How I deal with Mosquitos in the Woods

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Showing the methods that I use whilst camping in the woods.
I also show how to repel the knats naturally using birch fungus.

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How I deal with Mosquitos in the Woods
How I deal with Mosquitos in the Woods
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  1. You touched a lot of great points. I have noticed from experience, its best not to wearing a head torch. You are so right about the insects being irritating. Dried sage being lit and then left to smoke works really well. I guess that would be more for being outside at home. Take care.

  2. Ultrathon is very good

  3. Very useful thanks Becky. Get that Bushwhacker man out of that hammock or he will be asleep 😂

  4. Another thing that takes tbe itch out is Tee Tree Oil, & it would keep it from getting infected.also, calamine lotion.

  5. Hi Becky🖐️, i'm waiting you to come Indonesia yeah 😅

  6. You are so very very cute

  7. Thanks again lol
    Have a great life

  8. try the Thermacell – it really helps.

  9. Outstanding ! I've been camping for nearly 40 years and I didn't know you could use that mushroom to help rid the area of mosquitoes. Thanks , now I know.

  10. Love the outdoors hate bugs great video thank you

  11. Thank you for sharing Becky! I ordered some Ultrathon to try. My legs look like I have measles from the chigger bites 🙁

  12. HAHAHAHA, I thought I was the only one that the smell of insect repellant brought back childhood memories.

  13. A dock leaf is good for bites and stings rub the leaf into the area.

  14. Simple technique

  15. I'm not sure why I am watching this as it's February… But your chilled out vibe, your golden complexion and hearing the sounds of cuckoos in the background makes me reminisce of summer!

  16. Why are you so cute

  17. Beautiful thank you for the tips gorgeous young lady

  18. Are you drunk???

  19. I can imagine you passing the blunt lol

  20. Reply
    נתנאל שר August 2, 2020 at 4:46 pm

    I just took my girlfriend for hiking which we rarely do and everyone of us got 50 bites – we were massacared

  21. Thanks!

  22. Great tip, cheers becks 👍🏻

  23. 🤣🤣🤣 look at dad 🤣🤣great acting bushwacker man 🤣🤣

  24. Becks I think you and Louise should put some makeup on your dad so he can do some cat walking in the woods in a straw skirt 🤣🤣
    You know he would be up for it 🤣he’s got a great sense of humour 🤣👊🏻

  25. I am inundated with mosquitos in my climate of Southeast USA. I itch crazy from these bites.

  26. 0:37 the sounds nothing too much to complain about its the bit where you're fingers swell up and blister and itchy for 2 weeks is the bit I complain about. Pokeno new Zealand mosquito's, far worse than a bee sting

  27. All you need is 0PH on your skin…. use water and baking soda… it will desovle acids in your sweat that attract them…

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    Norwood Craft and Forge April 6, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    cold showers help stop itching if you get bit all over

  29. Reply
    Happily Ever After April 21, 2021 at 2:09 am

    Super useful. Thank you love

  30. Get any mosquito repellant formula that contains 100% DEET or as high a concentrate of DEET that you can find. It works 100% of the time. About two weeks before you go camping start taking higher than normal amounts of vitamin B complex. Start Wearing light colored clothing like white or light tan. For example, the stylish blouse this young women is wearing is dark and dark colors like brown, black, green, red etc, are attractants. Always camp far away from standing water and/or rotting, moist wood or grass. Say no to camping by marsh land; don’t drink alcohol while camping. Humans produce more CO2 than usual when we imbibe, even beer can produce this effect and therefore attract mosquitoes .

  31. I have only ever fried plantain and eaten it that way. I have never heard of rubbing it on your skin before. 😄

  32. Please just make the video simple and short next time, i just want to know how to make it

  33. Avon's product called SOS, works great for a repellent.

  34. 1:59 😍

  35. To get rid of bugs around campsite if u can find cat o 9 tails you can stick them in the ground pretty easily so you want a long stalk.. Then light them. They smolder very slowly, smell nice and bugs hate it. Unfortunately I'm having knats fly in my face and I used 3 repellents. Didn't work:(

  36. Why do people talk too much before they get to the point if a person does not know that mosquito bites itch by the time they look at a YouTube video inquiring about repellents then they must be crazy.

  37. Terrible video here in the city we like to get things done so let's get to the point

  38. She wasn't very good at maths, but she's genuine and we love her!

  39. I love how she gives information on the different products, and then the mushroom comes out and its
    "So you can get this.. uh. From a tree" lol, great video

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