If It Were Not Filmed No One Would Believe It

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What do you think this persistent dog wants?
Of course, it wants to click on the bell not to miss the new video from MindWarehouse! Well done, buddy. Today, you’ll see a poodle who goes shopping like a human, an otter who loves massage, a car being shredded to pieces – you would not believe all these stories unless you saw them with your own eyes. So why wait?

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If It Were Not Filmed No One Would Believe It
If It Were Not Filmed No One Would Believe It
  1. Sorry, but you need a better narrative writer.

  2. AVOID ! mis-leading- there is NO PRETTY WOMAN in video

  3. “Upright walking used to be abnormal for humans too” No it didn’t! Not unless you believe that nonsense that we came from apes! We were God created and as you can’t prove one or the other it comes down to faith doesn’t it?

  4. Your video display ad showed a red arrow pointing at a woman's back and I was curious to see what that was about but I never saw anything about it.

  5. Car gets shredded

  6. Those “walking “dogs should mexer be shown anywhere.
    They get bit up every day until they learn how to walk that way.
    👎 for sharing that

  7. Humans have always walked upright. Dogs do not. Comparing humans & dogs w/respect to the way they're supposed to walk is like trying to compare apples & volcanos. It makes no sense. And when all is said & done, dogs currently do not walk on two legs, nor should they, & I'll bet that poodle has a helluva back ache. Makes my back hurt just watching him. Not cool…

  8. funny how the end of the video they said i should sub for more facts and they cant tell that a wing suit with a flare on a dudes ankle isnt a jet suit. also, im pretty sure that thing squirting ink was a squit and not an octapus

  9. My favorite part, that I could watch over and over is the otters!
    Perhaps you would do an entire video of otters, please?

  10. Gave up after 8 minutes of british high-pitch voice

  11. Hey airplane dude. You got a money pit! Junk!

  12. Can we have an image of the narrator? You know, just so I can visualise who exactly it is I'm wanting to throttle.

  13. 1:47 is a chidori true spear from Sasuke

  14. Walking on the hind legs places stress on the low spine and hips, not to mention the knees. Stop using your pets for attention, ya creeps!

  15. Three Dee projections in Japan,… are actually Drone Swarms.


  17. Video would be ok if not for the lousy narration.

  18. 1:07 – Doping not allowed !

  19. This kind of lame video is ruining everything. Very low testosterone.

  20. Animal cruelty – puma, is SINFULL , not fun. ♥️

  21. Would the poodles puppies see their mother walking upright and start walking like that? 🤔

  22. I would have watched all of this but stopped after 20 seconds because of the constant narration. Shut up we just want to see the footage. We don't need some idiot telling us what's going on constantly.

  23. Hey, that controlled explosion sure reminds me of that controlled explosion(s) of the twin towers, and building 7 next to those two large towers. Oops, those large buildings came down from a plane hitting them. Sorry…I forgot…with the media saying it was planes that caused their collapse. Hey, who am I to argue with them. Oh yeah, sure they did…right. And Building 7 next to the twin towers…oh, that was that little office fire on the top floor that brought it down in a controlled manner just like the controlled explosion in this video. Just saying, you know, just saying.

  24. The wingsuit jumper at 7:10 has no propulsion, just a flare attached to his ankle. But the snow sure does show the velocity vector nicely.

  25. Great video except for the narration.

  26. 12.00 Drones, not projection.

  27. I think we have a magnetic hill in ky too

  28. All facts were good except the "evolution" statements. Each after its own kind. There are no transitory (i.e. "in-between species) from one kind to another. Adaptation within a species/kind is or can be demonstrated as on Galapolos islands showing the adaption of several different variations of finches and iguanas, for example. So please don't include unprovable evolution in your "facts", it's BS…bad science.

  29. Very cruel to the little dog walking on two legs . Poor thing . Stupid Evil woman . And she’s putting shopping on the poor doggies back

  30. Feral cat, thats a Cougar!

  31. I beg your pardon. That is dog abuse walking on 2 feet. They have 2 feet for a reason. Ppl have always had 2 feet.

  32. Sorry but humans never walked as you say. Sad.

  33. hmmm…just watched a dog ring a bell on first 5 secs on video…so gonna end the video right now because this is a click-baity as sh=t title, cos I guarantee most of it will be "believable"

  34. The narrator talks a lot of shit.

  35. 1:14 it would be so cool just to sit up there for hours with your best friend!

  36. Those dogs are treated very badly to make them stand on 2 legs (usually)

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