The Most Comfortable Jeans I've Ever Owned

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I’ve got to admit that I’m a bit of a denim snob. Its easy to get swept up in the ultra premium artisanal brands using denim loomed on the top of a mountain by a 300 year old monk. Still, when it comes to just pulling on a pair of comfy denim that isn’t some cheap mall brand there isn’t much to choose from besides the old Levis standby. For guys looking to break into the premium denim thing with limited means Blue Rise Denim is a great start. At $79 out the door they are actually more affordable than most when tax and shipping is included. Don’t let that price fool you, we’re still talking about beautiful details like ultra soft pocket bags, custom rivets, YKK zippers, and a real leather patch (not that cardboard junk). I think they’re a wonderful value.

–UPDATE— Blue Rise is no longer in business

-That cool mug:

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The Most Comfortable Jeans I've Ever Owned
The Most Comfortable Jeans I've Ever Owned
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  1. UPDATE: Blue Rise Denim has been sold off by their parent company. I don’t know if they’ll be back or not, but it’s really a shame. So you may ask why I keep this video live. The reason is that I enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoy watching it, even if the brand no longer exists.

  2. Made in China junk

  3. "Woven by a monk" hahahahahaha

  4. I pay 25US$ for nearly new Levi's 501. They aren't great, but I can't find anything that can compeed with that price. I wear the old ones in summer untill the knees are out.

  5. She got uncomfortable when he said guys are very loyal at 5:55 lol

  6. Yo, you talk too much..
    Just get to the point

  7. 2 years late on this video and went and looked but they were sold out. I will have to wait. Thanks Carl for your work. I bought a Carhartt jacket because of you and love it. Thanks again for your quality videos and content!

  8. Reply
    TheStig ZeroZeroZero November 12, 2020 at 2:02 am

    I just recently found LAPG jeans that have stretch to them. I'll never go back to regular denim again. The stretch material is so soft and it's still pretty rugged. Best part is that they are like $30 a pair… you really can't beat it!

  9. Barbell Apparel. Enough said

  10. I bought a pair of mens Blue Mountain Jeans at Tractor Supply. They fit nice, but the dainty girly zipper Sucks.

  11. Bought two stretch jeans from Uniqlo. Absolutely now my most comfortable jeans. And if you are not into stretch they have also some fantastic selvedge jeans. Kicked myself for not buying earlier from Uniqlo. Never looked back.

  12. When she said she wanted the jeans to "look" premium she lost me

  13. Brave Star $98-$128 selvedge handmade in LA from Cone Mills and Japanese denim. Jeans, jackets, leather belts, etc. Good place to start for people who don't want to drop $200+

  14. Has anyone bought jeans from barbell company? Want to try them out but just not sure

  15. I Love to buy American made products.. Unfortunately I don't Love buying American brands which are outsourced to China. Thanks for the video though, very well made and informative.

  16. Yea too bad there gone they look good

  17. i hate stretch denim

    always have always will

    levis 501s fit well for me and are 100% cotton

    nothing beats 100% cotton in my opinion

  18. Can you do a review of round house slim fit jeans.

  19. I love my Lee 101 Luke tapered Jeans.

    I love the stretch, the comfort, the looks, & they are the only pants that I don't need to get altered. The inseams are just right. ❤️

  20. Price being irrelevant, NOT…….LOL. Yes I can afford $100/jeans, but for casual wear and/or light work jeans, I AM NOT spending $100 on jeans. It's just not in my DNA to pay extra for fashion. I work hard, play hard, and my family comes first, so I don't dress to impress. Every penny saved can provide for a better life for my family. My work and work ethic will speak for me. As to jeans, I actually love Dickies and Wrangler carpenters. I actually find them so similar that I've often wondered if they're made at the same factory. Both are of woven denim or in colors, they're a light canvas. Stylish, comfortable, and crazy low priced (under $40)! Yes I have Carhartt and love them, but in the summer I sweat my rear off in them. All this having been said, I rec'd some Duluth Buck Naked underwear, and am now about to buy several of their clothing line. DULUTH: BEST UNDERWEAR EVER!

  21. I just want a pair of jeans like wear like sweat pants. I just took a 🔪 to a pair of $50 Levi's cause they squeeze the butt area, a wide waist and wide legs. Like wtf?!?!?! What happened to real men's jeans???

  22. Shawn looks like Stallone in the 80s

  23. Carl, you need to try Filsons Rail-splitter jeans.

  24. guess i’m the 2% who wears raw and gets blue indigo everywhere

  25. Thanks but why not made in USA ,, very very sad

  26. Made in China 🇨🇳 they make awesome stuff eh… 😂

  27. Are they out of business????

  28. hollister sells jeans at 25$ on sale best jeans i've have worn.

  29. I am sorry but you it cost them $2 to make these.

  30. Thank you Carl for some new product with the same clarity.Interesting & I wonder when & how I can lay my hands on one of these new jeans in India.

  31. The Levi Workwear fit stretch denim is heavy, stretchy and fits very very well. Definitely recommend checking them out! Best blue jeans I’ve owned in this range

  32. Detroit Denim WAS a good idea

  33. I could tell you exactly who they are here by asking them to construct me a pair of pants that are actually sweatpants,not flex.. actual sweatpants which are what ppl are leaning towards now,check the stats

  34. They're JEANS calm down,"LOAFER"

  35. Nice infomercial

  36. No thanks on the stretch denim…I have several pair and they're inferior by a long shot.

  37. Carl: That middle section is severely under served.
    Me: Story of my goddamn life. Name something this doesn't apply to. I'll wait.

  38. But they are. All three pairs of mine are in a tie for most comfortable. & they're all skinny. Baldwin is alchemical.


  40. What about Unbranded? Wouldn't that be a good place to dip your toe into higher quality jeans?

  41. Reply
    The Bear's Hiking & Outdoorsmans Club March 3, 2022 at 9:30 pm

    I personally buy architect blue jeans myself they aren't cheapy stretchy Levi's like they make now that fall apart and rip if your an active kinda outdoorsy guy like myself lol. I'm not sure if you would call these raw denim ,but they look nice and last about 4 years and don't fade . I generally buy them at boscovs for like 50 bucks ,but yeah there pretty nice very comfortable and wear really true to size . Thanks for the info though on these I'll have to keep an eye out for pair. Did you happen to test them out say in the woods?

  42. Is this company still operating? Can't find them

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