What to Sell on eBay: LL Legendary Bean Duck Boots

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What to Sell on eBay: LL Legendary Bean Duck Boots

These boots have been an eBay BOLO for many years. Not only are they very high quality, but LL Bean has historically experienced production shortages, so their value on eBay has increased due to supply and demand. There are several different styles of LL Bean Duck Boots, but the most well known is the “LL Bean Boot Made in Maine since 1912.”

I was also glad to see LL Bean has changed its return policy, to extend only 1 year with a receipt, rather than lifetime for any product. Unfortunately, people were taking advantage of the lifetime policy’s original intent.

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What to Sell on eBay:  LL Legendary Bean Duck Boots
What to Sell on eBay: LL Legendary Bean Duck Boots
  1. Suzanne I just wanted to say thank you for your videos they have helped me so much. I spent 59.00 Fri at Goodwill on dollar day and had about 1200.00 worth of items

  2. Great video and share your sentiments!

  3. Thank you, Suzanne. It's funny, my husband and I were just discussing L.L.Bean's policy change before i clicked on this post. I've been in our local store a couple of times when people have returned things that they had worn out. One was several sheets she had used for years and years and the other one was a back pack that the woman's dog had chewed up because she had left food in it. I couldn't believe my ears!! I would be humiliated to do something like that! I'm glad they changed their policy but personally I think it's still too liberal. There are people who will still abuse a policy and the rest of us pay in higher costs! I enjoyed this video very much!!

  4. Thank you for making this video, especially where it comes to selling and returns "ethics". What a shame that people would scam the way they have done with the L.L.Bean products.

  5. Thanks for another great vid. Those who intentionally exploited the LLBean lifetime return policy literally stole from that company no different than shoplifting, and loyal LLBean employees & customers suffer the consequences of their fraud ๐Ÿ™

  6. The Ebay policy on permitting stock photos is a bit unclear. ย Sometimes when I list a product with a bar code, a stock photo is supplied by Ebay. ย I generally delete it, as I only want my own photos of the actual product.

  7. โ˜บ Texting my mom now to see if she still has her old duck boots around somewhere!

  8. This became a hot item amongst teens and young women about 5 years ago or so. I live in New England and my daughter was a sophomore in high school and they became the rage around here. They were always popular here with adults but it was when the younger set started wanting them that there became a shortage issue. Prior to that it was not a problem. They are great boots! I love mine. But them becoming "trendy" is when llbean couldn't keep up and went out of stock early in the season

  9. Not only do I sell used clothes/shoes/boots on Ebay, we buy ALL our clothes/shoes in thrift stores. But, it's very hard to find good chore boots which we need everyday on our homestead. Scored a pair of LL Bean boots a few months ago and was so thrilled they were too small for my hubbie and fit me! I'm so selfish. ๐Ÿ™‚ Learned so much from this video, thanks.

  10. Hello Suzanne your videos are amazing i have been using your selling tips method and.my sells have increased ๐Ÿ™‚ i was wondering what was your advice on a good prduct research tool

  11. My concern about shoes is fit. A person may be a size 8, but the fit could be slightly off, so a customer could return them.

  12. Thanks for your wise vids very informative.

  13. Whats sad is that woman and others like her are clearly abusers and scammers and they think everyone else is just as creepy as they are. LL Bean could just not honor those particular policy abusers. Its quite obvious when the same name keeps popping up all the time for replacements. It ruins it for all of the honest buyers. Perhaps a policy adjustment to discourage scammers might have been a bit more palatable for their long term customers. Part of this change might also not have been abusers. The LL Bean quality is not what is once was. When I buy older items in the thrift stores versus what I have seen in their store its clear quality has gone downhill over the years and they can hardly keep replacing the items that are not up to decades ago higher quality standards. Good topic. Thanks for sharing the boots info.

  14. Suzanne, u are you-to for EBay. I just countered an offer and he has another day, I explained this to a newer offer- he said ok I'll take it at that price and I heard the chad Ching the 2nd guy bought it after clearly knowing I had an offer awaiting. Is this kosher. Elizabeth

  15. Hi, I just found your videos and I cannot stop watching because itโ€™s very helpful, you explain so good, And I live in Georgia to in Augusta.

  16. I love your videos! I'm learning so much with you.

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