Fisherman Sweater History and Review – The Best Sweater For Men

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Fisherman Sweater History and Review – The Best Sweater For Men
Fisherman Sweater History and Review – The Best Sweater For Men
  1. 6 weeks to knit a complex cabled sweater like these is really fast unless your a pro and knit really fast and/or have lots of time. I could never become a professional knitter, I get half through a knit project and it ends up in the WIP pile for one reason or another

  2. What vest were you wearing in the ad? I really want that vest

  3. Man. I have to thank you for recommending Aran Sweater Market. I’ve been looking for a heavy wool sweater for camping/hiking/hunting use for a long time and their Heavyweight Traditional Aran Sweater hit the nail on the head! Great service and great sweater. From Killarney to my front door in the US, 2.5 days. Unreal! Thanks again for the recommendation!

  4. Very quickly once you start looking at these, even a novice like me can see & feel the difference between the machine knit sweaters & the real handknitted sweaters. The difference is immediately recognizable – the handknits are chunkier, and often use the finest yarns.
    It's worth talking with Ann at O'Máille in Galway. She knows each of her Aran craftswomen by name, and she's really great with style too. I'm short (5'7"), and I like a sportier cut than the traditional over-the-butt drape of the typical fisherman's sweater.
    Ann had one of her women knit me a custom sweater in genuine charcoal Donegal yarn (the natural color of a black sheep). I chose the stitches I liked, the collar and cuff styles too. It is the chunkiest sweater I have ever seen anywhere, and I will treasure it for life. And the price was less than I expected to pay for an off-the-shelf sweater, based on my research before visiting Ireland.

  5. My mom had a hand knitted one from Ireland that she loved (and I hated). 20 yrs later and I can appreciate that it is a quality, timeless thing and well worth the money

  6. Just to let you know, Galway is pronounced, Gawlway not Gal way

  7. I had no idea Adam & Eve has been around 50 years

  8. My great grandmother is an amazing knitter and her husband my great grandfather always wore handkinnted fisherman jumpers as he was a fisherman before ww2 and they do have specific knitts for locations so my grandfather was from Sheringham (a small Norfolk fishing town) and his jumpers always had the sherinigham kintt . it for for in the case of loss of life when the body's where found and they could be turned to there home where hopefully someone could id the body and if not they would at least get the burial from there family.

    But once again great video carl and I just brought myself one from the aran company as my knitting skills army quite good enough to knit one that nice and my great grandmother only knitts children cloths now

  9. I have about four to five Irish knit sweaters but there all merino wool which gets pilling on sleeves and looks raggedy after three year's were can I find handknit 100%wool Irish Fisherman sweaters price is not a problem if sweater last like the old days its worth it ive one from woolen mills ,aran sweater market and blarney all are marino wool can please advise me were I can get a non merino wool and get a stronger maybe a little rougher type wool the good hand knit old fashioned Irish Fisherman sweater please 😊🙏 were can I purchase in Ireland and the best thank you

  10. My dad found a vintage one in a consignment shop a few years ago, he hardly wore it and finally saw it fit to pass it to me, it’s definitely my favorite sweater and it gets at least one compliment every time I wear it

  11. Check out The Irish Store. Great product. Great prices.

  12. what did the fishermen wear under their sweaters?

  13. I love such garments! and have always used them since childhood, since they were the traditional clothing everyone used in the wild islands of Western Patagonia where I grew up. Too bad that as I moved to Australia and Europe I did not bring them with me! I do own some local produce which is quite good (Scotland) and my intention is to at least add an Icelandic and an Irish piece (some of my ancestors made them in Kerry long ago) to my collection. My old Royal Navy sweater disappeared log long ago, I still remember ist peculiar smell, pure lanolin! Exactly that is what I want, rugged, thick, sheepy!

  14. The Aran jumper is masculine as all outdoors. I'm wearing one in the Chicago winter. I get compliments all the time.

  15. Thank you for your informative video.
    I didn't know their origin. I love a good quality Irish / Scottish sweater. I have a couple imitations, but I plan to invest in a true one soon. I like the Grey's and dark blues.

  16. When it comes to sizing do you recommend sizing down a size? I know some of these sweaters can get quite large if you order you usual size. Does anyone have any experience buying from Aran's?

  17. I’ve always wanted to add a decent sweater to my wardrobe, but never found the right one. Thanks for dropping the names of places to look. I’ve friend big box chains and I’m just not finding what I want.

  18. Lmao that commercial skit

  19. Would love a video on heimat sweaters!

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