What's The Best Flannel Shirt?

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I’m asked “What flannels shirts do you wear” a lot. So here are the best flannels out there for outdoors, hiking, backpacking, survival, etc. I like wool and synthetic materials in my flannels. Cotton is a killer, so the best flannels out there do not have cotton in them. They are made of wool and synthetics like the ones I show here from Smartwool, Eddie Bauer, Marmot, Outdoor Research and Icebreaker.

Icebreaker Merino Men’s Lodge Flannel Athletic Shirt:

Marmot Anderson Lightweight Flannel:

Eddie Bauer Men’s Expedition Performance Flannel Shirt:

Outdoor Research Men’s Feedback Flannel Shirt:

Smartwool Men’s Anchor Line Shirt:


What's The Best Flannel Shirt?
What's The Best Flannel Shirt?
  1. When I was a teenager used to wear flannel red lumberjack and Kodiak construction boots,and a pack of darts in the left pocket.Sometimes tucks my jeans in the boots.

  2. Appreciate the advice man. I been liking Eddie Baur the past few years for budget gear wear. Shirts are a good buy there at end of year. I got a orange hooded puffy storm jacket there last year. Very satisfied with it. Might be my warmest and best fit.

  3. Nice video, being from PA, I thought you would have a Woolrich in there. I have several from the Outlet store. There Alaskan Shirt Jac is my favorite. It has fast snaps, but itchy on bare skin. Get in very cold weather

  4. Nice recommendations. I have a few of the Weatherproof Vintage flannels and those are good budget alternative. Also Wrangler's ATG line has some shirts with cool features like zip pockets, patch elbows and even glasses cleaner cloth sewn in the placket.

  5. I just got my new Bass pro shop/Cabela's 2021 hunting Master catalog in the mail today and I just seen some of the greatest colors of flannel shirts. When I get up tomorrow morning, I'll make my coffee and look through to see what color they have and order them. while I'm drinking my coffee in the morning.

  6. The less people knowing about and buying up I***h***t flannels the better lol

  7. Wonder how old your A&F wool flannel is. I’d be interested in seeing the tag and helping you date it. The oldest wool shirt that was A&F I’ve ever seen and touched was a 1920s miner shirt. Good old Abercrombie stuff is hard to find! So good job 👏

  8. Pendleton is my favorite.

  9. I like cotton better. They have better ware resistance and it won't melt and glue to my skin the moment a flame gets near the fabric.

  10. my man's recording a video with a gun pointing to his balls

  11. The north face and fjallraven flannel.

  12. Dixxon flannels are the best

  13. Marmot one has no stretch and restricts arm movement. Thumbs down, nice material however

  14. I'm 5'5 But I want something nice and warm but idk where to start 👀

  15. Totally different price range BUT iron heart flannel is THE best. This isn’t opinion, talking facts.

  16. Website shopping for a rugged outdoor apparel and the models are inner city "men" with poofy haircuts and wearing the clothes with the collars turned up you know it's garbage.

  17. Love this video, thank you. Very informative fo someone who just discovered flannels. I love the feeling, simplicity & toughness of them. Started with cotton now want a wool & mix one

  18. I Love To Wear My Blue Plaid Flannel Shirt And My Red Plaid Flannel Shirt.

  19. The problem I have with flannels is I love wearing them to work and they get ruined. I prefer a lightweight and I want quality products. I don’t wear t shirts under my flannels either, I can’t stand it so peeling a layer off isn’t an option. I guess I’ll just keep throwing money away lol.

  20. Did you try the kuiu flannel, I've been wanting to buy 1. I just don't know if its worth $99 bucks.

  21. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡""FIVE-BROTHER IS THEBEST FLANNEL-SHIRT I HAVE-EVER PUT-ON BARFAR""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Subtle. Every picture of him wearing flannel in the wild includes his smokin' hot wife kissing on him. Subtle brag indeed. Brother married up!

  23. Check out Imogene and Willie. They make all their garments in Tennessee. They have a couple really good looking flannels. And it’s nice to support our small US manufacturing instead of all the mass-produced overseas stuff.

  24. PA guy. You from the good side or the Philthy side?

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