6 POPULAR Brands That Are A Total RIP-OFF!!! (imo)

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These are six brands that will never sponsor an Alpha M. video! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that this video may piss of some people. But Alpha feels that the quality that they are delivering for the price they’re charging is ridiculous. They only rip you off if you buy it, so Alpha’s giving alternatives too.
Non-sense Prices vs Sensible Alternatives

What did I miss? In the comments let me know other brands you think are a TOTAL RIP-OFF!

6 POPULAR Brands That Are A Total RIP-OFF!!! (imo)
6 POPULAR Brands That Are A Total RIP-OFF!!! (imo)
  1. The guy doesn’t know anything about material quality (& the feels that it gets you)…like everything in life you pay what you bargain for. Polo has hands down the best quality cotton for the buck.

  2. You wanna call out overpriced shittt than start with Moncler. 450$ for a plain color Polo shirt Made in China with Chinese cotton. Now I agree, go straight to the H&M and save you an embrassement!!!

  3. Shit macys Inc brand makes some superb suits for cheap

  4. Polo is definitely a rip off as well as Forever 21

  5. What a stupid dude didn’t know what qualit quality is. For example yes you pay for hermes belts 900$ but they got long life warranty, that work without discussion with their belts and top service.

  6. Why he dissin armani like that cuz…bruv its the value of the brand makes it expensive

  7. Why does a hobo-looking dude run a channel called alpha m?

  8. lol the patek comment was misinformed

  9. Polo is Top Quality he TRIPPIN… I WEAR NOTHING ELSE

  10. Did anybody tell him that what makes things expensive is not only the quality but the fact that it is exclusive because not everyone can afford it???

  11. It’s the material why it cost more and the manufacturers also the inventor of the clothing line

  12. I mean they are meant to be expensive if u dont want it dont buy it

  13. H&M is one of the lowest quality clothing retailers and has horrible track record when it comes to child Labour. On the other hand brands like Ralph Lauren are appropriately priced for the quality and allow for the people who make the clothing to be paid a fair wage

  14. I bought Polo byRalph Loren in Phnom Penh for 6 dollar’s and lasted me for years,exactly the same as they sell in stores in Europe.

  15. Yeah I would like you to do a special on Montblanc fine writing instruments and their watches I think you're beautiful but extremely overpriced what do you think

  16. Totally agree 200% with you. I can add for me the ultimate ugliest brand which is Burberry…… This one are totally insane and crap

  17. vincero watches are crap

  18. Yo I bought the polo association shirt from Walmart for 10 bucks quality just as good and by the way it’s the same factory same shirt different logo lol

  19. Gap ain’t sleek like the black polo u have on playa LOL

  20. Tell them bro!!! Part of the problem is that people pay for trash when they should look for something worth it!!!!! This crap is garbage!!!!!!💯🍀✊🌍🛠🐟🌊☮️💭

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