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The real one, in Freeport Maine

Visit to the L.L.Bean store
Visit to the L.L.Bean store
  1. Did you leave the heater running for zacky?? LOL Looks like you all are having a blast!

  2. @ncautoman57 No, he likes it nice and cool in the car..

  3. Thank you for posting this, we have nothing quite like it this side of the pond.

  4. 63 impaller could put one of them there fishing houses on his Kiboto tractor to use instead of that piece of plexiglass he just put on there… If'n he lived in Maine, he would know these things, don't you think?

  5. @Busia1949 You know, that's not a bad idear. Maybe you ought to tell him?

  6. My God!!! Very Big Shop STORE!!!!!! I manufacture fishing flies Argentina to Fly Shops, Guides and lodges. But the shops in Argentine are very very small. This shops is really a world!
    Beatifull Beatifull!!! Thank you for the video Richard!!!!

  7. I love that town! It looks sweet! Cool store too 🙂 Ever been ice fishing rpeek?

  8. @rpeek Maybe he'll read the comments and see this suggestion…

  9. @mancinimaximiliano Thank You. I suspect one of your flies would be very sought after here in this world where things are mass produced in China or some place. You are awesome.

  10. @twocanplayatthat Been out on the lake when others were fishin' but I've never done it..

  11. WoW!! That place is almost like going to bass pro shops

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