Hiking pants so comfy they'll make your jeans jealous

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Arcteryx Stowe Pants
Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants
Columbia Silver Ridge Pants
Kuhl Renegade Convertible Pants

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Hiking pants so comfy they'll make your jeans jealous
Hiking pants so comfy they'll make your jeans jealous
  1. $40 – $60 does not sound like a low budget price to me.

    kindly cancel yout background music. Your message and voice are just fine. Why irritate and distract us.

  2. Or wear banana leaf skirt. So much nicer:P

  3. Sorry can’t trust the guy in a nasa shirt but my man in the BM hoodie I’d trust him with my life 😂

  4. I'm building my entire canoe camping kit and there are many things to buy so I'd like to try out the Columbia Silver ridge pants. Can you wear these in the shoulder seasons like spring and fall days with daily highs of 50 to 60 F (10 to 15 C)?

  5. My 3 favorite pants
    1. Outdoor research ferrosi pants
    2. Prana Zion stretch pants
    3. Eddie Bauer guide pro pants
    If I’m out in really cold weather I wear the Eddie Bauer guide pro fleece lined pants.

  6. Dan Becker you can do it! Let's see some more clothing reviews especially new materials

  7. Justo el canal que andaba necesitando

  8. Video starts @05:45 rest is excess info and promotion.

  9. Jeans? Not the last 25 years…what then? Trekking type pants, also for work..( education) My best now: Karrimor panther…..and for hot summer…Another Karrimor model..zip off.. cost? €25 or so…

  10. Good sales man 🙂
    Would be good to have the pants displayed from near for closer view.

  11. Duluth Trading Flexpedition pants 👍🏾

  12. Prana Zion Stretch pants are really awesome as well. I've even used them as my daily wear for years.

  13. I like my marmot highland pant,stretchy and water repellant ,easy to dry,works in all seasons.nice fit.

  14. I love Duluth dry on the fly flex and flexpidition pants. Started using them for working in the south in the summer. I very rarely wear jeans and never for anything outdoors.

  15. Kuhl Renegade Convertible Pants! Top of the line. Been wearing hiking / Convertible pants for decades and these are the best I've ever worn.

  16. I love wearing military surplus pants. Living near Ft. McCoy makes it easier for me to purchase them. The biggest plus is you can usually get 3-4 pairs for $100.

  17. Your not allowed to wear jeans while hiking.. first rule of hike club

  18. Do any of these pants make that "swish" noise as you walk, I've always avoided these kinds of pants because they're noisy. D:

  19. Well you don't want baggy cause it can be dangerous

  20. Wrangler nylon pants at WalMart. $25!!!

  21. I have been known to hike in elastic-waisted medical scrubs…. They are made to survive dealing in wet nasty dirty environments and dry quickly.

  22. Your rain scene made me laugh

  23. Fun to see your buddies Jeans when we get to camp, some folks will always were jeans, why, we will never know.

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