Patagonia Baggies VS Columbia Backcast – Which is the Ideal Summer Short? Review

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Patagonia Baggies or Columbia Backcast III, what’s the best value short for the summer? While many outdoor enthusiasts and casual campers often turn to the 5” Baggies for the “go to” summer short, Columbia is offering an extremely similar pair of shorts for ½ the price with the Backcast.

Today I revisit my Patagonia Baggies review and compare the summer staple with an under-appreciated alternative from Columbia and see how they stack up.

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Patagonia Baggies VS Columbia Backcast – Which is the Ideal Summer Short? Review
Patagonia Baggies VS Columbia Backcast – Which is the Ideal Summer Short? Review
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  1. One distinction: Patagonia is a private company, whereas Columbia is a publicly-traded corporation. So Patagonia doesn't actually have the obligation to make more money every quarter like a public corporation. Full disclosure: I have done freelance work for Patagonia. Love the vids!

  2. Subbing for the cat!

  3. If you go on slam jam there are a lot of Patagonia and I think some Columbia shorts on a sale of around 30, 40 percent off

  4. Those shorts do not look cool

  5. you're the hecking man

  6. " Advertising more towards millenials and zoomers"

  7. Here after I bought the men Patagonia shorts because the women's were sold out. Hope they fit… great review!

  8. i'm getting willy wonka vibes

  9. yoooo where did you buy your tee shirt?!

  10. Hey man what size do you wear in the Patagonia and how tall are you?

  11. Are u an idiot that says performance

  12. And that “fishing pocket” is a phone pocket u are like dumb

  13. Where is your shirt from tho?🙌🏻🙌🏻

  14. Can we see more of your cat please -Are we listening to music am I hearing things… Where are you?From the gate you could’ve told us that is a cute little Patagonia logo wins. We knew it/However thank God for not promoting Amazon again… America needs a little less of that. Thanks

  15. how tall you is

  16. what about the llbean ones 35 dollars

  17. its performance fishing gear

  18. Do you wear them both in the same size? Been reading some comments saying the columbias run very big. If I wear XL in baggies, should I get L in Columbias?

  19. Does anybody cut out the mesh briefs inside?

  20. bought both and the quality is clearly superior on the patagonia. but i’ll still buy columbia colors that the baggies don’t come in.

  21. where did you get that shirt its so dope bro

  22. I keep getting “woven” or “nylon” shorts and I really don’t like that they all seam to go with the netting. I’m hoping my local tailor can remove it cleanly because I really prefer to wear boxers. It’s been like a dilemma for me to find some good summer shorts.

  23. I want the Columbia because of the belt loops.

  24. Yoo! Thanks for the great vid, decided on the Columbia’s because of this.. what are those black boots you’re wearing in the review? They’re dope

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