L.L. Bean Continental Rucksack, Bushcraft Gear

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This is my initial impressions of the L.L. Bean Continental Ruck, It seems like a great ruck , so far so good!

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L.L. Bean Continental Rucksack, Bushcraft Gear
L.L. Bean Continental Rucksack, Bushcraft Gear
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  1. Hi Wade, I hope you are keeping well. Great pack you got there ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been a fan of L.L. Bean gear for years. I used to use a lot of their packs and luggage for guiding on the rivers. Nice mix of modern and traditional looks!! I know what you mean about having short straps under the pack. I suppose it is aimed more for storing rain gear and not bulky items. I have a couple myself and I often think about extending them a bit to hold bed rolls or sleeping bags. Always nice to catch up with you brother, all the best, Mark ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Really nice pack, I am going to look into that for my boys, we are big L.L.Bean fans, always have great customer service and fast turnaround if there is ever an issue. Good video, thank you for sharing.

  3. Metric please.

  4. put extensions on them problem solved,there easy to make

  5. Bit of a random question but what outdoor trousers/ hiking trousers do you were in the winter for snow use? Many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I own one of these packs and I love it. I ordered a fantastic hip belt adapter for it and it changed the game completely.

  7. Thanks for the review. You also did a recent review on the frost River Isle Royale jr. Pack. Which one do you prefer? Thanks for your time and the great videos

  8. homie is 5'8 would've guessed hes 6ft

  9. I'm the same height and build as you and even after having been into thelocal LLBean to look at this pack and having thought it a trifle small for my purposes I'm once again considering it for my forays into bushcrafting. Thanks. I truly enjoy your videos.

  10. Nice review Wade. This is the pack I see in a lot of the videos. I just got mine last night and L.L. Bean has made some changes.
    You no longer get the side straps for the pass through.
    No zipper pocket on inside.
    The water bladder pocket does not have a buckle strap, just a big pocket with an elastic at the top.
    The large outside pocket has to small mesh pockets inside.
    The fleece lined pocket is now in the lid with a zipper on the outside just above the grab handle.
    There is now a laptop pocket with the zipper down the whole side of the air mesh padding. I guess I could try and keep a small tarp in there.

  11. Good review๐Ÿ˜€

  12. great job showing all of the features. thanks !!

  13. 8:05 I died laughing for some reason

  14. Hey man great review. Comprehensive and great camera angles. Well done.

  15. Everyone interested in this pack should know that it is MUCH smaller as of the 2019 model.

    The side pockets are not big enough for a Nalgene. It's overall shorter, narrower, and shallower than before. Customer service is rude and unhelpful. There is however a separate laptop sleeve and electronics pouch, because outdoors.

    Oh, and the stick it to you again by keeping the price at $89.

  16. Still digging the bag? Its near top of my list. Light hike and camp bag. I like the ability to carry axe/hatchet.

  17. I love this pack, too. And it is a great value when you buy it when LL Bean is having a sale. I picked up two at about $60 each. It is a well-thought out pack with good size side pockets for many things and the pass-through loops. I would like to see a pouch added to the top. I would also like to haave drawstrings on the side and small rear pockets. It would be nice if it came with, or if additionally similarly colored straps were available for purchase.

  18. The newest rendition of this pack comes with smaller side pockets…

  19. One of the best looking pack styles. Period.

  20. I like it

  21. Would you still recommend this pack? I'm looking into a well made bushcraft overnight pack when I'm not using my main muli-day hiking 65L.

  22. Quick tip.
    Reinforce stitching with superglue applied along the stitch and at weak points.
    Keeps the thread from coming undone…

  23. Hi Woodswalker, what model are you reviewing, I understand they changed the design sometime in 2019. The new one is smaller, smaller side pockets etc.

  24. Nice review thanks.

  25. it is 33 Liter, I see you said as a Daypack load out, what Liter do you recommend for multi day/Week load out,

  26. Hello, do you know what the L.L Bean company calls the color of your continental model backpack? , Thank you so much.

  27. Hello, do you know what the L.L Bean company calls the color of your continental model backpack? , Thank you so much.

  28. Has anybody waxed this pack?

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