Flannel Shirt Guide

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Ah, the flannel shirt. A mainstay of the cold-weather wardrobe, and cornerstone of rugged style. You don’t have to chop wood, or even work with your hands to appreciate the warmth and comfort of a good flannel shirt. Of course, not all flannels are created equal! Some are meant for work, some are meant for style, and some blur the lines between the two. Even flannel fabric can take on several forms: wool, cotton, brushed, smooth, heavy, or light. So rather than try to explain every possible type of flannel shirt, in this video I give you a rundown on the flannels I own and what I like (or dislike) about them.

-Carhartt Rugged Flex:

-Duluth Free Swingin’ Flannel:

-Woolrich Flannel (closest I could find):

-LL Bean:

-Taylor Stitch Crater:

-Iron Heart Flannel:

-Wellen Slub Flannel:

-Taylor Stitch Leeward:
-Or at Huckberry:

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-That cool mug:

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I don’t care where it’s made as long as it’s made well, and allows you to buy less and buy better.

Flannel Shirt Guide
Flannel Shirt Guide
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  1. Living in the PNW it’s Filson or Pendleton for me.

  2. You don't care where it's made? Even if in China by slaves? And China is our enemy who wants to destroy us? Isiot

  3. A guide for your personal wardrobe… I'm out.

  4. PLEASE do a watch video!!!

  5. All year flannel shirts at 75 this is what I like. flannel is better than your camo shirts. Less costly as well.

  6. Please define Tailor stitched.

  7. It's a shame that almost everything… including flannels, are imported.

  8. what shirt are you wearing in this video?

  9. Where do you ever find these premium brands? I've only watched 3 of your vids and i have seen many new to me brands. Himmel bros.! the prices are high but is there stuff that good? I have 3 pair custom western boots from 900 to 2500 and they all are lined with calf skin and artwork on the uppers, with some exotic skins on the vamp, (Paul Bond boots in Nogales if you're interested) the engineer boot looks great on the outside but what else does it have? is it built tough like a Frank's boot? (I have a pair of Franks on order) The Himmel blue camp shirt looks really cool, vey heavy, but none in my size, do you have one, what is it made from? Their leather jacket looks good on you but I'm not sure if it is my style. And for $2800 I can think about it for a long while since I met your videos I . now ordered the patagonia shirt and the factory jeans from Maine, forget the name of the co. begins with O. Duluth Trading tshirst are much more comfortable than carhart, very soft and thick…(hey that's what she said). I also have a Filson jacshirt and makcinac cruiser, not much use as I have been spending some winters in Florida but they are very nice/expensive. Keep the vids coming.

  10. Man would I like to try out iron hearts flannel. Over $300 for one flannel is insane. I guess I’m glad there’s a 2 hour drive for a place that I’d be able to try one on. I’d be afraid I would try it on and say, yup I gotta have this.

  11. Excellent review. I am an unabashed flannel freak. For wool I have 3 Pendleton shirts for evening wear wool shirts. For woods-walking, I have Duluth, Eddie Bauer, Lands End, and a couple of off brands. From my sample size, like the Duluth and Eddie Bauer. The Duluth flannels are too long in the sleeves so I have moved one button over so the cuff holds the sleeves up from sliding over my wrists. It works for me.

  12. Man i like your vibes

  13. That $350 shirt had better come with a Geisha to help me on and off with it and to launder it! I’m a second hand shop guy. My best find (my wife saw them) was Nick’s boots marked $5 and $3.85 with coupon! And I do consider American made a priority, especially since products from China may not even get here.

  14. I really like the fabric and fit of the Dixxon out of the package.

  15. Ive been pretty disappointed with Taylor Stitch. They moved their production to china, quality has gone down as a result, and their fits are really inconsistent. Their collars also really irritate me. they never lay right.

  16. The LLBean signature flannel shirts are slim fit, thick af, and warm/soft. Highly recommend! Extremely handsome stuff

  17. What about Filson?

  18. sir wear a flannel top of you head you have no hair to keep you warm lol

  19. No Dixxon Flannel…..?

  20. $350 for a flannel? You're missing the point.

  21. Woolrich….made in China…ugh. Nothing made in China is worth $100.

  22. Reply
    Mauricio Muciño 101 November 29, 2021 at 7:15 pm

    Hi! Hey what hat is it the one that You are wearing on the thumbnail?

  23. Tim the tat man if he went outdoors

  24. Dixxion Flannel looks better than iron heart Wears the same And has a secondary market hands-down best flannel company in existence

  25. Best flannel hoodies are overseas

  26. Hate the Carhartt logo.

  27. Patagonia flannels are great if you have not tried them !

  28. Gift from my wife I 👈believe ? Is it 🤔

  29. What’s Carl’s measurements?

  30. I’ll never by carhaett boycott

  31. How about something made in the USA

  32. Reply
    Javier Díaz S. Medrano January 29, 2022 at 7:32 pm

    I need 20 flannels

  33. I just got a bunch of flannel and denim shirts from my deceased grandfather, and there's a lot of vintage labels like Sears Roebuck it's pretty cool and smells like old people 😎

  34. When possible, have a look at the heavy UED Flannels 🙂

  35. Reply
    omgsolikevalleygirl March 13, 2022 at 5:57 pm

    hi – can you comment about the sizing on the Carharrt shirt? I heard they run big but I am never sure how much – usually L/LT really fits me well.

  36. imogene & willie, railcar & duckworth make the best usa made wool flannels imo. as for cotton flannels… studio d’ artisan overdye’d flannels are killer.

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