LL Bean's Perfect Stowaway Jackets by Nutnfancy

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These jackets are perfection. In this TNP review, I show the LL Bean Ultralight 850 Down Stowaway and PrimaLoft Packaway Hooded Jackets. Both are specifically designed for backpacking, snow shoeing, skiing, and mountain climbing. The Down version features premium 850 DownTek goose down that resists water and dries quickly. The Primaloft versions have a more rugged outershell, more trim layering fitment, and are more water resistant. You should have both in your system. Their top notch design, DAM, features, storage capabilities, SAWC, quality, and values are shown in detail here. Colors vary but my favorites on the LL Bean jackets would be black, kelp, and surprisingly “marigold.” Weighing almost nothing for the warmth provided these are my top picks for real adventurers in a wide variety of POUs. Highly recommended.///////////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10 both designs

LL Bean's Perfect Stowaway Jackets by Nutnfancy
LL Bean's Perfect Stowaway Jackets by Nutnfancy
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  1. Just bought the MicroTherm StormDown Jacket from Eddie Bauer a few weeks ago, and very happy with it.  I would say very equivalent to this one, and similar price, just google it, if you can't get your size at LL Bean.

  2. 0 is wood cutting temperature long underwear and sweater.

  3. I would be interested to see how the Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Parka stacks up….I was in Japan last year and picked up one and it is really a nice warm jacket. It also looks and feels great. Good review. 

  4. you should come to Maine and checkout the LL Bean flagship store . It is definitely candyland for everything outdoors

  5. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed for my next hunt.

  6. I Love LLBean and this is a great piece of gear. For what it's worth, EMS has a great competitive option for the down jacket.

  7. Not cool dude, I must be the one girl watching this video and yes, these jackets do come in women's 🙂

  8. Thanks for pointing out the versatility and importance of bringing an extra compressible/insulating layer on adventures. I've had my Patagonia nanopuff jacket for 3-4 years now. Besides a nice jacket, it's served well on trips as a small blanket and also as a pillow. It weighs less than a pound and is water resistant. I wish I knew about these LL bean versions, they are half the price. I will be looking towards these jackets when it's time next year for a new down sweater.

  9. Narrow baffles are girly. I wish they'd go back to the orig 1970s/80s look – with the wide baffles for the down like this:

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    I'm Your Huckleberry February 2, 2015 at 12:15 am

    Very nice jacket. Doubles as a pillow if you don't have to wear it while sleeping/napping.

  11. My favorite vids are the camping / hiking vids. Great vid. Classic.

  12. i guess i am the one chick watching this vid….
    unfortunately, i lost my girlie figure alooooong time ago.
    great video:)

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    Peter Konrad Konneker February 2, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    Been using LL Bean backpacks for all my life, basically. They rock. they wear out, but they are lifetime warranted. We usually don't bother since we abuse them so bad, haha.

  14. When the LL Bean 20% offer showed up in my facebook feed I could not resist the primaloft hooded packaway. Because of your review I'm certain it's the layer I'm missing in the overall system.  Thank you.

  15. I love this type of video.  Nutn, I've definitely arrived to a similar sort of set of winter gear.  Having a super warm coat does not work!  I need good shell, mid-layer coat (like you reviewed), then usually a couple of layers of wool.  When my friends and I go backpacking/snowshoeing it is vital to layer up and down, but you still need that below zero on the cold end and the ability to strip down to just a sweater and underlayer (performance wool) when you are "working" as you say.

    Hoods all the way.



  17. 14:41 YKK zipper btw….matters to me, love YKK zippers

  18. I bought the LL Bean 850 three years ago thought I was a piece of junk but it's been the best money I've ever spent on a jacket

  19. For some reason I hoped this information would be useful to me, I have been searching for a good coat. This would definitely be overkill in Florida though. I'll keep looking.

  20. Once you go black, you never go back.

  21. Seems to be a trend in the shoe/clothing industry of late; that more and more is being made NOT in China.  All the shoes/boots I have either bought or looked at lately have been made in Vietnam.  All the clothing is from:  Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Honduras, etc.  Even got some made in USA wool socks(people socks) on amazon for cheap.

  22. the reason you get so warm is that you're trucking yourself out on the snowshoes. 
    Ski's for ever!

  23. I picked up a Merrel Guise Jacket that is very similar to that PrimaLoft Packaway Hooded Jacket, but it packs away into a neck pillow. I was completely shocked at how well it worked to keep me warm in Durango, Colorado last February!!! It became one of my top used jackets and it lives in my truck unless I forget and wear it in (it is very comfortable). I'd guess the LL Bean Packaway is just about the same quality fit and finish as well as the comfort and quality. I'm stoked LL Bean is making a similar jacket as I believe Merrel discontinued the Guise jacket, and I'm not sure the replaced it with anything real similar.

  24. i thought experts like you nutn prefer something like arc'teryx etc. the expensive high end stuff made in the US of A.

  25. I have to agree – I have the 850 Light down sweater – it's really a jacket, not sure why they call it a sweater, and it's phenomenal. 

  26. Hi 

    I noticed a very small feather escape from the 850 down jacket. Is this normal? You said that you have never seen any!

  27. I have the 2014 version of this jacket and love it! Highly recommend. Nutnfancy knows his stuff.

  28. Got one today. Thanks for the review. Awesome jacket.

  29. Can you imagin pushing into the backcountry in the days before all this high teck gear! From packs, tents,clothing, boots & etc. think about it.

  30. Nutn I'm from Canada -9.4 is not cold try where ing those jackets in a Canadian winter at -30!!!! Lol they would be horrible!

  31. +Nutnfancy keep the vids coming! Great work and much appreciated. Luv the adventure gear reviews… guns are great but jackets, boots, bags, knives….this is what we all use much more often. Keep it up-

  32. cant we just all agree 40 pound day pack could be considered excessive

  33. Notice the catalog shows the Bruks axe is also for sale by LLBean for $150

  34. needs a double zipper so you can zip open at the bottom

  35. what is 15* F?… :$ 

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    Jake’s shop and track talk 1 February 11, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    I saw this on Twitter. Looks nice but I have no use for one.

  37. I love your vids but your outdoor gear reviews always review the cheaper less effective stuff.   Stoic, Mnt Hardware, marmot and a number of other outdoor companies make much lighter more effective down jackets.  I have a Stoic down that cost me $85 is only 11oz is 850 fill and packs to half the size.  I suggest you check out some of those specialty companies. 

  38. Hey Nutn, Ive always wondered…are you an Eagle Scout?

  39. Great review. Reminds me why I originally liked this channel.

  40. I do not see a need to cut a 9 inch log in a survival situation. 3-4 inches max for a short term situation. The saw would be great if you are not anticipating needing a saw, but for only weighing 7 ounces, it is a little extra insurance. If I knew I was going to need a saw, then I would integrate a good saw. This review put the pocket chainsaws capabilities into perspective.

  41. I have the Prima loft packable vest and it is great. Great for layering.

  42. 2 girls watched this

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    William Nettleton May 29, 2015 at 6:05 am

    The primaloft when done right works. I have a snowboarding jacket with that insulation, and I wore it out in 10 degree weather with a tshirt underneath and was comfortable. I'm going to have to look at the l.l. bean jackets

  44. Primaloft is amazing technology.  Excellent at retaining body heat. It gets the job done equally well on a 50° or 10° day.  Wind stoppage is amazing as well.  Well worth the money.  Weird to see North Face abandoned it completely in their summit series.  I'll be keeping mine until it rips… 9 years and still ticking..

  45. I truly enjoyed this video!

  46. These are kind of expensive for what they are.

  47. I used to have a Field & Stream down jacket that I bought in the mid 80's and it was the best designed jacket I have ever had because of the way they designed the collar and hood. The collar was separate from the the zipper so it didn't zip through the collar. Zipping through the collar is the worst way to design a jacket because many times the collar is not needed and your chin will constantly hit the collar because it stays open when it's not zipped all the way. If you zip it to the adams apple, the collar just sits there and the neck is open.

    You should be able to zip the jacket all the way to your neck with the collar staying down. Then you can flip the collar up or down as needed securing it by snaps. The collar should stay below the chin when up. The hood would be removable and would have a system to cover you face over the nose when closed.

    I cannot find a jacket that is made like this today, not even for a day to day living jacket instead of a performance type jacket.

  48. Good job reviewing in this vid. Very cool in breaking down the features of each jacket.

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    Electricity taster April 4, 2016 at 2:34 am

    I just can't justify the boiling and plucking of live geese that buying down jackets promotes. I'll get primaloft and I hope others do too.

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