh being a ghost town & thrift stores prices, my business is no longer sustainable.

  3. Sales have tanked on Poshmark!!

  4. I had three returns that week, as well. I think gas prices are giving people a lot of buyer’s remorse.

  5. March has been worse than February for me

  6. I’m having that problem with mercari

  7. I went 4 days without a SINGLE sale this weekend. Finally made one today. I’m so fed up with Posh..

  8. March has been my best month ever on both Poshmark and Depop! I have been listing very consistently and I have a low COG so I accept about 95% of offers sent to me to get things out quickly

  9. February: 43 Poshmark sales.. March: 14 sales 😭😭😭

  10. I’m not selling on the weekends at all ..Monday hits and I had 4 sales off the bat..
    I love PhotoRoom btw! Thanks for all your tips! They have been game hangers for me!

  11. Hi Becky, The media mail question, was that on ebay? ebay has had an issue, probably not fixed…where they have decided for the seller based only on the category sold in, whether an item qualifies for media mail. This was just recently changed like in last couple months. Its so frustrating as many times I was forced to go to pirate ship to ship it media, even when they qualify simply because ebay put this in place. Next time try that for your media mail. For instance, I had a kids pop up book (by the way these are usually BOLO items). I had it in a different category than books, maybe in games? Anyway, that was one example. eBay put this rule in place of course because scammy sellers were abusing the media mail shipping, horrible I know. Bad scammy sellers were using media mail for everything. Media mail is there for DVDs, books, CD;s software, sound recordings and tape. Magazines ONLY if they do not have advertising in them. Media rate is based on the size & weight, so if you can send it smaller bag or box, try that too. It is going to take longer than other mail to get to buyer. I hope anyone that as it knows if caught misusing media mail, it will be sent back to you and also it risks our media mail being taken away from us by USPS. You can write to complain to ebay about their choosing shipping for us. If more of us send in a complaint, maybe they will change it. I am very sorry to hear additionally the buyer thought one pkg was not same as others. It was nice of you to take their word, but asking for proof by a photo just helps buyers understand they will be expected to do that whenever they have an issue. I have done this before even when I realized I made a mistake just to ensure the process was followed. As soon as she sent proof, I sent her refund immediately & she was very happy. I did not have them send back as shipping is too high. I had the wrong size listed in title, even though photos of tag was correct & correct everywhere else. Oh well, mistakes happen no matter how careful we try to be. Glad you didn't pay much for these!

  12. I feel like something is going with poshmark. My sales have been very slow!! What’s up?

  13. I’ve been selling way more on Mercari than Poshmark lately. So weird. I’m in the same boat as you for sure.

  14. 2nd week on has TANKED! Extremely down.

  15. If you aren't losing money regularly on purchases then you aren't making as much money as you could….. I lose money on items regularly as a vintage clothing dealer…. people steal things at shows or something gets damaged, etc. so if I don't get that dollar back oh well! Part of doing business is moving forward from your mistakes and sometimes losing money or getting what you can get out of something and moving onto the next deal. If you can sell something and make a dollar then that is great!

  16. I'm very part-time on Poshmark and my sales tanked 2 week ago and started picking up this past weekend and not another sale since Sunday 😑

  17. Jan & Feb were my highest months ever as a part timer… but as soon as March hit, its like my visibility on the app completely died and now I am almost $400 behind what I have been doing. Its been stressful to say the least

  18. be careful listening to these youtube resellers. Some are good and give you the truth straight, but some of these youtube resellers look out for themselves, which is what a business person should do. Poshmark is getting flooded and competition is getting really high compared to the people who actually shop on poshmark. USPS is changing some shipping policies and with the flat shipping on poshmark is probably going to change (My Opinion). So please just do your own research and do not let people push you to one platform over the other. If it works for you it works for you.

  19. Its Opry, like the "Grand Ole Opry" in Tennessee

  20. Reply
    hair for all seasons March 30, 2022 at 11:20 pm

    My Posh closet crashed in mid Feb after the 1st change , all after the best month ever in Jan. So now I am starting to crosslist to mercari and ebay. Not loving it , got it by a scammer third listing. Just stinks I have to wait for 4 days for my listing to be released. I will get used to the other sites , still learning the other two. Not happy with Posh 🙁

  21. Reply
    Scripture Pop: Listen & Learn the Bible March 31, 2022 at 3:33 am

    Love this video. All of your content has been so inspiring as I am growing my business! My Poshmark was doing great for the last few weeks, but sales have been extremely slow for the past two days. I wonder if Poshmark is switching things up here and there to help clear out older items? 🤔

  22. We live south of Nashville….it’s Opryland……say Opreeeland….it’s now OpryMills….an outlet mall💕

  23. My sales on poshmark have dropped significantly

  24. I got PosherVA hopping sales will increase, well I was wrong, Poshmark still the same I got 2 sales over the last two weeks, that's it 2 sales.

  25. YUP I was wondering why my sales stopped again. 😂

  26. I always make at least one 1-3 sales a day and I haven't sold anything since the 27th…..I was wondering if something was happening….AGAIN….

  27. Hey Becky, great video! I'm always so impressed with the variety of sourcing oppurtunites you find! I was wondering, do you search for these sources on the internet/advertise that you are looking for sources or is it mostly like a word of mouth thing? If you don't mind sharing that info of course, no pressure!

  28. March wasn't bad for me but I had to put in a tremendous amount of effort to ensure it was not bad. 56% of my total sales were all from poshmark and the next highest was ebay. It sucks that Poshmark choose to go with the casual user which imo is a bad business decision and like you said they have the right to make I totally agree. I think the economy does also play into that a bit. I have seen a decline on all the marketplaces I sell on not just Poshmark. I plan to put in just as much effort (if not more this month) so hopefully April is at least as good as March was for me. But yeah it is no where near it was before.

  29. Bass – like a fish vs a clef. Thanks for another great video!

  30. ⭐️

  31. The last few months have been terrible. I can usually pay half my rent but it’s getting harder and harder to do that.

  32. Great video. 😍Feeling the same with the Poshmark rollercoaster for sure…

  33. Hi, poshmark search is now a mess showing old items, mus sales went to hell since the new algorithm.

  34. After reselling for 2.5+ years, I still make bad buys. This is what I love about reselling. Everyday I feel like I learn something new.

  35. Great videos Becky!! I use to sell 4 to 6 items daily. Now I’m lucky to sell that in a week. I will admit that constant listing does help sells. Which I haven’t been doing because I live in a small town like you, so sometimes finding good inventory is hard. Lately I’m not finding the great bread and butter brands like I use to find and goodwills are raising prices. Sells could also be slowing down because people are actually getting out more and physically buying items themselves.

  36. Oh my gosh, Poshmark sales have completely sunk. I went from averaging $800-$900/month on Poshmark to making ONE sale in 5 days. This past weekend has been the worst I’ve ever had in over 2 years. Postmark, get yourself together!

  37. It’s been slow, harder this week!!!!

  38. Where do I go to see which of my items have likers?

  39. The golf Thang. I know you've mentioned it on a couple of your videos. You inspired me to top my closet with my small selection of golf attire! My favorite men's polo says "My drinking team has a golfing problem!" No Jack Nicklaus stuff though.

  40. Hello Becky. I agree with you on Torrid. They sit for a long time. The blouses and the dresses usually go the fastest for me.

  41. Poshmark is dead. From 6k a month to 1k. I'm at the point its just not worth my time anymore

  42. Posh has been slow not dead but average sale.price is way down

  43. The Real Real takes apostrophe

  44. Reply
    Michelle Castaneda April 8, 2022 at 11:25 am

    Great, Poshmark is out, eBay is having problems. My sells for the last two weeks have sucked. On Poshmark I have sold 1 think in a week

  45. Reply
    Michelle Castaneda April 8, 2022 at 11:56 am

    I have a lot of the items youtube people say to have and I still can't sell shit. I'm so over it. On eBay with all their fees, there is no money to really make unless you can get item for 1.00

  46. I know I'm late to this party but I am beyond pissed at Poshmark. My sales had been amazing, then Monday it was like someone hit an "off" switch. I've not made a sale since Tuesday, this has never happened in all the time I've been on poshmark. If they don't fix this I will have to pack in my whole business. I'm from Canada, and the only super successful platform for me had been poshmark. I make the odd Ebay sale but nothing substantial.

  47. Hey! Can you touch a little bit in a video on how kidizen works compared to Poshmark. I’m about to be selling my kids clothes and know that’s where you make a lot of sales.

    Love all your information!

  48. Poshmark has been crap lately no sales since January till a couple days ago I made a sale but even just sharing hardly any interaction notifications are very slow and if I go to search to see if my items are sharing either I don’t see my items or they are far down the list.

    I started listing on Mercari but no luck so far, had one like so sent an offer and they never responded same issue I’ve been getting with Poshmark people liking but not buying

  49. Poshmark 😔 I’m not a fan

  50. Bass, use to be sold at Nordstrom

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