How To Get Your Perfect Jean Length!

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Mostly anyone buying their very first pair of selvedge denim jeans find themselves kind of perplexed that they are so damn long. But why is this and what can you do about it.

Let’s find out.

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How To Get Your Perfect Jean Length!
How To Get Your Perfect Jean Length!
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  1. Now that’s a turn up for the books!

  2. Post more often!

  3. Great video! Your microphone is too quite or your Music is way too loud. I kept having to turn down the volume everytime the music came on. Lol I'm at work on lunch and don't want to disturb my coworkers…

  4. Hey man, great Videos I’m learning a lot. Quick question, I’m just getting into selvedge jeans. I have a couple of pairs that are just a little to big. I haven’t soaked or washed them yet. Do you think I should size down or will they shrink down after the first wash? I’m not to sure because I hear they will stretch as you wear them. Tough call because they are only a little to big. The jeans I’m talking about are Nudie Grim Tim

  5. Awesome video, very insightful!

  6. Reply
    Александр Вахненко November 15, 2021 at 7:38 pm

    Just awesome. Thanks a lot for all you do – learn something new every time I watch, or even re-watch the videos. Wish you a quick recovery!

  7. Its getting much harder these days to get jeans with a long inseam. I'm 6'1" with a 34" inseam, so, in order to wear jeans with a stack or cuff they need to be 35" or more. Lots of brands used to do a 36" inseam but these are getting hard to find. Samurai, Fullcount and PBJ, which are some of the bigger names in the game, have all stopped doing 36" inseams in the last few years and The Flat Head are no longer sold in Europe. The industry seems to have settled in around 23-34" as a default and this is NOT a long inseam. Ironheart and TSG are the only two i can find that make quality jeans that i actually want to buy with a proper inseam. I bought about 4 pairs of Samurais before they switched over to only making jeans for short people last year 😛 Seriously though – have a look around at how many companies do proper long inseams and i think you'll be surprised what you find..

  8. As someone who's 6'4", I thank god every day the 36" inseam is becoming standard. I can actually do a cuff roll now!

  9. You lost me at “loafers”

  10. Ha! I just checked all my jeans and thinking should i finally hem all my jeans? Because i never hem them Although i tailored some of them due to my weight lost and my tailor always asked do I want to hem them also but i keep saying no… 😁…

  11. As someone who’s 5’5, I have to either hem all jeans so that if I cuff it’s not like wearing 80s ankle weights or raw hem if I wanna look like a 70s porn star.

    Personally, I think the perfect length for jeans whether you cuff or not is right at the vamp of your boots with no break. I know flood length is super en vogue right now for IG pics, but I hate having to adjust when you sit and stand.

  12. Great video what style number are your iron hearts thanx

  13. I just love Burg & Schild, went there two weeks ago again. Such an awesome shop. Did you see the shop Sacred Dog in Kreuzberg yet? Iron Heart Germany goes Berlin, an awesome shop when it comes to Iron Heart and Wesco.

  14. Your answers are perfect. History, culture, and function. I have some pairs hemmed and some cut-off but yes, I'm shorter than they usually sell.

  15. Reply
    Александр Вахненко November 16, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    BTW, any tips for plump guys for whom even L30 is too much? I mean, I’m 5’9’’ with W36, and I still want to wear tapered jeans with like 18 cm leg opening. But ALL the jeans I’ve ever bought had to be cut. The problem with it is that if the original hem is like 18 or 19 cm, after getting cut the hem is like 21 or 22. That’s a real pain for me🤷🏼‍♂️

  16. Reply
    Terrence David Reyes November 16, 2021 at 4:01 pm

    Enjoyed this one! Nice group of folks your way!

  17. What a great video. Thanks.

  18. Super helpful video—thanks!!!

  19. I don't even need to watch the video and have the answer that has been kept a secret by tailors for centuries on end….

  20. Depends on the shoe your wearing, for shoes (paraboot avignon) or loafers or sneakers you need shorter with no break, the ivy look.
    For a Chelsea boot or that need to be abit longer, like 1/4 break.
    Any they must be chain stitched, they dont look right with a regular stich,

  21. Once ya wash them twice they will rope, wash them after 5 wears, then once ya have the roping just do your usual wash routine

  22. what i appreciate about local denim in here that they offer a free hemming service for every pair u purchased. So you only need to worry about waist size and fit style

  23. Hey man! what leather jacket and what jeans spes he wear?

  24. What leather jacket is that guy wearing? It looks so sleek! 😳

  25. Great vid, thank you

  26. man that type 2 leather jacket in the super dark brown just looks amazing.

  27. What leather jacket is he wearing ?

  28. So, am I able to get a hem and still be able to fold them up a couple times to expose the selvedge?

  29. My first pair of selvege (Bravestar!) are en route…how big is stylish for the cuff? I’ll be wearing them with cowboy boots and my Thursday Captains a lot…thanks!

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