Make Your Own Waxed Jacket

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Otter Wax is a 100% natural product designed to turn any clothing item you have into a waxed version by using just a little elbow grease… er.. wax. Did I say a little? I meant clear your evening because this is gonna take a while. Waxing your own jacket is not a short process, and in fact you may find that the Otter Wax bar simply isn’t enough to get the job done. This is what happened to me in this video, so I ended up getting a can of the Otter Wax Fabric Dressing which is essentially wax you melt down and then spread with a brush or lint free rag. This was a much better solution for covering such a large area but I didn’t realize how absorbent my jacket was, and I’ve ordered another can. All together this process will end up costing about $50, which isn’t a bad option to breathe new life into an old garment.

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Make Your Own Waxed Jacket
Make Your Own Waxed Jacket
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  1. Thought he was going to actually draw out a pattern, sew, and make a jacket.

  2. I had to re-wax my workman's coat and duster. It takes a lot of wax to go over these coats. Instead of a brush I used a sponge. I also went through a can twice the size of that one.

  3. When I first joined the British army, late 70s, I treated my first combat jacket with wax proofer to waterproof it. It worked extremely well, but it showed up in infra red so sadly so it wasn't a good idea for operational use.

  4. Be cool to make it out of tartan

  5. Reply
    The Project Project November 7, 2021 at 4:27 am

    DOn't waste your money buying Barbour or Filson wax. It's just beeswax with some other stuff. You can make your own:

    quart of RAW (NOT not not boiled) linseed oil, a little turps to thin, and 2-3 pounds of beeswax shavings. Foodgrade beeswax is unnecessary, you just want the worst of the dead bugs and stray pollen clumps removed. Start with 2 pounds.
    half a cup to maybe a bit more of genuine pine tar. Consult your local farrier or boatwright for sources.
    Place in a gallon container inside a pot of water and start the water boiling.

    Add more linseed oil and maybe some orange oil for aroma until you get the consistency you like.

    Proportions aren't critical, more wax means better waterproofing but it's stiffer; more oil means it flexes better but isn't as waterproof and you'll need to re-wax sooner. Figure out your own issues.

    Brush on, use a heat gun to get it well soaked in, use a thin piece of flexible metal to scrape off any excess. Don't light yourself on fire.

    Wear it. Learn to accept compliments.


    The fabric makes a difference, Carhartt's kind of nubby texture actually doesn't help here. I did this to a Dickies mechanics jacket of dark grey heavy twill, smooth texture, and it came out looking great.

  6. It’s worth mentioning the reason you heated the can of wax over water, instead of heating wax directly on the stove. The water keeps the wax from getting hot enough to combust. A can of wax spewing flames is the last thing you want in your kitchen.
    (Boiling water stays at a constant temperature of about 212 F or 100C, until all the water boils away.)

  7. Well you should know you don’t glue conduit 😂

  8. He apparently didn't do too much work in his jacket. It looks practically new.

  9. So you want to make a waxed jacket because it looks cool? So people will think that you work harder than you actually do?

  10. I’ve used otter wax. Very labor intensive but the results are adequate. I’ve done bags and rucksacks. Heat helps. I’ve worked under a heat generating work light. Not a heat lamp. Just a light that generates heat.

  11. I would probably Iron on the bar wax. It's tempting to try this, but I use my jacket for welding so I don't want to make it more flammable.

  12. So I’m guessing I should not do this to a jacket that will be in the heat or around sparks? Plant worker soaked my jacket and welding rod today; waterproof would be nice, but extra flammable is a big no no. I light myself on fire enough as is.

    TLDR: is the jacket now quite flammable? Because it looks like it is.

  13. Amazing how some people only care about physical appearance ie omg that looks gross…

  14. does the wax rub off onto your car seats and furniture?

  15. It's also nice that waxed jackets repel water and don't give you cancer, like the spray does.

  16. why not just use bees wax???? get a large candle, a scented candle so you can smell like roses…probably get it done for 5 bucks worth of wax!
    i mean, this is the bottled water (ordered wax oniline) VS tap water (dollar store candle wax}

  17. The waxing of the sails was also to preserve the sails from rot as well. I’ve never heard the part about the sails being wet

  18. I do the same thing to suede boots👌🏻

  19. Hello Mr Murawski ! Is oil tin cloth material can repel heavy rain or not ? thanks

  20. That bar of wax needs to be on your “Wall of Shame” for not cooperating. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Looked super clean. Expected it to look splotchy due to inevitable uneven wax application.

  21. for goodness sake lose the noise ! Otherwise interesting vid

  22. Preheat the jacket, carfully heatgun or over a radiator so the jacket is warm. If the wax is uneaven apply more coats and finnaly put in a cotton bag and tumble dry. 👍

  23. If you wanted to still use the bar wax method I think you could use a hair dryer to liquify it and it would soak into the fabric

  24. I've used Otterwax, Fjallraven G1000 wax and Filson wax. Filson is by far the easiest to use and best smelling. The Otterwax is my least favorite of them. Make sure to use a heat gun to get the fabric hot enough and I generally do 2-4 coats on the first go round.

  25. Reply
    Fatto A Mano WoodWork January 3, 2022 at 8:53 pm

    thank you for this, really really helpful as I didnt really know if possible to use bee's wax. If of any help I used 50/50 bee's wax and boiled linseed oil with a tiny amount of turpentine. I also used a brush when spreading it to really penetrate and avoid overbuilt/low spot areas. Thanks again

  26. Can you use parafin?

  27. Its Corn Oil.

  28. Boiled linseed is flammable. I'm not sure if the mixing it with wax makes it less so but I wouldn't want to walk around with it.

  29. Instead of a hair drier or heat gun, just hang it in full sun.

  30. Use a silicone naptha mix and paint it on with a paint brush takes minutes and lasts for decades. Bed sheets treated this way turn into waterproof tarps that last for years outside.

  31. Carl. Can be waxed a coat with 78% cotton and 22% nylon?

  32. Reply
    MCMC watch channel March 11, 2022 at 4:27 pm

    You are supposed to use the wax bar, then use hairdryer once it all white.

  33. Carl, what about tackling the inside of the
    jacket as well?

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