HOW TO FIX A DOWN JACKET [4K HD] Ripped and Tears Repaired EASY

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In this video I show a down jacket repair on how to fix a rip in your down coat. It will also work on sleeping bag repairs, a tent rip, or another piece of camping equipment. We used tenacious tape on a Columbia down puffer and a North Face Nuptse down jacket but it is not brand specific it will work on the mountain hardwear ghost whisperer or a patagonia nano puff as well.

The first down coat fix we take the tape and apply it on the outside, in the second repair we go from the inside, showing a different technique. Either way can help you repair your down jacket with a rip or a tear in it.

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HOW TO FIX A DOWN JACKET [4K HD] Ripped and Tears Repaired EASY
HOW TO FIX A DOWN JACKET [4K HD] Ripped and Tears Repaired EASY
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  1. thank you, very helpful, my puppies torn a couple of my prized down jackets. I will repair them and use as hiking /dog walking jackets.

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    Car Audio Review Channel December 31, 2020 at 6:33 pm


  3. Thank you for your video it saves my favourite jacket

  4. From where I get this tape?

  5. How to remove this?? 😂 I put it from the inside like you put on the second jacket and it didn't went that well haha.. I don't know how to get it off now and I'm afraid to damage the jacket more than it already is

  6. The useful video

  7. Very helpful! Thanks!

  8. I think I would rather just stitch it by hand thanks anyway!🌸

  9. NOOOO! This tape cracks and looks terrible after washing. And looks worse than duct tape. It also gets stiff and VERY scratchy, so if it's anywhere where it will rub on your skin it will irritate. Awful.

  10. Can you put it in from the inside?

  11. thank you so much <3

  12. Thank you so much! This doggy down the beach ( massive) always say hello to me! Such a lovely dog but the problem is he’s pretty big! So he ripped one of my expensive jackets! Oh well…. he’s
    Cute though lol! your info is just what I needed to fix the problem. Thank you!!

  13. La gorra tambien está toyota 😅

  14. Thank you!

  15. 🎖Badge of honor🎖😂😂👍🏻

  16. Good morning grandma's…🤣😀😄 Hey, hey I 'm a young grandma! L. M. A. O.

  17. How blind do you have to be not to notice that you bloody divi

  18. Solid

  19. Nope!

  20. Might as well use duct tape if it’s for function

  21. Is it repair for lifetime?

  22. Thank you so much. I fell while riding my bicycle the other day and the only injury sustained was found on my Patagonia feathered jacket. I will use this tip to "stop the bleeding" as you say 😛

  23. will this product with stand -40 C weather ?

  24. I have a lot of damaged North Face new with tags that I have been avoiding repairing but I’m ready now

  25. Hideous!

  26. Thank you man you save my jacket an my asshole

  27. My dog ripped my jacket

  28. Good morning Grandma's?

  29. Menuda mierda jajajaja queda incluso peor

  30. Thanks! I got the same tnf puffer with 4cm hole on sleeve, ordered this tape right now, so wish me good luck

  31. Just ordered!!!! Thanks so much I received a damaged jacket today for my kid and need it for a trip to Chicago

  32. The second method is awesome… I am gonna try it… thanks a lot

  33. Very practical. 🙏

  34. I held a cat today and she poked a hole into my jacket 🙁 luckily it's small enough that its not noticeable, but I don't want it to grow

  35. For the North Face, after you patch from inside, you could order a patch of the first letter of your name to cover it, because it is at just perfect place of your arm.

  36. I think you should have done both from the inside out man, good job though.

  37. Sew them then super glue a patch of your choice over the area. Problem gone for good.

  38. Sweet! That looks so much easier than what I was thinking I had to do with a needle and thread, which I know nothing about. My down coat snagged on something sharp in a bathroom stall at college, and I ride my e-bike there and back in the winter in 42 F degree temperatures.

  39. Didn’t have the tape but used clear scotch tape on a minor hole. Snuck it through and taped from the inside. I was able to get a pretty seamless repair. Thanks!

  40. My Mountain Hardware ghost whisperer was in my truck when I rolled it several times it has about 50 holes an rips from glass. It's no longer good for any type of fashion statement unless looking like an unjured bird becomes a thing. Im going to try and use it backpacking since it's still a very lightweight puffy.

  41. Thankyou – son has made a mess of his jacket in an argument with a bramble at school – tenacious tape on order!

  42. Thank you

  43. Super useful ! Many thanks.

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