8 Solid Outdoor Pants Reviewed + my top 3

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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of pants for a long time. Pants that can go anywhere. From the mountain to dinner afterwards.

1:02 FjallRaven – Sormland’s |
2:05 66 North – Esja Pant |
3:15 Arc’teryx – Starke |
4:50 66 North – Reykjavik Trousers |
7:17 Mountain Hardwear – Shark |
8:52 Lululemon – ABC Slim |
10:32 Icebreaker – Persist |

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8 Solid Outdoor Pants Reviewed + my top 3
8 Solid Outdoor Pants Reviewed + my top 3
  1. I can not thank you enough for recommending these pants to me. I use to only wear old navy or h&m brand pants and the crotch of the pants will always break on me, plus they never felt comfortable. I felt every step felt like a mission. Then I went to cargo pants felt amazing but they were just to baggy. But when I paid for these pants o my gurd I feel like I’m walking on a cloud. Buddy thank you thank you 🙏🏽. Plus I just got into hiking 💪🏾🙏🏽

  2. A good Zipper!!! Is what I need

  3. you should get the mountain hardware pair repaired with patches and big stitches.

  4. YouTube gold, right here.
    *Cue applause track.
    I like it. This is actually very helpful. When I find a good pair of trousers (I like the word ‘trou-ser’) which do all of the things I want them to do and maybe even fit properly, then I immediately go back to the store/website and buy as many duplicates as the wallet can spare. I wear these in rotation until all the favorites are in serious, entropic, motorcycle accident condition. Funny thing about buying in duplicates, when one pair fails the whole ship sinks. For example, my last pair of favorite jeans (I bought 3 pairs) and when the first pair started ripping open at the left knee, within a month the other two pairs started falling apart in the exact same spot. Multiple pants, same fate.

    Trousers. Pants. Shopping. Measuring. Fitting. Testing. “Nope not these, maybe these?” What a headache. Finding the right golden sauce, ultimate balance between comfort, fit, functionality and price is always such a challenge, especially in the pants (*trousers) department.

    Plugging these brands into eBay now, hold please…

  5. I never understood why some guys like wearing pants that fit like tights. Don't you want a little space for your balls and have decently sized pockets?

  6. Check out the Houdini brand as well, Swedish like the Fjällräven

  7. I didn't know some pants can't go outside 🙂

  8. Oh this a review for rich people, I'm out

  9. I really enjoy how you review. Super relaxed and cogent.

  10. Love the review! Waterproof hiking jackets next if you will?

  11. Can you please review some of the pants by #Cactusoutdoor I think they will be a good contender. I have some "CNC slim super trousers" by them and love em.

  12. this guy loves tapering his pants. I cannot walk around with tight tapering when being active. Feels like someone is tugging and compressing at me at the bottom. But that's just my preference.

  13. Wheres the pocket on the esja?

  14. Thanks for the review 🙂
    I've been looking around a bit for pants like this, and also found the Houdini Way to Go pants (Houdini is another swedish brand). Sounds like they might be right up your alley.

  15. Would have liked to know the weight and how much hard use or walking through brush they could handle.

  16. Dude, you'll fall in love with Kühl. My favorite is the Renegade, but for skinnier legs look at Renegade Rock pant.

  17. Quit tapering the pants your not a girl. And no, they don't look good like that. 2nd your not medium sized, you are SKINNY. NOT AVERAGE, you are SKINNY. Im 5'5" and wear a 31 waist jeans people call me skinny…

  18. it's not a store for your knife.. it's for the brush

  19. Great video. May I ask the model of your Addidas trainers?

  20. Where are you, that you're allowed to carry a knife on the subway?

    While I think thats great, I have to assume you're not in Britain where they seem a tad bit paranoid about knives these days.

  21. I was looking at maybe buying a pair of one of these type pants….. Then this video reminded me that I ran a lot, and skinny style pants fit pretty tight.

  22. bro the ads are too much im sorry, i ll never watch again

  23. what about men with muscle

  24. I think those lululemons are the commission pant. The abc has more of a Jean pocket and the commission has a khaki pocket.

  25. This dude is afraid his tampon is going to slip out and fall out of his pant leg at the bottom. Thank goodness they’re not all skinny jeans

  26. Cool! Shopping for pants and enjoyed the review!

  27. I prefer out door clothes that are out door clothes, not a little bit out door 100% out door

  28. You don't wasn't outdoor called mountain that are more mount in door, what are these so called out door clothes good for other than a stroll in the sun

  29. anything that actually keeps you dry in the wet, I guess not

  30. HI Alex – some trousers are no longer available, do you know the equivalent models?

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