Rare Photos Not Appropriate for History Books

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History is a strange thing. In many cases, the only things we know about history are things that have been captured in photos or in books. While written history can be manipulated, photos seem to be the only things that can truthfully inform us of the past. You’ll see many of these photos in history books. However, some of these photos are NOT appropriate for history books, and as a result, you may never see them. Until today! We’ve found the inappropriate photos from history and we’re going to show you them and discuss why they are not found in history books.
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Rare Photos Not Appropriate for History Books
Rare Photos Not Appropriate for History Books
  1. What a shit video, some of the photos are very famous and are in the history books, again a shite video.

  2. Helen Keller What is an amazingly intelligent individual. She’s a staple to anyone with a disability to show that you can still succeed. There’s so many people from the past I wish I could’ve met she’s definitely one of them.

  3. "photos seem to be the only things that can truthfully inform us of the past" oh, dear.

  4. Nothing about the cover shot of the girl in the fringe and sexy boots!

  5. Totally inappropriate, I'm reporting this video for inappropriateness.

  6. These aren’t inappropriate …lame

  7. Omg ! The Statue of Liberty

  8. What? All this is real history not the made-up liberal crap. I see good honest history here.

  9. This is absurd. It seems like a shill.

  10. Anyone know why this is not apropriate for hostory? Really poor attempt at views.

  11. Russian women are better then American women

  12. A white modern-day supermodel dressed up as Pocahontas?

  13. Helen Keller was a psyop. How could someone who can't see or hear be taught what a word is lol, let alone think someone is funny. Charlie Chaplin must have tickled her or something

  14. Basket Ball was invented by a white man.
    No wonder people complain about "white supremacy".

  15. Six Million caught by Click-bating a YouTube video with a misleading title

  16. Space…h 💣…lol…2 hoaxes.

  17. I should have looked and realized it was Facts Verse. Always guaranteed to be a mild wast of time, and completely mis labeled.

  18. The only thing not appropriate about this video is the title

  19. That first thumb nail photo was probably a little inappropriate for history book. Lol

  20. That guy who invented basketball deserves his own movie. They could name it peach basket.

  21. Pictures are used to lie everyday

  22. Not appropriate? Stupid

  23. The diving suit probably gave the bins to so many divers ! they didn’t do deco stops from that depth

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  25. 3:58 – …except the iconic image of Monroe over the subway grate is an image from the movie itself and NOT this production still…

  26. How is it these photos aren’t appropriate for history books? Stupid. 🙄

  27. How is this not appropriate for history books?

  28. It should be able to viewed by most all except for a two year old.

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