LL Bean Boots Get Refurbished | From Inferior Quality to ULTIMATE Upgrade

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John 3:17

In this video, we give this worn out pair of L.L. Bean boots a makeover and upgrade. A local customer brought this old pair of boots into our shop for a simple resole. Unfortunately, it was anything but simple. We worked our magic and did what we could to make these boots last much longer. We added rubber Dainite soles and heels, upgraded the insoles by adding leather, and then we finished them off with some much needed conditioning. These LL Bean boots are ready to go and should last much longer!

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Video edited by: Ashley Saldanha

LL Bean Boots Get Refurbished | From Inferior Quality to ULTIMATE Upgrade
LL Bean Boots Get Refurbished | From Inferior Quality to ULTIMATE Upgrade
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  1. 7:22 "kaput"? Didn't know "kaputt" is used in english too. Whats the difference to "broken"?

  2. I love to watch you work. One thing I think you should include in your videos is how much would normally charge for the work you did and what was the approximate value of the shoe/boot when new.

  3. What happens if you break a string while putting on the insole? (I may not be using the correct word). I love to watch you hand tying around the edge of the shoe but I wonder oh my goodness what if you're halfway through and it breaks! Love your channel by the way, can't stop watching! Your videos are fascinating.

  4. Just realized today that I should look into getting the Olathe cowboy boots resolved. The leather and rubber is looking a little thin it a spot or two.

  5. Would it be possible to turn a stitch-out shoe into a goodyear welted shoe?

  6. Very Interesting..

  7. That made a great looking pair of boots!

  8. I would have gone with leather laces. Also I would have added support to the upper heel where it it all ruffled up in the back…or at least done something there. But they do look better than before. Wondered if you conditioned, added pigment & shine? Looks like they could have used all that. She plans on keeping them & won't be able to have the resoled again…so why not go all the way?

  9. My grandfather was a shoemaker. Here in Marília, state os São Paulo, Brazil.
    I love your work. My grandpa always says, a shoe have a part of a soul of his owner!
    Keep the great job guys!
    Hugs from Brazil. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  10. I started an hour ago looking for the best way to clean my work boots so they last a little longer. I have no plans to ever resole them or any other boots but here I am 4 videos into your channel. Nice work.

  11. Can why did you leave the heel smashed.

  12. Reply
    Prateek Divakaran June 23, 2021 at 7:08 pm

    Heath, you have strong resemblance to JK Simmons, your voice and jaw movement makes so much into it.

  13. Anybody knows what kind of boot comes close to the look of those LL beans in the video but are available today? Simple and comfortable.

    Very nice work. Much respect !

  14. so, the plan is to buy a really trashed pair of expensive, nice shoes, send them to y'all, and hope it 'makes for a fun video' in which you go way above the call of duty and i get a great deal in the process? 🙂

  15. Question, not judgement, Why did you not replace the heal counter? Once again, not an internet expert or have anything to do with shoe repair, just curious.

  16. Blake stitched outer sole?

  17. Old boot likes this looks so amazing when restored, the leather has so much character

  18. I would love to see a barefoot shoe resoled or a low heel drop. I never understand why your shoes have such massive heels?

  19. Reply
    Patrick Radcliffe July 5, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    Boy they look like they have been dipped in bronze.

  20. Man it must be nice to be able to afford all this stuff.

  21. The can of biscuits analogy 😂

  22. these bros know there stuff when it comes to restoring shoes……salute!

  23. This guy could be a model, even his hands.(hand model) I am grateful for his good lookin hands though cause most of the video you have to look at his hands! Nothin worst than watching a video, and it's nothing but close-ups of the guy's hands, and they are disgusting lookin hands. (long dirty fingernails, deformed etc.)

    Thank you Heath for being a pretty-boy..no homo.

  24. I really need to send you my LL Bean Kangaroo Leather Upland boots for new soles.

  25. Reparing a shoe its like a cosmetic surgery.

  26. just show the end product more closer and more detailed next time

  27. Did your bobbin run out on that footbed. I’m glad I’m not the only one it happens to in the middle of a project.

  28. Really nicely done!

  29. Why don’t you condition and polish while the boot is apart? Then a final polish at the end? Just curious.

  30. those boots are essentially leather socks with a new dainite sole. lol

  31. I'm sure the owners life will be improved. Great job.

  32. They look incredible 👍👍great job as always, %110 much better 👏 you really save this boots….

  33. this one very awesome and fulfilling….you guys are great !!!

  34. Awesome job!

  35. Ok, quit complaining and keep doing what you’re doing, you have 350K subscribers that you can monetize to make it worth your trouble.

  36. I love all of all of y'alls videos and it is encouraging that even though L.L.Bean doesn't seem like a brand you have a lot of…interest in…that you were kind enough to take on the challenge and kind enough to your customer to fix what seemed like a sentimental boot for her. I have a pair of L.L.Bean kangaroo boots that I really enjoy and while they are welted construction I am sure many cobblers would laugh at me having them refurbished when they get to that point. Glad to know I have a place I can send mine to. Thanks for all of the great content you guys are putting out there. I have learned a TON about my boots and shoes.

  37. I watch your videos since 2020 and this one is my favorite for some reason.Good job guys 🙂

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