L. L. Bean 2 Year Review

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I had a feeling when I purchased these boots two years ago that i wouldn’t regret it. A good quality fall/winter boot is a must have for any man’s wardrobe regardless of his style, whether dapper or street casual. If you live in a location that gets messy weather from late year to early year or you just simply need a boot for your outdoor activities, this is one to definitely check out

L. L. Bean 2 Year Review
L. L. Bean 2 Year Review
  1. I've always thought the LLBean boot looks really good with jeans. I live in Wisconsin, and we need boots like this like five months a year. Thanks for the video, Ian.

  2. In the northeastern United States why do we really own dress shoes 😂😂😪😪?

  3. Good review I’m looking to get some duck boots for my wardrobe.

  4. Thank you brotha! Your video review inspired me to cop a pair 2 years ago! Great investment, especially for heavy rain and extreme cold.

  5. Tried this boot some years back but was not impressed.Not my taste but thanks for the video.

  6. Enjoyed your review. Bought these 2 years ago. They are my shoveling snow boots. For extra warmth, I bought some felt shoe insoles. Very comfortable. I agree, need to size down.

  7. Those boots look almost brand new. Did you do any kind of maintenance on them? I would have liked to see the bottom of the soles a little more. I have wondered how those soft rubber soles will age. Aside from that one thing, great video.

  8. Good review! Been looking at the 8” or 10” inch for Chicago falls, winters. Hidden secret that makes LLBean better than others is for 40$ can send them into LLBean to get resoled where keep original leather & replace the rubber/bottoms so basically once every several years your getting like a new boot

  9. So you’re a 10 in regular shoes? And do these size like how Sperrys Duck boots are??

  10. I purchased my first pair yesterday, I'm awaiting the package. I went to the LL Bean store to try on a few pair, therefore, I have a pretty good idea of what size I need to wear.

    I'm hoping they can handle the Chicago winter…. Time will tell.

    Appreciate the review, I am going to check out a couple of your other videos.


  11. How did you make the laces stay like that?

  12. I own 22 pair of these boots. Different sizes and years. They used to make a bulky boot with blue wool liners very warm. Some people have problems with ankle rubbing. Mine rub right below the ankle. You can add a thin insole under the factory ones. Or there is a product out that sticks on that area also.

  13. You can send them back two times for completely new rubber part. It does cost but I think it’s between $60-$80. Not really sure of cost now.
    Sorry it is $39 for regular rubber bottoms and $43 for Gore-Tex and Thinsulate.

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