10 tips for No sunscreen hiking in desert Southwest

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After living and hiking in Southern Arizona for over a dozen years, I’ve learned the hard way how to avoid getting a sunburn even though I NEVER use sunscreen. It’s all about covering up. Note: I mention several products in this video; I received no compensation from any manufacturers, I purchased all my own stuff.
0:00 Intro
01:37 No short pants
02:44 Always wear a sun hat
03:38 Wear hiking gloves
05:23 Long sleeve shirts
06:27 Sandals with socks only
07:01 Use a neck gaiter
07:30 Sunglasses always
07:53 Use a high SPF lip balm, especially in winter or high altitudes
08:32 Consider a sun umbrella
09:07 Lightweight gaiters, especially with low socks
09:32 Outro

10 tips for No sunscreen hiking in desert Southwest
10 tips for No sunscreen hiking in desert Southwest
  1. Good evening

    Genetics & life choices help keeps the dermatologist away. (IMO this is my opinion not a criticism)

  2. Nice video man, stay safe.

  3. On a side question…. in your thoughts what would you recommend for traveling between Anchorage Alaska to Ketchikan Island ? Or places to see…..

  4. Great informational video and tips , thanks for sharing , God bless !

  5. Gotta try Lip armour. Mostly I've come to your conclusions already. Headed to Grand Canyon soon. At least temps wont be a problem. Keep up the great vids!

  6. Thanks Kurt! Thanks for the glove tip. That was the only thing I was missing.

  7. I live in Israel where the summer sun is very fierce
    I wear a large thin cotton square scarf
    Folded corner to corner as a neck kerchief
    Stops the sun on my neck also the front of my chest
    I also use it to drape over my sun hat to give me even more protection
    All my sun hats have a minimum of a 3” brim
    Anything narrower just does not cover the back of my neck

  8. Thanks Kurt! I've started wearing light weight sun-hoodies. The hood protects from sun and insects. Also many come with thumb-holes that act to pull the sleeves down and cover the top of the hands.

  9. Convertible pants and vests are my go to when in the desert! Thanks Kurt!

  10. Really great content here, Kurt! Thanks so much for sharing your tried and true tips. I appreciate you and your channel as you give insights and ideas that really help with my hiking hobby. Take care always!

  11. I wear long sleeve fishing shirts. The ones wear, from Habit also have thumb holes and if yo use these, there is no need at all for gloves. They are SPF 50+ and come is all sorts of patterns and colors. The only other thing you didn't mention is hike very early, and hike later. If you have a way to lay low from ~10-2, you miss the very peak sun time.

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