The Current State of the RV Industry with Josh the RV Nerd

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Are deals back? What about those backlogs? How long will it take to get an order? On this episode, our friend Josh Winters (aka @Josh the RV Nerd at Bish’s RV ) shares his thoughts on the current state of the RV industry. Plus, a black tank discussion on campground laundry leads to a discussion on the good and the bad of what we encountered at our last campground and why it made Jason decide running a campground may not be in our future.

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The Current State of the RV Industry with Josh the RV Nerd
The Current State of the RV Industry with Josh the RV Nerd
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  1. Lots of awesome info from Josh and you! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for another great episode. Crappy campers can suck the life out of a good time.

  3. I totally get your views 🤪 on the "washaterias," (laundromat in Texas). Lol. I started just doing my emergency laundry in 2 buckets and hanging them to dry. The ones well maintained deserve an award 🏅 in an RV'er's life. 🥰

  4. Arizona has been awesome . Been here since January heading to Grand Canyon Monday.

  5. Josh is both knowledgeable and entertaining without being condescending. I await future updates.

  6. Great show – lots of good insights.

  7. Reply
    Dave & Laura Phillips April 3, 2022 at 6:16 pm

    So, with regards to "bad campers", I have often said "nothing parties like a rental", but theft and deliberate damage is unacceptable. Same thing as for leaving trash behind especially on public lands. It hurts everyone.

  8. Yes… this guy's observation on backorders is so right on. I also think the economy is so bad and will continue to get worse, and we'll see new purchases decline at a rather rapid rate beginning in Q3. Used RV prices will fall dramatically as consumers shed "toys" in favor of keeping a roof over their head and food on the table. Personally, I'm waiting for used prices to tank before I buy and embark full-time.

  9. Next time you are in Madison, try staying at Madison RV & Golf. Nice park, friendly staff , clean laundry area.

  10. GPS itself is wonderful. As long as it has signal it does an excellent job of telling you where you are. The mapping and directions programs, on the other hand. . . Great when they work right, so very frustrating when they don't.

  11. McDonald's Grilled Chicken sandwiches are available around the Philly area. Last year whenever the Phillies won, they gave away FREE grilled chicken sandwiches, btw.

  12. The ants you are describing are Fire Ants. They are horrible! If I get bit, it takes weeks to get rid of the bite marks (welts) and they itch most of that time.

  13. You didn’t mention the name of the county park/campground you moved to near Jacksonville ?? Or did I miss it

  14. 👍👍👍👍for having Josh on your Podcast, in our book he’s the best. The part about other camper neighbor doing disrespectful, destructive, it’s ashamed, but this day & time, children aren’t thought to be respectful & not to be disrespectful. It’s sad. There’s so much hate in this world. You were talking about the weather in Florida, a friend of yours, their church was heavily damaged by high winds

  15. About stairs, I fallen up our stairs, before we had carpet, lots of bruises. You're ant attack sounds horrible, my husband and I were walking along the shore of a northern minnesota lake, looking for agates, and unbeknownst to him a leech had snuck? in his sandal and bit and started sucking. We didn't know until bed time when he looked at it and asked me what it was, ugly! That's actually happened to him twice. Nasty buggers.

  16. Oh my gosh! Those washers. They didn't even fill up with water and Hot was not an option.

  17. Oh my! Fire Ant bites. If there is a pool near by, dunk the bites it chlorinated pool water. Helps, but still hurst. I’m so sorry about your leg/angle problems.

  18. Always enjoy & learn from Uncle Josh. His analogies are first rate, delivered with perspective and humor, always with honesty & transparency. Thanks for the RV News Jason and Abby, always relevant and no-bull or slant. Kudos and Thanks! Heal well Jason!

  19. Great interview! Thanks to all involved.

  20. Great broadcast. Loved hearing from Josh! Ants=workman's comp- who knew?

  21. Electric vehicles are smoke and mirrors and another fleecing of America. Even if you built a power plant on every corner the lines, transformers and substations cannot handle additional amperage requirements. The amount of pollution and hazardous material from manufacturing lithium batteries far exceeds the carbon emissions generated from an efficient fossil fuel engine. The reality is this would collapse this country…..

  22. Reply
    Michael and Laurie - Travels and Adventures! April 4, 2022 at 8:30 pm

    Being near Minneapolis, I will be seriously considering the drive to Iowa to do business with Bish’s! We bought from Pleasureland and I do not think I would do that again. Just not impressed

  23. We ordered our Riverstone at the beginning of the year (getting our order in before the Tampa show) with a, lead time of 6-8 months. We heard at the show a dealership tell a customer the lead time 4-6 months. Geez, I'm hoping the backlog is breaking up and we will get it before Aug. Thank you Jason, Abby and Josh for a great talk.. Stay safe on the road and hope to see you in our travels.

  24. Very interesting to hear what Josh had to say. We ordered an RV from a company with a sound reputation. However we had a little bit of a communication issue (we got that cleared up). Long story short the sales rep. who was very knowledgeable stated there has been a "change at the top" and the quality of their products is coming back. It is important that companies "listen" to their customers, that it's not all about high profits and low quality.

  25. Really enjoyed the interview with Josh. His truthfulness about what's going on is totally refreshing. Keep the info coming, we need all we can get !!!

  26. The Josh segment…..your best ever interview!

  27. Reply
    Chris Sweisberger April 8, 2022 at 4:13 am

    hey josh

  28. Reply
    Cynthia Frownfelter-Lohrke April 10, 2022 at 4:20 am

    Just curious where would you go? It seems like there is bad weather across most of the US in the Spring. If not thunderstorms than spring snows. Happy Travels.

  29. great

  30. Reply
    Traveling Cat Photos April 20, 2022 at 6:24 pm

    We LOVE Josh and are very happy that he's part of a company that have RV's nearer to us here in CA. We could use more dealers like him helping us out and not just trying to make the sale. Thanks for all YOU do too!

  31. Reply
    Samuel J. Martin III April 21, 2022 at 5:03 am

    45:53 I’ve suggested that to Josh as well, & offered to help in the production 🙂🙃 🎬📷📹🎥🎞📽📺📲💻🖥

  32. Jason and Abby thank you so much for having Josh from Bish’s cone onto your podcast. He’s a great guy to watch and he is funny! He’s from from my home state Michigan. It’s nice he explained about the Rv industry. Glad you had him on.

  33. Jason what is the coincidence of you have your ankle bit by ants and then get bruised then you twist on stairs. What were those odds? Love how you loved you app for travel. That sounds nice to use. Hope your ankle is all healed.

  34. Abby I agree with laundry at place where where you live is not good because people always take out your stuff on your dime and and use the washer or dryer themselves. That happened to me. That lady you’re right had no right to yell at you. She had the other machine. Jason is right too people need to respect the property of the campground.

  35. Glad you are back in state parks where it is less expensive. And where you feel more comfortable.
    Glad you are going to do fun things and relaxing things. You bury need it. It’s long over do. See you both soon!

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