The Most Comfortable Pants I've Ever Worn

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It was a while back when I covered the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. They were a model with some stretch and sadly, they’re now out of business. So I haven’t really ventured back into stretch denim until now with Kato Brand. These offer a hack of a lot more than my previous denim though: Made in USA, Japanese fabric, 360 degree stretch, and simple good looks. Whats not to love about that?? It was the chinos which really stole the show however. Thick, soft, super stretchy, they are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn without a doubt… BUT they look amazing too!

The hoodie I’m wearing in this video:
There is a lot to like about what Kato is doing, and I think this may really hit the sweet spot for a lot of people.


-That cool mug:

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The Most Comfortable Pants I've Ever Worn
The Most Comfortable Pants I've Ever Worn
  1. I’ll never complain about any of your videos. Just keep doing what you’re doing. What we need are people like you giving unbiased reviews on higher priced items so we know how to best spend our money. We don’t need any reviews on $40 jeans. Thanks Carl!

  2. I like the "Kuhl" brand a whole lot. . . You can get at R.E.I., so you know it's built for rugged use. I stock up on their "RYDR" jeans a whole lot

  3. Should we tell him about sweatpants?

  4. hey guys do these pants have itchy material? I know you're saying they're very comfortable but zooming into their material it looks kind of itchy.

  5. I'm from India and I like products Made in Germany and USA. They have high quality standards and the products are highly durable.

  6. Another great video! Have you tried their denim jean jackets? Wanted to buy. Also, I've heard the sizing for jackets/jeans/pants is different…..such as if you.I are a 34" then we would up size one. Make sense? Would be great if you would create a video as a Q&A to this video with a jacket review. :-). Thanks again!

  7. I side w/ the clothing snobbery. I'm in my early 40s and I am done buying cheap ass jeans/shirts only to have to dump'm 1-2 years later cuz they either broke or never really fit right to begin with and I just settled on buying them. I think you do a good job at showcasing medium $$$, to high $$$ category clothing. Stick with exactly what your doing.

  8. sorry but stretchy jeans are for women

  9. How are you getting on with these? How did they hold up?

  10. Stretchy jeans are for pregnant women. It’s maternity wear.

  11. Stop trying to make people happy.

  12. If these $200 last 10 years then they have met my requirements. My normal jean is $20 and last about a year. Been looking into these to see if I can get more like out of my clothes.

  13. I’d much rather pay more and get made in America or at least not made by cheap labor.

  14. Great vid! Stretch for sure has come a long way but still there is nothing like that early selvage suffering period to get proper conformity to your body. Thanks!

  15. Wish you had said they are skinny’s at the beginning.

  16. While idk if id ever pay 200 dollars for a pair of jeans, but id still watch any video.

  17. these look fabulous on you

  18. When I hear $200-ish for the price, my first reaction is whoa…, that's kinda pricey. Then my analytical mind steps in to remind me that there was a time when the average person had a single set of clothes they wore for many years. You get what you pay for. Currently, a pair of Levi's 501 will wear out, depending on lifestyle, within a couple years. For the price of these, how long do they last?

  19. how do those compare to
    the 30€ cotton and elastan jeans in terms of comfort?

  20. Where is the comment where the time is shown for the actual product review… He is taking so long to introduce the product.

  21. It’s KATO not KATO! Got it?! 😂😂😂

  22. What pull over are you wearing on the thumbnail?

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