Brands to Avoid

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1. The best sunglasses ever:
2. Awesome boots:
3. The best work jacket:
4. Made in USA Tee Shirt:
5. The best casual jacket:
6. The ULTIMATE Adventure Jacket:
7. Warm Weather Socks:
8. Cold Weather Socks:
9. Ultimate Outdoor Hat:
10. My Favorite Flashlight:
11. The Worlds Best Hoodie:
12. Best Phone Case:
13. Amazing briefcase:
14. Kickass backpack:
15. My favorite work shirt:
16. Excellent wool vest:
17.THE Multitool:
18. Essential Universal Cable:
19. Bison Beanie:
20. Cooler to rule them all:

Brands to Avoid
Brands to Avoid
  1. What brands do you stay away from? Let me know in the comments!

  2. You wound me 😭😭😭😭😭 I love filson

  3. Does anyone recommend the 15oz heavyweight Filson pullovers for durability? Their catalog prices them at $175.

  4. Filson – very overpriced
    Truman – horrible customer service and inconsistent QC
    Viberg – way overpriced
    Taylor Stitch – outsourced and overpriced
    Saddleback – overpriced

  5. COMPLETELY off the topic of this video and I probably should have picked a more recent video to say this but… I am absolutely enjoying your videos. You are doing an awesome job and I find your content very helpful. I hope you will continue making videos .

  6. I found a mint 1950's Filson Mackinaw cruiser on etsy for the same price as new. Old filson is best filsom. And I guarantee theres other vintage deals out there, you just need to search for them

  7. For me what happened to Woolrich was heartbreaking, they did a promo w/ Lauren Hill and I knew it was all over then. I saw the writing on the wall and quickly bought as much stuff as I could before it all went to shit, and sure enough overnight they went from rancher/farmer/outdoorsman wear to a hip-hop inspired boyband look.

    Honestly what a bunch of assholes. I imagine the grandson got the company and sold it for a yacht and coke money.

    Sometimes when I want to get mad I just go to their site ad look at the fashion models and think "Not my Grandpas brand". Fuck, I'm still pissed.

    Really goes to show that you can't take other peoples things for granted. Yes, my family did business with them for generations but we had nothing to do with the company other than be their customers.

  8. @Carl Murawski Thanks for the content..I watch quite a few of your videos.
    I'd be interested to hear what your take is on VF's recent dissolution of the Dickies Workwear line, and some of the price and style changes to their workwear products after they've been merged into the Dickies Life brand.

  9. Filson seems like Best Made…straight hipster.

  10. Goodwill Has Entered The Chat

  11. Want a snack table? Cinder blocks work for that too.

  12. Woolrich should be on the list …cheap stuff now!

  13. I would like to know about PENGUIN brand. I know it was golf clothing, but their style and line is awesome always has been.

  14. Thank you for this. I have a number of filson flannel shirts but will only buy at the end of the season sale. At 50 percent off i am good with paying for them. I found vermont flannel from a comment on your channel and love them. Quality American made product

  15. I have a love-hate relationship with Filson buying a wall but they're docking products I don't like the caps and their pants you have to take a Min to get a tailored in that coat they had it didn't even keep me warm not even a Texas Rain I could go by there. Wool

  16. Five Brothers make some of the best flannels. At $ 40.00 you can’t beat them. Deer Creek flannels are good too.

  17. 99% of my clothing is cotton, and wool. And like most folks who watch you Carl, I stay away from synthetics. However, that being said, I took a chance and purchased a North Face Thermoball jacket. This thing must use alien technology. It weighs nothing, is super thin, is slippery as hell which makes it great for layering, and is warm as hell! It's warm enough to wear over a T Shirt down to 30 degrees. Layer it under a good hoodie with a long sleeve shirt, and you really don't need anything else down to 10 degrees. I don't know how it works, but it does, extremely well.

  18. I know this is an old video but I think you still sing this same tune when it comes to Filson's Alaskan Guide shirt, and IMO this is one tough extremely well constructed shirt that I have had and treated roughly 2 years now and its still in like new condition , impressed me so much I picked up 2 more of them and man no regrets .. worth every penny I think they are $135 now and worth it.. again IMO but man its a well constructed durable , warm tough shirt.

  19. this dude got zero drip family

  20. First time checking out saddleback, not impressed

  21. Try, try, try to shop [small] America. I realize it's not always available or clear on that front.
    Big business can throw crazy prices and wages out there that us small businesses can't even keep up with.

    Pay more at the small store…just do it!

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