5 Men's Shoe Styles Women Hate

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It’s a fact that one of the first things a woman notices about you is your shoes. So obviously it’s important to make sure your shoe game is on point. Here are Ashley’s picks for 5 Men’s Shoe Styles That Women Hate.

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5 Men's Shoe Styles Women Hate
5 Men's Shoe Styles Women Hate
  1. I love how she states her opinion as if it's the opinion of every woman on Earth.
    "Just because it's warm out does not give you permission to wear flip flops." Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you have permission to open your mouth.

  2. Can't believe he's clean shaven, that's voted the most hated look by women for anyone not going grey.

  3. Dude who doesn’t like Jordan’s or Kobe’s or kyries are literally the face of fashion and they put it on here what are these people wearing on there feet Peter Pan slippers or something✋🏾✋🏾

  4. Grey cardigan, plain white t. wow, so stylish….

  5. “Don’t wear flip flops” these people are ridiculous.

  6. That’s just her opinion tho..

  7. funny stylish woman, she's just too perfect for sandals lol

  8. This is a video based on her opinion, guys wear what’s comfortable to you if the girl go based off on what you wear day-to-day there childish

  9. these guys definitely don't season their chicken.

  10. I feel like if you wear dress shoes and loafers you gotta be a very matured human being which is great I don’t wear them but yea..

  11. No way they put jordan 11s in there those look fire.

  12. I've never once noticed a man's shoes lmao

  13. The only Yank I'm taking fashion tips off is Tom Ford.

  14. "warm weather does not give you permission to wear flip flops around" I beg to differ, sincerely an Arizonan who lives in 105 plus degree weather for four months at a time.

  15. Sneakers really? You are a woman and you don't know what women like, wow

  16. You can wear everything that makes you feel confident! Do not listen to this rubbish!

  17. I didn’t even watch the video. I just came here to dislike it and read the comments, which seem to match my opinion anyway.
    What a stupid thing to say “things that women/men/__ hate”
    Unless you’ve met every single member of that category, the ignorance is astounding.
    Just say “my opinion on these shoe styles”. It’s true, and nobody can argue with you.

  18. Don’t wear them so girls like them, wear them for you

  19. Anything is fashion nowadays I don’t get why people need to judge what other people wear especially when she’s wearing a wanna be padawan jedi robe

  20. Did he say “hollycon” days? Is that some kind of in-joke, or has he just misread “halcyon days”.

  21. Imagine taking an advise from a woman

  22. Who tf is this bihh The fashion police?? 😂😂😂

  23. Slides/Sandals with socks are truly and abomination

  24. Bro she’s someone who works in fashion but literally wears a Snuggie

  25. …did this guy say holly-con when tryna say halcyon? 😂

  26. Men who have a foot fetish lost their virginity to a sock.

  27. No way she called jordan’s 11 bad 💀

  28. There must be a lot of single dudes in Asia where so many wear slides and flip-flops

  29. Don’t date anyone who rags on your Space Jams

  30. We do not care
    Beat drops

  31. This video is so bad 😭

  32. She is right about all those instances though….

  33. Why would I care what literally one of the worst looking women I’ve ever seen thinks?

  34. £%!# that! I wear my £10 trainers till my feet are hanging out the bottom.

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