Best & Most Affordable Long Sleeve Shirts

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Bella Canvas 3501

Next Level 6071

Next Level 6411

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Best & Most Affordable Long Sleeve Shirts
Best & Most Affordable Long Sleeve Shirts
  1. Hi Aaron.
    Which is the you go to shirt between good life and next level. I enjoy wearing clothes that are soft and light weight. I’m in the hunt for my go to brand. Ive made some BYLT purchases b/c I love the drop cut style but I wouldn’t say they are the most softest shirt. Any recommendations?

  2. do you have a video of best dry fit long sleeves? more affordable then a columbia /magellan type shirt?

  3. Yo if something dont fit can I return??

  4. Hi question.
    We mention on the 6410 white is thicker. Is that for all 6410 or just white. I notice you said the same thing with these white long sleeve? Do whites just come little thicker V

  5. Man anytime I’m buying some new clothes I’m coming to your channel like I said in the T-shirt vid most underrated channel on YouTube if you are a guy.

  6. What’s the $ or Next Level? Website requires you to create a login and password and provide email address just to view pricing? Seriously? Sounds like a sketchy way to sell my info for other companies mailing lists.

  7. Your best & most affordable series is so great.

  8. Just found your channel and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  9. Luna made this review top tier

  10. what hoodie are you wearing at the end?

  11. What's the name brand of the eye lashes

  12. I’m 5’11, 170. Looking for something slim and not too baggy, in between a small and a medium…I can get away with wearing a small or medium 6410 short sleeve…not sure what shirt(s) of these 3 long sleeve to get or what size… thoughts?

  13. I have several short sleeve Next Level shirts; thanks to your video I will pick up a couple of long sleeves, likely 6071 or 6411. Thanks for the detailed reviews!!

  14. A bit of feedback: Your intro tittle is too loud

  15. Totally off subject, but should Luna or another furbaby ever need a cone again, they have great alternatives available now. You can find them on Amazon. Inflatable softer cone collars, and bodysuit onesies. I have not tried them but recently discovered them. I actually used a baby onesie for my pup after having emergency surgery earlier this year. She hated it, but not nearly as much as we both hated the dreaded cone. Love your reviews, btw. Thanks!

  16. Can some one put the list at the top lol

  17. I wish to hell I'd watched this before I ordered a bunch of Next Level
    long-sleeve shirts two weeks ago. I bought the 3601s in a large and they
    run really small. And they are 100 pct cotton, so washing them will likely shrink them enough to give them to my anorexic cousin for his birthday. Generally I find these cheap shirts on the baggy side, so it was a surprise…I continue to enjoy your videos!

  18. Hey! Which color Bella Canvas long sleeve was that one?

  19. Guys just so you know, Aaron was spot on with this review. I happened to get all 3 and try for myself just so I felt good about my purchase. In my opinion the 6071 is definitely my favorite on this list, mainly for the comfort and breathability. My next favorite is the 6411, since most of my closet is now 6410 short sleeve tees, I would get this long sleeve variant solely because of the solid color options. With the 6071 unfortunately they only offer it in Heather color ways, which is fine considering I can just get both the 6071 and 6411. I personally think the Bella Canvas 3501 felt more on the cheaper side mainly because of the cuffs not being as stretchy as the 6411, also I can see more of my neck with the 3501 which I don't prefer, so that is why I'd choose the 6411 over it. You really can't go wrong with Next Level, they really do have the best long and short sleeve shirts I've found for the price, not only that, but they feel like they should be worth much more.

    P.S. Aaron one thing I do want to ask is if you have tried the 6010 short sleeve which seems to be the short sleeve version of the 6071? I'm very curious because after trying the 6071 I love it and if the 6010 looks and feels the same, I have a feeling that tee could become my new favorite tee beating the 6410! (which seems like an impossible task) 😀

  20. This probably I dumb questing but why buy something like cuts if this one’s are just as good from then look of it

  21. I found the triblend on ebay in an olive color, which is awesome, but they’re all sold out of every size except small. Wonder if they stopped making the olive triblend 🙁

  22. i love your channel, these finds are legendary. By chance are you Muslim?

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