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Products Mentioned:
Hunter boots

Bean boots

Lace up flats (almost out of stock!)

riding boots


Herringbone vest

Francesca’s vests (They added more colors!)

Vineyard Vines vest

Flannels and button ups

Monogram pullover

Shep shirt (similar)

Ripped Jeans

Dark nails and lips

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  1. Where did you get your watch from??


  3. what brand are your brown riding boots from??

  4. I used to love watching your videos – so good to see you posting again! Love your style!

  5. Does the j crew herringbone vest run big?

  6. I recommend frye riding boots over any other brand. I've had mine for 4 years and they still look amazing. They are expensive but I'll never buy another brand of everyday boots. The quality is amazing.

  7. where is the gold bracelet you're wearing from?

  8. I absolutely love this makeup look!! 😍 could you do a video over it? Or maybe talk about it a little bit in your next video?

  9. Just for anyone considering buying Duck Boots, I just have to talk about the LL Bean, Bean Boots. I actually used to work at the L.L. Bean Retail Store, and oh my goodness these shoes are killer. They actually test every soul of these boots before they hit the shelves. They dunk each soul in water, and if any bubbles float to the top, they do not use them in their product. Plus the L.L. Bean brand does provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if any point (even say 10 years from now) your shoe leaks or you do not find yourself happy with ANY L.L. Bean product you can get a full refund or store credit on the item. Just for anyone using this haul to purchase things for their wardrobe, I really recommend the L.L. Bean brand.

  10. Your Eyebrows Are Goals♥️

  11. this is the exact style im going for!!! I love this!! Please make more Hauls!!!

  12. I'm definitely not super preppy but I'm into preppy things so I love this LOL

  13. Your not a real Prep of your calling Sperry’s a “nock off” version

  14. I love this! I just filmed a video just like this! Watch it here 🙂

  15. You should do like a preppy guide

  16. I love this! You are so classy.

  17. Hey we're did you get your riding boots again the link wasn't listed

  18. Hey, your make up and hair are really pretty. Do you have a tutorial for them? Also love your outfit and the tips you have given in this video.

  19. Hunter boots are DEFINITELY an essential!

  20. I stumbled on this after finding another 'preppy' style guru who i find over the top, trying WAY to hard and i think completely misses the ball on what prep style is and isn't. This video is spot on and the OP is exactly what a prep is. Not trying to hard…she just is.

  21. From a guy's perspective… too much makeup declasses you.  I'm an old man, so take the advice for what it's worth.

  22. I know this was long ago, but if you remember and/or see this: what is that lip color?! Haha it’s gorgeous

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