L.L.Bean Has The Best Return Policy Of Any Retailer

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L.L.Bean offers a ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’ on all of its products meaning they will accept all returns with or without the receipt however long ago you purchased the item. We spoke with Business Insider reporters about why this return policy is easily the best there is.


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L.L.Bean Has The Best Return Policy Of Any Retailer
L.L.Bean Has The Best Return Policy Of Any Retailer
  1. Costco has the same policy…

  2. "It's the best return policy" until they decide to change it

  3. My grandfather had a 25 year old pair of pajamas that didn't fit them. He brought them back Thanksgiving weekend and got a new pair free!

  4. Business Insider produces this video with a sinister political motive. This wicked media makes this video with an intention to trigger consumers' negative side of human nature. This video is produced to encourage consumers to return their old Bean boots at will even for a natural tear and wear. This wicked media, together with the ignorant consumers whose conscience is defeated by their own greed, will see punishments come upon them from Our Righteous God, the Holy Father of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  5. That gravy train is over.

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